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By: Medicine Flower (MF)
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My version of an LMP ...Three Distinct layers what more can you ask for?? This isnt a new recipe but I felt its worth sharing here..My goal with this recipe was to not use any LMP , LMT concentrates for the base ...


You have tried the rest now here is the worst! This is a lemon meringue pie without using any lmp concentrates.

edited: changed FE lemon 0.5% to MF lemon 0.3%
edit changed WF lemon squares 2.5% to CNV lemon cream wafer 3%

VT Lemon Meringue Tart is a lemon tart with a crispy biscuit pie base.
It is pretty nice on it's own but had a bit too much biscuit for the profile I was going for.
The lemon squares is useful for acting as bridge between the base and the middle flapper pie.
The middle body is CAP lemon meringue pie, I added MF lemon as it does not fade and provides the tangy kick and is the best lemon available.VT sour lemon gives the sweetness and extra tang to the lemon.
You should get full lemon meringue on the inhale and the lighter biscuit at the end of the exhale.
Vaped using 0.18ohms at 55 watts single coil rda.

FA lemon custard replaced with WF lemon custard 29.12.19

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