(MF) Blueberry

By: Medicine Flower (MF)
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🔵 Get ready to be blown away by the Blueberry King 💥
Super simple BB mix - but needs a 30 day steep. I always keep this one mixed up.....
Warning🔺 when I fill a fresh tank with MFing Blueberry the first few hits on a fresh coil almost makes me gag,
it’s potent! ➡️ But once you settle in.... blueberry heaven 😋
Preferred Setup for this: FreeMaxMeshPro with single mesh coil at 65-70 watts

For the blueberry lover! A tasty and classic-type recipe. Experience and enjoy!


A rich velvety blueberry tobacco blend that is sure to please even the most discriminate blueberry vaper. I myself do not typically care for most blueberry recipes, but this one is an ADV for me.

I chose INW 555 Gold to add a nutty layer to the mix while adding a supporting layer to my tobacco layer consisting of FLV Red Burley. These two together are a match made in heaven

Holy Resurrection & Custard premium works to add that rich vanilla layer while adding body and moisture to this recipe.

Lastly, Blueberry MF was the only choice for me here. I tailored this recipe to my own personal flavor preferences and this one hit the spot for me. Its works perfectly at this percentage mixed with these other flavors exactly as they are in this recipe.

Only subs that could be used to to get the same end result is Super sweet. Feel free to use whatever sweetener you prefer at your normal % you use in other recipes. Or you can leave it out also if you prefer your liquids not as sweet.

Holy Vanilla v1 by DIYFS is a 1 to 1 sub in this recipe for Holy Resurrection. In a pinch you can use Holy Vanilla v2, but I'd try to use V1 or Resurrection if you can, to experience this recipe to the fullest

I hope you enjoy this recipe and please feel free to leave any feedback as it is greatly appreciated

*Thumbnail credit to my good friend Dave Romeo. He enjoyed the recipe so much he offered to hook up some artwork. Its greatly appreciated

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