(LA) Lemonade

By: Lorann (LA)
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A lychee-raspberry lemonade.

FLV Lychee had the version of the fruit that I like with the tartness. The only challenge was covering up some of the floral notes. INW Shisha Raspberry did just enough to not take over the lychee, but tame the floral enough to not notice it.

It’s good. You’ll like it.

Tpa sweet tea & fa bergamot make a delicious tea blend.
Tpa giving us our base, fa adds a bit of earthiness.

Fa raspberry & inawera raspberry.
Fa gives a solid raspberry with a small amount of inw to add a tang.

La lemonade is my favourite lemonade flavour so there was no other choice for me.

Super sweet is optional, remove it or add more... Its up to you.

This also works really well with a small amount on Ws23.

Can be used in both mtl or dl.

I have been trying to make a raspberry vape for the longest time but I haven't liked any of the raspberry flavors by themselves but a while back I found that I really liked the trifecta of raspberry flv, razzleberry fw and raspberry sweet tpa but I always wanted it to stand out a little more in a lemonade. The other day I recieved Raspberry Jelly Bean WF and added it to one of my favorite Raspberry lemonade mixes and after tweaking the recipes background notes a bit and adjusting the lemonade base this has become my favorite ADV.
Sometimes I taste the candy element more and sometimes I taste the lemonade more and I really like that..If you like a sweeter vape just bump the sweetness to 0.40 or so. This works fine as a shake and vape but a couple days and the raspberry really starts to pop.

I bring you another recipe created during our live stream this last Sunday. Every week @lediybr and @madmixer create a new recipe together.

We present you with a Kiwi Lemonade with a touch of Cantaloupe. This is the second version and we were very satisfied with the results. A complex vape with unique notes and a combination of textures. Without further ado, here are the notes!

LA Lemonade e VT Sour Lemon
These two make up the lemonade base, LA having a more base note and that lemonade drink texture. VT comes into play on the top note along with the other fruits while enhancing the lemon notes.

FLV Cantaloupe
Don't be fooled by the percentage used, this is a very strong flavor and it brings the natural notes of a cantaloupe. We really had to tone down the first recipe's percentage because of its strength.

FW Kiwi e FA Kiwi
FA Kiwi was used since we wanted to take this recipe towards a natural fruit mix, it is also a base flavor that contributes to the juiciness of the mix. FW Kiwi comes into play for its acidic top notes.

WF African Horned Cucumber
Last but not least important, this is a very authentic and unique flavor. It brings all types of notes into the recipe such as citric, tropical, sweetness, as well as a creamy yet juicy texture. This is a very complex flavor and it sits really well in the mix giving it a singular taste, enhancing the tropical notes of the Cantaloupe as well as the sour notes of the lemon, also contributing to the natural essence of this recipe. Without this flavor, this wouldn't be as attractive as it is.

Super Sweet is here to help pop all the wonderful notes found in the recipe. If you mix this and like it, please rate and comment on it. Enjoy!


Cap grapefruit, flv pink guava & vt honey pomelo give us a nice bright tangy grapefruit flavour.

La lemonade is used as our lemonade base with a small amount of fe lemon added to help it stop fading so quickly.

Enjoy 😁

My attempt at a strawberry, peach, lemonade! The goal was to make a delicious summertime vape during the warm weather. I like to mix 120ml of this at a time, and vape through the steep. It starts very strong on the strawberry and lemon when fresh. As I vape through the bottle, it becomes very peach forward. Overall, it feels very fresh the whole way through. I have been vaping this and tweaking this recipe since about April, and I think I am comfortable enough to share it for the first time!

Super Sweet is a necessary addition in this one. It really brightens this mix up. Without it, all of the notes are weak. The amount is up to you; I'd mix anywhere between 0.25% and 1%

EDIT 11/13/20: Removed Marshmallow from this mix entirely, it really doesn't add much to the overall profile.

A slightly tart, slightly sweet, fully refreshing Raspberry lemonade with hints of tangy powdered candy tucked into the exhale. I have been vaping this juice for the past month and really like how it turned out so i figured I would post it. Give it a 3 day steep for the nuance to come through, though it's a fine shake n vape.

I wanted to keep it Lemonade, but adding a different layer with FA Florida Key Lime.

And it’s summer so FA Kiwi and Cucumber jumped in the pool.

This is another remix of a nice summer time vape. Great for pod systems and very refreshing.

This recipe is straight forward and is a quick banger. feel free to increase or decrease the sweetener to your liking.

Vape the rainbow.. I have been trying different iterations of this profile and finally have one that I am really enjoying. It's not finished but as is it's refreshing, candied, and lightly sweet (add some additional sweetener for a sweeter vape) . This is a shake and vape but a day or two rounds it out as well as allowing the chewy candy center to break through. If your a traditionalist and want some grape to complete the rainbow then you can add grape flv at 1.50%.
I tweaked the recipe minimally on 5/25..It now has just a bit more punch to it.

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