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(LA) Watermelon

By: Lorann (LA)
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Flavor Profile: bright easy fruity juicy simple weak

Used in 586 recipes at an average of 4.998%.


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NOTE- Starburst Type in this recipe is the new Star Candy Extract by Flavor West. (
This is the first version.


Melons and cream. The shining star in this recipe is of course the TFA Honeydew even at just over 1%. PUR and LA watermelon help to round out the melon base in the recipe to make it a more FULL and natural melon vape. LA watermelon is such a great tasting and strong watermelon aroma, alone it is more of a candied melon, so I use the PUR version here in conjunction to help soften the LA watermelon up a bit and make it more of a natural melon. FA cantaloupe is the foundation of the melons here. It just works, it seems as if its holding up the honeydew, and watermelon in a way that it is filling in any gaps and lower base notes that the other melons are lacking, giving us more of a full, wet and well rounded melon. The whole goal of this recipe was to create a delicious melon and cream vape, using a cream note that was a little lighter and not overly heavy but not to light either. The final verdict was CAP Marshmallow as a main cream note for obvious reasons while also using FA meringue and FA whipped cream to fill in the cream and give it a fuller mouth feel and vape experience. The cream is a lighter type of cream, which is what i was aiming for. Mix it up and feel it out. If you like it, leave a review. Thanks and enjoy!

Shake and Vape Juice, with tropical and exotic fruits.

Watermelon, Melon, Mango and Pineapple mixed and Cold.

Adjust Polar Blast(or Koolada or whatever cooling additive of your choice to taste) and Enjoy.

Working to perfect this Trap juice Recipe, it is doing well on the site ATM, bought some other watermelons to try out , and had some tart flavors i also wanted to try to give it alittle more taste and tartness.. some of the concentrates i bought have a more natural taste to them so i am going to reserve those for another recipe, with a real watermelon approach.... this one i am looking for that Candy flavor... so moving on to trial 2 ....wish me luck and Happy Vaping Fam

Nice smooth candied Watermelon ...tart and sweet..... very reminiscent of a jolly rancher watermelon sour candy

My Attempt at the delicious Wattamelon Roll from Friendlys. A famous summertime dessert here in New York.
Years ago I was a General Manager at one of these restaurants, and we could not keep these Wattamelon rolls on the shelves this time of year.

This is a Lemon Watermelon Sherbet With Chocolate Chips. I know.. Chocolate chips with watermelon?? You will be very surprised if you try it!

This recipe tastes very close to the real thing IMO. Would love some feedback from anyone familiar with these.

FA Lemon Sicily with TFA Sweet Cream and TFA Vanilla bean ice cream for the lemon sherbet base
LA Watermelon and FA Watermelon to create a nice watermelon flavor not too candy, not too realistic
Inw Milk chocolate (OG) for the chocolate chips along with a little Cap Super sweet to keep it real


Pretty straightforward recipe here watermelon a touch of lemon Sicily to brighten it up jelly candy and super sweet to give you those sweet lips.


A nice summer vape. I really hated honeydew vapes until I found JF honeydew melon. It's phenomenal and cannot be subbed so fuck off.

Erythritol is a great sweetener for fruits so yes I used it here, really not necessary though so you can leave it out.

CAP cantaloupe is a really nice base for melon mixes, it's a pretty nondescript melon flavor that works best as a background note. JF honeydew is the star of the show at 1%. The watermelon mix sweetens things up and adds a nice depth to the recipe. Cactus is here because juicy yummy and it tastes pretty melon like especially at low %.

This is pretty straightforward and honestly it is downright delicious and complex enough for me to enjoy. I normally don't go for fruity blends but this one kept me going for over 50mls, enjoy!

Shake and vape but as always I let my stuff sit for at least 3 days to homogenize.

Screwed Kanzi version 2 is an ADV which is a Shake&Vape of 7 Flavors + Super Sweet (Total of 14%)
70/30 to 80/20 - @ 2.5mg/ml Nic (as you can see, continuously lowering my prefered Nic-level)

I like the Kanzi.... now after changing the bridge (i.e. BC & DF), using (FW) Kiwi and adding (LA) Watermelon, this is getting really close to the Canadian recipe.
The Blackcurrant and Dragonfruit help the Kiwi, Strawberry and Watermelon stick and the Pear gives the sweetness more of a fruity depth.

Let me know if you like it so please comment.


The sun is out! Yes, when the sun comes out around here all I want to do is sit outside and have a nice refreshing vape.
A fresh summer drink, candied, sweet and intriguing.

Building blocks:

FA Blood orange, less strong and overpowering than FW but very aromatic and very authentic, pairs nicely with the watermelon. A nice mixer btw.

LA Watermelon Clear, the base for this drink , this aroma have a lite candy note which i like very much and for that reason i added a little FA Oba Oba to reinforce that taste.

RF SC Lychee, it sits in the background, almost trivial but in reality it's like a mysterious frivolous aroma that changes your vape each and everytime.

INW Cactus, 1/2 drops per 15ml to much destroys the effect. One could considering the use of Cucumber if you prefer.

be creative, add koolada or mint, and if it's not sweet enough add a drop of CAP super Sweet.

2 days to settle but give it 4 days or more for the fruits to fully grow and balance the flavors even more.

share and rate if you like it.

From @Queuetue : I find boston rounds to be the very best bottles for mixing and temporary storage. I use them for my VG and PG as well as on the scale while I'm making a mix. With a top that's easy to fill, easy to cap and with minimal access to air, I keep a bunch on hand for unflavored base, or whatever project I may be up to for handy, quick access.

The tip is small enough to use with most top-fill RTAs or RDAs as well.

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