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(LA) Watermelon

By: Lorann (LA)
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Flavor Profile: bright easy fruity juicy simple weak

Used in 859 recipes at an average of 4.665%.


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I've been meaning to rework this recipe for a while...the original is still to this day one of my favorites.

Comes off harsh as a shake and vape but that does steep out after a week.

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A tart and sugar coated watermelon gummy ring that we all know and love from our childhood. Enjoy as an adult in vape form!

Give it about a 3 day steep for the watermelon to give that mouth watering feel. It is a shake and vape otherwise :). I will update this with a more thorough write up soon.

Just a great candied tarty juicy watermelon . Shake n vape certified.

I also add 1 or 2 drops of vanilla swirl per 10ml.

This mix is not based on air factory as I have never had any of their juice.
this is very close to my memory of the white "mystery flavor" air heads
amazing all day vape, shake and vape... perfect after a one day steep.

the watermelon and guava give plenty of sweetness so I didn't feel it needed any super sweet.

feel free to share and adapt to your taste, just please give credit to the creator.

Email Brodycowden18@gmail.com for recipe development and licensing.

based on https://alltheflavors.com/users/ThomasChirafisi -Watermelon Cucumber Mint

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Use TPA honeydew melon II


Buddy wanted a watermelon dragon fruit juice, so I whipped this up. Came out much better than expected.

It is an island, Cycladic pie! Many may have eaten it and you did not like it because it looks like a sweet slurry. The first time I tried a watermelon was like that. That's why I decided to make my own recipe.

Watermelon needs attention even though it is a very simple traditional pie!

Just a simple Shake and vape Strawberry watermelon. Taste awesome off the bat. No steep required. Mixed at 65/35pg love this shit.

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