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(LA) Cream Cheese Icing

By: Lorann (LA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: dairy dessert

Used in 586 recipes at an average of 1.374%.


31 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

The idea for this recipe came to me like a bolt of lightning! Ran a couple searches to find something similar and couldn't find any so I had a good feeling. After a little work this blood orange marshmallow was the result. Hope you love it!

Just a Trix covered donut.

Cereal 27 anad silly rabbit are our cereal base. Silly rabbit is a fantastic trix flavor but is missing grain. Cereal 27 corrects this and adds nice body.

Zeppola and yellow cake are our donut base. Yellow cake adds a nice spice and Zeppola is the base of our donut.

Lightly spiced and fried to perfection.

Lastly, CCI adds a bit of sugar and mouthfeel to the mix.

Carrot cake is Nature's Flavors (NF) Carrot cake, it's just not in the datebase

Need's at least 1 day's to steep, better after 7-10 days.
Full recipe breakdown and notes on Reddit.

The NF Carrot cake can be found here

•Real Flavors Oatmeal Cookie is the super concentrate version

Oatmeal Cookie makes the cookie.

Marshmallow, white chocolate, and CCI make the cream center.

Frosted strawberry jelly filled doughnut with pebbles cereal sprinkled on top. I had one recently at a new local doughnut shop and had to immediately turn this into a ADV. this has been My morning vape for the past couple weeks.

Shake and vape taste like strawberry mixed pebbles cereal. After a few days steep, the donut and frosting add to the exhale.

Zepolla and Wow together make a nice light airy donut, with a jelly filled center.

Shisha and Strawberry Sweet together bring a flavorful candy/jammy strawberry to reinforce the jelly filling Wow provides.

Fruity flakes and Cream Cheese Icing together make the cereal topped frosting.

Vanilla custard melds everything together and adds moisture and thickens mouthfeel.

No sweeteners are needed, the CCI brings more than plenty.


Pretty good for 3 ingredients. Smells fresh from the oven. Cap's YC is perfect here, and CCI and RC just work together perfectly. Warning: Causes sugar lips!

Where can we take this?

A soft sugar cookie with a lemon cream cheese icing

Every holiday season i join a few cookie swaps and while going through my cookie recipes it dawned on me to make one into an E-Juice, here it is.

I started with Yellow Cake, Sugar Cookie and Vanilla Swirl for the base but found it lacking as a "cookie".
with the addition of Biscuit the base really came together but was missing the smooth/soft mouth feel, Cap Butter Cream solved that nicely.

The lemon cream cheese icing was pretty straight forward with Cream Cheese Icing and Lemon Sicily but felt too one dimensional
after trying more than a few flavors to fix that i settled on Lemon Lime.

This is a delicious shake and vape recipe. I feel it is balanced with a delicious brownie flavor topped with a smooth cream cheese icing. Rich and flavorful with no excess of sweeteners. My best recipe to date, hopefully you will feel the same way.


Remember the lemon sugar cookies with the clear icing on top? Well this is my attempt at just that a LEMON sugar cookie with icing. If you don't have the cream cheese icing that is fine because it is still a great Lemon sugar cookie without it. It tastes good after settling over night but gets much better with a 7 day steep.

Needs a good week for the creams to come together, but after many renditions this one is perfect in my opinion. The blend between the Cream Cheese Icing and the Banana Cream is what really makes this juice.

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