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(MF) Chocolate, White

By: Medicine Flower (MF)
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Used in 17 recipes at an average of 1.824%.


2 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

MPV Strawberry Cheesecake is WF also MF White Chocolate is MB White Chocolate Come on ATF , lift your game.
The Description: Strawberry Christmas cake is one Japan's most beloved holiday traditions, made with fluffy sponge cake (Fluffy White Cake), whipped cream (Vanilla Whipped Cream ), and strawberries (Strawberry Gummy and Strawberry Shortcake). Starbucks holiday beverage is inspired by the sweet confection, made with steamed milk (Milk Fresh), strawberry compote, and white mocha syrup (White chocolate), finished with whipped cream, strawberry topping, and crushed biscuit. I can't taste strawberry very well so this is it.

•Real Flavors Oatmeal Cookie is the super concentrate version

Oatmeal Cookie makes the cookie.

Marshmallow, white chocolate, and CCI make the cream center.

Flavor Notes