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(LA) Raspberry

By: Lorann (LA)
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Watermelon up front. Raspberry on the back end. Very delicious. Very straightforward. Snv certified.

My stab at a pink lemonade. It’s more red than pink but you’ll just have to deal with that. It’s rich. Play with it. Give it a few days to calm down. It’s spicy off the shake.

If you like it, feedback it.

A delicious change of pace mix. A Crispy rainbow sherbet. Closes I have come to a real rainbow sherbet without using a sherbet concentrate. Those are coming soon though. Enjoy!


A sweet Raspberry Lemonade recipe from the apex of the e-liquid explosion.

(I would estimate recipe as ~98% accurate.)

If you've been vaping as long as I, doubtless you remember TKO from Clutch Vapors. Nothing groundbreaking going on, just a straight-forward raspberry lemonade. A killer recipe, nonetheless. They sold a ton of this stuff, and Ruby Roo gushed about it endlessly. Just using two great flavors as the cornerstone in a perfect marriage and keeping it simple.

The original was a bright, cherry-red as it used the old Lorann's Raspberry with the deep red coloring. I prefer the Colorless version, which is standard issue at Bull City. Either is fine, the aroma is the same. I do miss that red color, it was appetizing.

LA Lemonade is just a great flavor. Does what it advertises, bold and true. Hard to beat, imo. Flavorah is close, but Lorann's takes the crown.

LA Raspberry is still one of my favorite candy-raspberry flavors. Very underappreciated today, and very unique. So many mixers swore by this stuff back in the olden days of vaping-past. (It's also a big part of "Angel Sauce" by The Plume Room, an awesome sherbet recipe.) It is used well here, paired with it's sister Lemonade flavor.

I've added TFA Sweet Raspberry just to darken the berry note, it's at a low percentage so it doesn't detract, but rather adds to the original. One might even consider adding ~0.25% of FA Blackcurrant to darken it further, but then we're not true to the original which is what this is shooting for.

Sweetener to taste. 0.5% is more than enough, but the original may be closer to 1%

Hopefully this post helps someone who has a nostalgic craving, or was trying to nail down the recipe, yet missing out because of Lorann's low profile these days.

A bright Raspberry recipe with plenty of mouth feel. Although a dark fruit, it's brightened by a touch of lemon lime and (optional) sweetener. Just a taste of black currant to darken the berry notes without taking the whole recipe over. It's great off the shake, but I recommend giving it a day or two, optimally three days for everything to congeal appropriately. I squonk alot lately, so I've recommended a 65% VG mixture, but the flavor will withstand max VG for those of you who are so inclined.

It's a simple recipe and should give a good representation on an easy method to brighten darker fruits, allowing more flavor and depth to be uncovered in any device. I've tested with single coil, dual coil and tanks and it holds up well. Crystal clear and not bad on the coils. I hope you enjoy it. I've also tried it with a number of cooling concentrates with good success. I prefer Flavorah's cool menthol @ .5 and FW Extreme Ice @ 1%, but surely any ws-23/koolada clone would work, but beware of some slight muting.

Throughout development of this recipe, I had written RA on the side of my bottles, indicating Raspberry. Over time I just started calling it Ra. On a whim, it's been dubbed Amun Ra, after the egyptian god.


Sweet, juicy vibrant strawberries dipped in a vanilla pouring cream, If you remember those little red and white sweets “campino” and you were fond of them then you will be fond of this recipe too 😊

Strawberries and cream has been done many, many times and this is just my spin on it.. if you find you like it then please rate it accordingly :)

All feedback is appreciated.

Www.chefsflavours.co.uk stock all the concentrates featured in this recipe 👍🏻

After many different raspberry and lemonade combinations this is the one I'm most happy with. Hope you enjoy.

This is the first variation of the Neon Vaporwave recipe from the Concept to Concentrate series.
You can find this video over at

This is the first variation of the Neon Vaporwave recipe from the Concept to Concentrate series.
You can find this video over at


A tart, mouthwatering raspberry Chew bar based on the popular retro sweet treat.

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