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(LA) Cream Cheese Icing

By: Lorann (LA) - Buy Direct
Buy From: gremlin

Flavor Profile: dairy dessert

Used in 2538 recipes at an average of 1.362%.


137 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Frosted Flakes Cereal loaded with icing and sugar.

Cereal Base: CAP Cereal 27, FW Cake Yellow, FLV Popcorn, TPA AP, TFA Lucky Leprechaun
Frosting & Icing: LA Cream Cheese Icing, FLV Frosting, OOO Powered Sugar, CAP Vanilla Custard
Milk/Cream: FA Meringue, FA Marshmallow

Margarita Vanilla Cookie

Cookie Base: FA Cookie, Cap Vanilla Custard, FA Joy, TPA Wallfe (Belgian), LA Cream Cheese Icing

Lime Base: OSD Margarita, FLV Lime Wedge

Shake N Vape
WOW! Spot On Even After A Day!

Tres tropical= a kiwi and pineapple laced Tres Leches cake. I don't really think the ingredients need much explanation it's kind of obvious why I used what I did but here is short explanation. The tres Leches cake is the white cake and tres Leches fw. A tres Leches cake is a cream cake of sorts so my frosting mixture actually helps with the cream cake profile. My frosting is made with a combination of cream cheese icing, meringue, and vanilla whipped cream. It's a nice light frosting perfect for the profile. So the most obvious part is my fruit toppings I used a combination of kiwi, and pineapple flv and golden pineapple by cap. If you don't have pineapple flv just leave it out and boost the golden pineapple. Other than that I love this mix it's a delicious vape. A great fruity bakery for the summer time fun.. Enjoy!!

I used .35 flavorah sweetness. You can use or don't use whatever sweetener you prefer but this is what I used.

A recipe in progress...

The Cake:
FW Yellow Cake is the prominent cake flavor here but we use Cereal 27 (CAP) and (CAP) NY Cheesecake and RF Sponge Cake to round out the edges

The Icing:
LA Cream Cheese Icing is the forefront of this layer, using CAP Vanilla Custard to bring in that dessert vanilla, FA Meringue for some thicker mouthfeel overall, and hen using 000 Powdered Sugar and FLV Frosting to bring up that icing as a sweet sugary topping.

The Caramel Cap and Chocolate:
These are just accents, don't expect an overly chocolate caramel cappuccino, as too much of this will take away from the rest of the flavorings. We use these at rather low percentages.

Feedback would be rad, would love to round this out or even remove flavorings if you think it can be simplified.

Just a nice sweet strawberry inhale, strawberry cake batter exhale. Juicy peach is used to brighten the strawberry.

A scrumptious sugary doughnut stuffed with thick & creamy custard, drenched with sticky icing...

This recipe was inspired by St. Louie Butter Cake and all honors go to @MrBurgundy for his awe inspiring base for this reincarnation.

FA Zeppola and yellow cake combined creates an impressive doughnut base for this indulgent treat. The yellow cake adds some needed body to make this a fantastically fresh tasting, crispy fried doughnut.

The creamy custard filling is provided with compliments of my trusty custard combo of INW Cuastrd and Creme Brulee. These soulmates are the most perfect custard companions and their pairing here celebrates their combined brilliance....

The vanilla layer is boosted with a touch of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, which I discovered recently to be a contender to dethrone the other bourbon vanillas around... A faboulsy dark and rich vanilla flavour without adding any sweetness to the mix.

The icing is proved by a marvelous combo of LA CCI and FLV Frosting which, when combined, makes for an orgasmic, lip smacking, lick-your-fingers, sweet and sticky enrobement.

The powdered sugar works it way through the doughnut base and sits beautifully atop the icing as a sort of tactile base enhancer. It’s pure magic...

Give this baby 2 weeks to come together.

Prepare yourself for oral bliss...


\\Steep Time: 2 weeks (3 is better)
\\Mixed At: 70vg/30pg
\\Note: This uses CAP NY Cheesecake V1 and FW Graham Cracker

This is my key lime pie, there are many like it, but this one is mine. As I said on Reddit the other day (u/BlameReligion) I figured I should make this public, 1. I posted it on Reddit anyway and 2. This is probably as far as I'm going to get with it. This hits all the right spots for me and after investing a few months in batches I think this is as far as I'll go.

The Key Lime: As much as I want to flavor test 5 more key lime flavors (I did quite a few) FA's Florida Key Lime does the trick. Anything higher than 1.5% you get that syrupy note that u/ConcreteRiver talks about, go any lower and the pie filling base takes over.

My Pie Filling: The amalgamation of creams you see in here are what I've really been tweaking the most to try and get a dense and creamy key lime pie, with that whipped/meringue type finish, and this combination does a pretty damn good job. You could argue that it's more of a key lime cheesecake but having had a few key lime pie's in my day, the density and richness that CAP NY Cheesecake/LA Cream Cheese icing brings to the table make it absolutely perfect for what I want out of a Key Lime Pie. Combined with TPA Whipped Cream and FA Meringue, it makes for a symphony of pie filling on your tongue.

Dat Crust: The crust was kind of a tough one too, I don't know why I hate doing flavors in 1/3's % but it always irks me, and gets to me even more when it actually works the way I need it to for the profile. The combination of TFA Cheesecake Craham Crust and FW Graham cracker help give that granular graham cracker crust with just a hint of cinnamon that I have really been enjoying.

I'd say let it sit for at least 2 weeks, but if you're patient the longer you wait the better it gets. When you happened to have mixed it, I'd appreciate any feedback. this one I've put my heart into.

A delicious strawberry cheesecake with swirls of jammy strawberries folded in. A rich buttery cheesecake with a thick mouth feel, topped with fresh strawberries.

Strawberry ripe tpa and sweet strawberry cap are the main strawberry notes.

Real flavors raspberry is the most authentic tasting raspberry. It is not medicinal like most raspberry flavors. Combined with yumberry and it adds a nice tartness to the berries giving them more of a jammy note.

La cream cheese icing has the tartness and buttery thickness so I used it as the cheese cake base and supported it with cap by cheesecake.

FLV frosting adds a nice vanillia buttery mouth feel and fills out the cheesecake.

There is little to no cake aspect to this mix, add your own preferred cake/doughnut base to this recipe if you want. 2% FW Yellow cake is brilliant, but i love the icing the most when I'm having a glazed doughnut anyway. 5 day steep minimum.

Flavor Notes

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