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(LA) Watermelon

By: Lorann (LA)
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Flavor Profile: bright easy fruity juicy simple weak

Used in 956 recipes at an average of 4.566%.


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This is a wonderful spring time adv! The flavors work really well together!! The top note being watermelon and all the wonderful flavors work really well to hit all the note in your mouth! Give it a try! You'll love it. You can also add a drop of your favorite lime per 30cc to give it an extra boost. No sweetener is necessary because it has a beautiful fruit flavor that is sweet enough. The more i vape this the more i love it!! It's so wonderful that you have to give it a try for sure!!! You won't be disappointed at all 💞

A delicious sweet strawberry watermelon ice with a hint of mint.

An icy candy melon, plain and simple.

LA Watermelon at 4% gives a sweet, candy watermelon as a base for the main note.

FLV Wild Melon serves to add body to the melon and brings some other melons into the mix.

CAP Grapefruit is being used here to further add some sweetness as well as to brighten the mix some.

TFA Dragonfruit, as per usual, is here as an emulsifier, as well as to blend the melons and grapefruit together into something cohesive.

Finally, a combo of FA Arctic Winter and WS-23 30% is used to bring an icy coldness to the whole thing. These percentages are very open to being changed if this is too much for your tastes; I've mixed it with both at 1.5%, but found that other flavors were too muted in the process. Experiment with cooling agents to taste.

This wasn't intended as a remix, but it does thoroughly remind me of Convicted Melons from Blue Dot Vapors, but with an icy twist.

I've been meaning to rework this recipe for a while...the original is still to this day one of my favorites.

Comes off harsh as a shake and vape but that does steep out after a week.

If you'd like to participate in the Year of Mixing find the Flavor-Pro group and join us for our weekly challenge - all mixers welcome - and there will be some prizes. You can find more information here http://flavor-pro.com/the-year-of-mixing/


A tart and sugar coated watermelon gummy ring that we all know and love from our childhood. Enjoy as an adult in vape form!

Give it about a 3 day steep for the watermelon to give that mouth watering feel. It is a shake and vape otherwise :). I will update this with a more thorough write up soon.

Just a great candied tarty juicy watermelon . Shake n vape certified.


I also add 1 drop of vanilla swirl per 10ml.

Email Brodycowden18@gmail.com for recipe development and licensing.

This mix is very close to my memory of the " White Mystery" air heads
I may make a 2.0 version of this recipe to try for more authenticity, but I plan on keeping this recipe up as is because it's amazing.
all day vape, shake and vape... perfect after a one day steep.

the watermelon and guava give plenty of sweetness so I didn't feel it needed any super sweet.

feel free to share and adapt to your taste, just please give credit to the creator.

Email Brodycowden18@gmail.com for recipe development and licensing.

based on https://alltheflavors.com/users/ThomasChirafisi -Watermelon Cucumber Mint

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Use TPA honeydew melon II

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