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(MB) Melty Caramel

By: Molinberry (MB)

Used in 49 recipes at an average of 1.826%.


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This is my attempt at making a chocolate shake with bits of chocolate with a hint of caramel sauce

I have used 3 different chocolates as they all serve different purposes at different stages of the vape,
the yogurt & the creamy milky undertones are used as my base to the shake and give a beautiful creamy mouthfeel and also help with stopping that Cap Double Choc V2 from giving the mix a dryness on the exhale,
needs super sweet at minimum of 0.75 to help Enhance the chocolate In the mix. (Can be changed to personal preference)
Melty caramel also help with a little sweet stickiness.

Tested in a Skyfall RDA, single coil 0.32 alien @ 40 - 60 watts
Tested In An RDA for Vaping, dual coils 0.15 Aliens @ 65 - 75 watts

An ooey, gooey caramel RY4. Standard, no fluff. Made on Live Mixing


This is my ctrl-z recipe. I enjoy developing complex and rough tobacco profiles but every now and then I need a reset as vaping "put-hair-on-your-palms" tobaccos can be quite taxing. This is an old favourite of mine that I keep coming back to... Especially when I am on a losing streak with my tobacco recipe development. So thats actually pretty damn often XD.

Ctrl-z is a simple ruyan 4 styled dessert profile with light tobaccos tones, a rich, smooth caramel top note and a custard base so moreish-ly dense and creamy, you almost have to chew before you inhale.

The Ruyan tobacco layer is made up of DIYFS Holy Grail RY4 and MB Melty Caramel. This combination makes for a rich and smooth caramel layer with light tobacco highlights. It creates almost a Caramel treat like quality which I absolutely adore.

The silky, smooth bourbon vanilla tones of DIYFS Holy Vanilla helps to smooth out the texture even further and helps to round out the caramel layer, which otherwise comes accross slightly linear.

For the dessert base I used FA custard premium. Not just because its a wonderfully smooth custard with loads of mouth feel and weight but also because its vanilla tone is the least intrusive which is very important in this specific profile because I really want the Holy vanilla to take the spot light.

This recipe is fantastic off the shake but it takes a week or so to really develop texture.

This recipe was totally on a whim with a section of flavors I am used to.. The percentages have been worked on over and over for the last couple of weeks and I think I have nailed it down just right.. The Butter Pecan and Peanut Butter play well together as well as the Melty Caramel to add a slight caramel tone.. You do not get a huge chocolate tone on the vape but it is there melding with the other flavors..

I was playing with the name I had something that was funny to me and to some others but in general I was a little immature so I edited the name and some wording in the description..

Breakfast of Champions, or Goodbye Blue Monday. I was going to call this Blue Karma, as it was supposed to be a blueberry-caramel milk. However, I thought that name quite trite (and as it turns out off the mark), and, since it was a Monday when I mixed it . . . and I have an undying love for all things Vonnegut, I decided to go with Goodbye Blue Monday. So it goes. On a side note, the name LonesomeRhodesTN, is an homage to Vonnegut's novel, Slapstick (subtitled Lonesome No More), as well as Andy Griffith's character in the amazing Elia Kazan movie, A Face in the Crowd.

This recipe was an experiment with a few new (to me) concentrates: Oak Milk, Melty Caramel, and HS Blueberry.

FW Blueberry (1%) and HS Blueberry (0.5%) make up the candied blueberry flavor. The Cream Fresh (1%), FE Oak Milk (2%), MB Melty Caramel (1.5%), and OOO Cream Milky Undertone (1.5%) come together to make the Tootsie Roll part of the Tootsie Pop (which we all know is not really a chocolate flavor). I'm assuming the malty milk and caramel come together to create this aspect of the flavor. I didn't add any sweetener . . . but I'm sure 0.5% of CAP Super Sweet wouldn't hurt, if you're into that kind of thing.

I'm not going to lie and say this was the flavor I was shooting for, but this tastes spot-on like taking a crunchy, chewy bite out of a Blueberry Tootsie Pop. Tasting this after mixing it three days ago, it was unmistakable that this had become the familiar candy that I loved as a child.

Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?

Let's find out. A one . . . A two-HOO . . . A three..


Banana Bread Dipped in Caramel Dusted With Cinnamon with an Accent of Tobacco at the End.
-> Mixed on "Live Mixing: Annual DIY E-liquid Discussion"

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