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(LA) Lemonade

By: Lorann (LA)
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I wanted to keep it Lemonade, but adding a different layer with FA Florida Key Lime.

And it’s summer so FA Kiwi and Cucumber jumped in the pool.


For anyone active in the DIY_Ejuice Discord, you know that the live mixing event where @humanpuck tricked @unappreciatedrobot and myself into mixing OOO Milky Undertones into a lemonade mix is a day that lives in infamy. In honor of that day, I offer my first Mixer's Club entry.

Challenge: Make a profile of your choosing, and then add an unexpected flavor to it.
Profile: Cherry Limeade, with milk

Development notes:
VG/PG: River Supply

V1: I got some new flavors in recently, one of which was INW Shisha Lime. When I decided on this profile, I knew it would be perfect for it. I started with the staple lemonade base of LA and FLV Lemonades, and lowered the percentages from Puck's Puckenade recipe so that the lime could have a chance to shine through (3% LA, 0.75% FLV). I used a combination of VT Persian Lime and INW Shisha Lime for the featured lime note, as it gave me the sweet lime I was looking for here, while still being bright in combination with the lemonade flavors (1.5% VT, 1.5% INW). I picked up HC Sour Cherry after watching Noted, and after a quick SFT and check back with that episode, I decided to use it here (.5%). For the piece de resistance, I had to find something that would fill the milk profile, and still let this recipe work. Brazilian limeades use sweetened condensed milk or coconut milk, and the closest I had to that was PUR Condensed Milk, so I went with that and hoped for the best (1%). The result of this mix was the right profile, but lacked the cherry backing I wanted, and the punch of the lime. It was also just a touch harsh.

V2: HC Sour Cherry is actually pretty sweet so it was the right choice. Getting the flavor there was just a matter of bringing it up a little bit, so I increased it from .50% to .75%. The lime flavor was almost there, but was just missing something. To get the punch without making it overly limey, I added .75% FLV Citrus Soda, with the idea that the slight fizziness would help it get the profile I was looking for. To keep it from tasting like too much lime, I dropped the INW Shisha Lime to 1.25%. To try and smooth the whole profile out a little bit, I increased the PUR Condensed Milk from 1% to 1.5%. These changes resulted in a better overall profile that was just about there, but the lime was a touch flat.

V3: One simple change, brought the INW Shisha Lime back to 1.5% to get the lime where I wanted. Once I did that, I thought it was right where I wanted to be.

I also added some WS23 after my final tastings, and I think it's a nice addition. I didn't put it in the recipe though as I wanted it to be your choice as to whether to add it and at what percentage. I hope you enjoy my first submission that only exists because of @humanpuck and the war crimes he commits on live mixing. Enjoy!

This is another remix of a nice summer time vape. Great for pod systems and very refreshing.

This recipe is straight forward and is a quick banger. feel free to increase or decrease the sweetener to your liking.

add super sweet for a more authentic dark blackberry lemonade.


With summer arriving faster than expected here, I found myself needing a summer vape in a hurry. Puckenade by @humanpuck is a fantastic lemonade base, good off the shake and just gets better as the FLV Lemonade develops. I wanted a little bit of fruit in there, so I added PUR Watermelon, which is a nice sweet watermelon, and CAP Sweet Guava for a nice tropical note. WS23 gives it the cooling sensation you want from a summer drink, and you're off to the races. Enjoy!

Vape the rainbow.. I have been trying different iterations of this profile and finally have one that I am really enjoying. It's not finished but as is it's refreshing, candied, and lightly sweet (add some additional sweetener for a sweeter vape) . This is a shake and vape but a day or two rounds it out as well as allowing the chewy candy center to break through. If your a traditionalist and want some grape to complete the rainbow then you can add grape flv at 1.50%.
I tweaked the recipe minimally on 5/25..It now has just a bit more punch to it.

Before I drink a tall glass of melonade, I like to eat about one hundred and forty seven Fluffy Puff marshmallows!

This is a refreshing melon lemonade with the highlight of this simple recipe being Wild Melon. It's a simple substitution for the Forest Fruit in Ed's excellent Backwoods Lemonade.

Adjust cooling to taste.

Description & Setup

My Girlfriend has always been pestering me about strawberries since I started DIY. I have always utterly failed in that aspect, and I was about to give up until I got my hands on some FLV Alpine Strawberry. I had to do a handful of test mixes, but finally, I am proud to present a strawberry recipe that I am not ashamed to put out in public, and is GF approved!

This mix has a sweet & cold country-time lemonade inhale, with a nice ripe and fresh strawberry following through on the exhale.

Tested on a Cthulu 1928 MTL RDA / Pasito Pod RBA 15w 6 wraps 2mm 25mg/mL Nicotine


LA Lemonade & FLV Lemonade - These two have essentially been my go-to for mixing lemonade for low powered devices. It doesn't stray too far from being a powdered lemonade, but it also doesn't straight up taste like it just came from a tub. I find it to be a really nice middle ground that I am super satisfied with.

CAP Sweet Strawberry - FLV Alpine Strawberry is great, but I think it is a pretty authentic strawberry. I debated on a few different strawberries to help with this, and finally came to CAP Sweet Strawberry. It introduces a sugary aspect that layers over FLV Alpine very nicely, and also still keeps FLV Alpine Strawberries authentic aspects in tow.

FLV Alpine Strawberry - The star strawberry of the show. I haven't made too many mixes with it yet, but people are definitely not wrong when they say a little will go a long way. FLV Alpine brings in a really nice and potent authentic strawberry flavour that mixes very well with CAP Sweet Strawberry & the Lemonades. I highly recommend getting this if you can, it is a bit pricey but it is well worth it.

WS-23 - Lemonade needs to be cool. Adjust the % to your liking

CAP Super Sweet - A touch of sweetness is obviously needed. Adjust % to your liking as well.

Hope you enjoy this mix! Let me know your thoughts if you mix it up :)

Sweet refreshing lemonade.
Adjust sweetener and ws23 to your taste.


The perfect summer vape. Bubblegum flavored Lemonade.

2 layers.
Layer 1: i used LA lemonade at 4%, FE lemon at 2% and VT fizzy sherbet 1.5% to build my lemonade base. I tried with flv lemonade as well but felt it wasnt quite right for this recipe. FS adds depth to the "drink" aspect of this vape as well as adding citrus. FE lemon is a neigh on perfect smelling lemonade lemon.
Layer 2: LA bubblegum was used at 3% at first with just 2 lemons and was balanced very well but thin. I bumped it to 4% to balance with the addition of VT FS. That was too much, but 3.5% wasnt enough so we settle on 3.75% and that sits just perfect.

CAP sweet guava is here low at 3% to add depth and sweetness to the bubblegum without detracting it from a true bubblegum flavor.

tpa dragonfruit at 1% emulsifies the layers into 1 mix without extra flavor.

I chose LA bubblegum here for the fact it has no texture just flavoring. I dont want a chewy lemonade i wanted a drink with bubblegum flavoring. IMO sweetener is essential for this recipe to make it taste like a real, syrupy, bublegum lemonade drink vs a la croix or something lol .5% cap super sweet was enough for those results.

Overnight steep for best results, but SnV approved!

If you like my mixes please rate and review!!

Much love to the community 🤘✌

Flavor Notes