(LA) Cream Cheese Icing

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“Blueberry shortbread cookie with icing” A really good blueberry vape.everything mixes together so well in this recipe.gotta make a big batch

Here we have "Pâte à Choux" or French Cruller. This is a very airy puff subtle pastry with a light Vanilla-Lemon type Frosting. It comes alive after 7-8 days. The icing seems better developed as the Custard adds a touch of that eggy note. Hope you like it as much as I do...Enjoy!!

An Extraordinary Super Delicious Treat. This Flavor profile is Vanilla Birthday Cake. It is made to eat cake in a fun way without the mess and on the go. If you ever find yourself in the Bronx, NY, look for a Haley “Cake Push Pop” . If not, enjoy this in a vape. There are many flavors, but, this one literally takes the icing on the cake. It is pretty amazing off the shake, but, its full potential comes alive in a little over a week. I really enjoy this one. You can try experimenting with adding a fruit of your choice, or, perhaps strawberries…Enjoy!!!

I don't post recipes until I have tweaked them and am sure they are worthy of sharing. This is a nice mix. It is orange cream on the inhale with a sweet cream cheese taste. On the exhale you get the pineapple. Works well in both mtl and dtl vape types. Got this one down the first mix. Needs no adjustments for my tastes.

A while back I hit up the discount side of flavors, some were worth while, others unknown. I figured I would try and see what I could come up with. So with that being said I believe I have made a nice, easy, ginger cookie... This is not a ginger snap but it does have a nice flavor and a harder than soft bake cookie. Try it, enjoy it, and comment on it...

ok so this one is all over the place, but this was one of my first attempts at getting more creative with baccos. has a nice, dark complexity to it in my opinion, gonna be revisiting it soon for changes for sure.

My rendition of a perfectly baked Pumpkin Spice Donut. The LA Cream Cheese Icing works amazingly with FLV Pumpkin Spice. I added 1% of FW Yellow Cake to CNV Donut to give it more body and enhance the flavor of the donut. What can I say about FLV Pumpkin Spice? Without a doubt the best and most authentic pumpkin flavor out there!

Please Enjoy!! Feedback welcomed.

Nice raspberry lemon tart with berries flavor and a nice fluffy . creaminess The apple, lemon and custard really make up the tart. I add .33 of Supersweet to mine. Very good smooth ADV perfect for anytime of year.


Dark Chocolate Cake, coffee and malt nuances topped with a cream cheese icing.

Nothing fancy to add about this mix, everything does what is supposed to but to add a few notes:

VTA Coffee Liqueur adds a nice syrupy chocolaty/coffee.

Wf Fluffy white Cake adds vanilla and the cake body.

LA Cream Cheese Icing adds the creaminess to the mix, the frosting and some sweetness.

TPA Malted Milk adds malty notes And some grainy feeling.( helps the body of the cake)

FLV Chocolate Deutsch is our main dark cakey chocolate note.


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