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(LA) Cream Cheese Icing

By: Lorann (LA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: dairy dessert

Used in 1857 recipes at an average of 1.37%.


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So the cinnamon notes here are very subtle, but still present. This is my take on a Apricot danish with a cinnamon glaze drizzle. I've used a darker white chocolate to help blend the cream cheese icing and built the pastry aspect with the graham cracker clear and the sugar cookie which are both pretty delicious for my taste. Enjoy!


omg guys I saw these at the store a couple of days ago so I picked a box up and I thought they were pretty good so I thought that I would try my hand at this yummy orange creamy pastry mix this up and tell me whatcha guys think thanks

So this is where i'm at with creating a true carrot cake so far. It's only become successful thanks to Vape Train Parano Carrot. It vapes quite well after 3 days, but you won't get the icing until 2 weeks of steeping. Feedback welcomed. Enjoy!

Great Shake and vape, the cream cheese icing comes thro in the beginning but settels down after steeping, and then the bread comes tho with a bite of cheese on exhale.

Cream Cheese Icing (LA): its light and adds sweetness to the recipe as a whole, it also adds depbt and a light cheese flavor, it gives it a custard feeling without adding vanilla to it.

Cream Cheese (RF): it gives a deeper cheese flavor with a heavyness soo used in small amount, as it can easily overpower a recipe.

zeppola (FA): Brings out the toast more and seperates the bread from the cheese.

Baked Bread (RF): The bread combined with pyrazine gives a toast flavor.

Acetyl Pyrazine 5%: Adds a nutty flavor that brings out the toasty notes from the bread.

Inspired by a South African take on a cheesecake with the addition of a passion fruit/granadilla pulp topping. In a similar vein as a pomegranate or raspberry cheesecake the sweet fruity tartness really pairs nicely with the richness and tang of the cheesecake.

PUR New York Cheesecake does the heavy lifting here. I was initially using CAP's version but after trying them back to back PUR came out on tops for me at least in this recipe. It comes at a price though in that it extends the steep time quite a bit. It's very weak after the shake and only really comes together at around 2 weeks, past a month though is where it really shines.

INW Custard adds some richness and LA Cream Cheese Icing adds a bit more tang.

TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust lays the base for the crust with JF Biscuit giving it a hand and finishing it off.

FA Passion Fruit is the topping, normally quite a thin layer on the cake. This flavor lets the authenticity down a little as FA's version isn't exact. I tried CAP's version but it was miles off and FA was closer and much tastier. This is where the recipe could improve if I ever find a truly authentic Granadilla. Kept it low to allow the cheesecake to be the star, it's still present and adds a slight twist of tropical fruit to keep things interesting.

Substitutions: If you can't wait on PUR NY Cheesecake to steep or don't have it the recipe does work with around 3-4% CAP NY Cheesecake but it's not as good. INW Biscuit at the same percentage should work if you don't have JF Biscuit.

Steep: This is not a Shake and Vape sadly. PUR NY Cheesecake really needs at least 2 weeks to come together but is best past 4 weeks.

Moist, freshly baked cookies with white chocolate chips and a cake batter core. After a steep this one is quite tasty! I'd say it's almost fully complete, just going to make a couple tweaks and see how if it turns out better. If anyone has any suggestions or tips or anything like that I'd love to hear it!

Flavor Notes:
CAP Cake Batter - Using this to get a cake batter filling to this cookie recipe.

CAP Sugar Cookie - A nice moist sugar cookie, the main flavoring note.

LA Cream Cheese Icing - Using this flavoring to bring some extra richness to the mix and hopefully add to the cake batter effect.

FA Marshmallow - this one is being used to give some extra sweetness and add that malty marshmallow note this concentrate has. I feel like it will also help add to the cake batter center.

CAP Butter Cream - Using this flavoring to add some buttery notes as well as some extra creamy richness. Really enjoyed other mixes with this concentrate and think it will play nicely in this recipe also.

White Chocolate - Added to bring some nice white chocolate chip notes to the recipe. Starting low to see how it turns out, might have to raise the percentage. (Am going to raise the percent slightly next time I mix this recipe, maybe 0.25-0.5% extra)

the sugar cookie, cake batter and biscuit make up the flakey pastry and the blueberry jam and greek yogurt make up the jam part of this recipe topped with a light dusting of whipped cream and maybe powdered sugar really good

This is a recipe inspired by Rain posted in the Reddit/DIY_eJuice August 2017 Recipe thread by u/bkenn22 .

It is a french patisserie-inspired imaginary dessert. I’ve been really enjoying FA zeppola lately, and using to make a more doughy biscuit/cake/pastry type base. This is like a doughy frosted pineapple tart, whatever that is, and definitely one of the best recipes I’ve come up with. Originally I wanted a cooked or darkened pineapple profile, and was tempted to start adding in TFA brown sugar or FA caramel to find it, but somehow came out with both hints of fresh and cooked fruit which I liked, so I decided to keep it that way. This recipe came together the quickly and easily, which for me has often been a sign that the recipe will see frequent orbits in my DIY rotation. Unlike many of my mediocre recipes that have many subtle ingredients everything in this recipe (except the meringue) stands strong and confidently, which is probably why it works well and is definitely something I will take with me into future recipes. I'm quite proud of this, hopefully some others can enjoy this mix as much as me.

INW Pineapple / FA Kiwi
Well I can’t say I “selected” these as using these was the brief I set myself. The pair make for a nice juicy pineapple++ layer with lots of punch and some nice accents. I left the percentages at the original 3/3 strengths as this strength is very versatile, and I didn’t want to play with the ratio as this would change the profile too far from the original recipe.

FA Apple Pie / FA Zeppola
This is the pastry component, and is way more interesting than the common biscuit/cookie/graham combinations we've all seen before. It's by no means realistic to any real foods, and I chose these simply because I was looking for new and interesting ways to build this layer. If I had TPA Pie Crust I would have tried it here, but I don't so I didn't. I don't get much apple from FA Apple Pie but I guess the apple accent is in there somewhere, and probably what is giving me an hint of stewed fruit.

FW Whipped Cream / LA Cream Cheese Icing / FA Meringue
This is a fairly lightweight cream layer from FW, and it's probably not the best whipped cream available, but adding LA CCI gives it a much fuller body and a slightly pungent thickness. I love the way CCI smells and I think the aroma accurately represents it's purpose in the recipe. The meringue is there to sweeten the deal and remind you this is a dessert. It still works without the meringue but it definitely helps round this layer out. I wanted the creams to be just enough for a full mouth feel and smooth exhale, but kept it minimal and light as the fruits in this recipe won't stand up to very heavy creams.

A take on Yearning with a bit of persimmon spice to pump up the flavor a bit. IDK about you but I love me some spice!

You know which Strawberry Strudel I'm talking about.
Cheesecake (LA) can be substituted by (FW) and lower the Super Sweet if it's not your thing.
Enjoy & comment,

Flavor Notes

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