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(MF) Apple, Green

By: Medicine Flower (MF)
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Used in 15 recipes at an average of 2.687%.


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I'm very pleased (and a little surprised) at how well this turned out. It's a cinnamon apple filled doughnut. Here's the obligatory specs.
RF bread pudding is the VG version(Not SC). The SC version tastes different and fades after a few weeks so don't use it. Anyway, I put this in for its cinnamon (which is excellent) ,to help the doughnut, and add hopefully a more cooked flavor to the apple. liquid Amber is also meant to "cook" the apples (goldbones proved that with his Apple Buttah recipe).
Zeppola and RF Sugar Cookie SC make up the rest of the doughnut.
MF green apple is my favorite apple so using it was a no brainer for me.
Holy Vanilla was added just to add a little cream and because it's just damned delicious.
I used flv sweetness @ 0.3% but sweeten however you like.
This is absolutely not a SNV!! The MF green apple and RF bread pudding need a few weeks to do their thing.

Edit: Flavor was great after 4 weeks. At 5 weeks GONE!! If you mix this do not use any RF concentrates period. I will switch to cinnamon ceylon (FA) but use any cinnamon you like. Also switching to Cap sugar cookie. Sorry but it was tasty while it lasted.

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