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(LA) Cheesecake

By: Lorann (LA)
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A deliciously thick and creamy cheesecake blended with fresh mango & a drizzle of passion fruit.

I set out to create a thick and creamy European style fresh cheesecake, incorporating the magnificence of FE Mango...

INW Yes, We Cheesecake is my absolute favorite Cheesecake at the moment. The Philadelphia style cream cheese base is so so smooth and delectable that is is just about perfect. I added a touch of LA Cheescake to take this over the edge, without maxing out the INW. Combined, this is creamy cheesecake heaven!

As explained in Pango, FE Mango is the quintessential mango flavour to date and I predict that it will become the go-to mango very, very soon. It perfectly encapsulates the very best a fresh, ripe & luscious mango to be with zero, zip, zilch, nada room for improvement. The is the epitome of mango. Period.

FA Passion fruit is added with caution to cut the mango 'just so'. It imparts a delicious Passion fruit back note without detracting form our hero.

Give this baby 5 days or so to settle and enjoy!!!

First try at cheesecake....OKAY TESTED nOw - PreTty gOod _ Anyway biscuit is to back up graham crust, yogurt is to back up cheesecake as is cream cheese icing... okay increased the blueberry see if it's better now

A creamy caramel cheesecake with a light coffee note.
This one was hard to balance and I ended up having to beef up the cheesy notes to get the cheesecake flavor to come out. I kept the coffee light, but coffee is such a distinctive flavor it still comes out in the front along with the caramel. I went lighter on the bakery side and brought in some creams to tone down the coffee. Great vape with your morning coffee.


Caramel coffee cheesecake what else. An I say.?
The end result here is a rich hybrid of a coffee and a cheesecake vape. I wouldn’t say it’s a coffee nor would I say it’s a cheesecake although both flavors are present. This one takes some patients tho it is a long steeper at around 30 days I found that coffee burnt note had subsided enough for me to make this my all day vape until it was gone....now the waiting begins again. When I ran out of this liquid I found myself wanting more which was a good sign to me that it’s a keeper.

Mix it up and give it a try if you have the flavors and 0ease be sure to rate or comment on what you mix...it helps others decide if they should try it and it helps the mixer to make better recipes in the future. Also if you change the recipe or add to it or remove something leave that in the comments as well if it is better to you...this can be a group effort if we all play well together...LOL..

I HAVE STARTED A YOU TUBE CHANNEL FOR PEOPLE WHO DRIVE A TRUCK AND LIKE TO MIX....this channel is going to show and/or give ideals or methods for drivers to be able to mix on the road so hopefully again we can all learn from each other..take a look. My channel is called VAPIN TRUCKER. GIVE ME A SUBSCRIBE AND OR A THUMBIN {bonus points if you know where I got that from}. ENJOY!!!!

Carmel mocha HS.....As with most coffee flavors this on ha the burnt/skunks flavor slightly for me but after the steep in this recipe it pretty much goes away. It does not distract from the flavor profile for me.

Creamy Yogurt CAP....used here to add some more cream and to help push the cheesecake note a little

I have to say that FLV Yam is one of the best flavors I have tried in many years. It is truly authentic. My goal here was to make a recipe that doesn't exist, A sweet potato/yam, cinnamon Danish with sweet cream cheese. If you don't like cinnamon you can reduce the WF cinnamon Pastry to around 3% but being that it's not a WF SC it works very well at 5%. The FW Cake (yellow) adds a bit of cake to help the WF cinnamon pastry seem more like a fluffy pastry to soften the WF cinnamon pastry. I have found that since there's not really a good cream cheese flavoring out yet, LA Cheesecake is the closest we have at the moment. I added a bit of CAP golden butter but you don't have to use this....I just like it better. Just a touch of CAP Super Sweet and it's ready to vape, although I would steep it for about 3 days for best results. If the Yam is too high off the shake, it will fade as well as the WF Cinnamon Pastry. I will be mixing this recipe today(1-21-18) at 4:30 PM EST on DMC LIVE! See below for link.

Can be a shake and vape but is best after a 3 day steep.
Please comment, mix, and or rate,....it makes us all better mixers. Enjoy :)
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On a side note Jewel is a variety of sweet potato grown in North Carolina.


This recipe arose from testing Ckemist's Southern Smoke in the same dripper I had used for Wayne's Rose Milk (I ordered both one-shots while I was making a purchase from Chef's). My first iteration wasn't what I wanted it to be. It was kicking around my head today on our last day of school before Christmas break (trying to stay focused while monitoring about 400 kids watching The Polar Express in the gym . . . about 200 stayed home since it was a short day), and I started thinking about using Caramel Butter and Soho for the RY4.

The strawberry: A mix of JF Strawberry Sweet, INW Shisha Strawberry, and (the relatively new kid on the block) FA Juicy Strawberry. I wanted a sweet, jammy strawberry to play nice with the caramel and creamy aspects of the RY4 I was attempting. Off a shake, this seems to be sitting at just the right level.

The custard/cream: The automatic custard, INW Custard, with LA Cheesecake and WF Vanilla Ruyan Custard. I wanted the slight tang of cheesecake with the custard to mix with the strawberries. WF Vanilla Ruyan Custard seemed like the obvious choice to bridge the custard to the dessert tobacco of the RY4 . . . kind of acts as a double dip for custard and RY4 purposes.

The RY4: FA Soho, FLV Cured, WF Vanilla Ruyan Custard, and WF Caramel Butter . . . these concentrates make up the caramel-vanilla-tobacco RY4. I didn't want to go too tobacco heavy and draw away from the strawberry and custard aspect (and RY4 is not really a full-on tobacco anyway).

I'm going to vape through this 10mL tester within a day which will make it tough to see if/how it changes . . . but as a SNV it is pretty darn tasty! Need to make a bottle to let it steep and possibly try it out with FLV Native. I went with Cured because it's great off the shake, even though it suffers from dying out more than the other FLV tobaccos . . . knowing this was just a trial, and it wouldn't have to stand the test of a long steep. I initially tried DIYFS Holy Grail RY4 and Red Burley in place of Caramel Butter, Soho, and Cured but wasn't pleased with it. I'm sure somebody can make it work . . . but it, in my opinion, was too bold for the strawberries (or I was too ham-handed).

I mixed it 60vg/40pg. I marked it as a one day steep out of necessity but will mix at least a 30mL tomorrow and let it sit for awhile to see how it changes. As is . . . I'm digging it.

It is an island, Cycladic pie! Many may have eaten it and you did not like it because it looks like a sweet slurry. The first time I tried a watermelon was like that. That's why I decided to make my own recipe.

Watermelon needs attention even though it is a very simple traditional pie!

A very creamy strawberry cheesecake type flavour. A slight more complex take on a classic strawberries and cream.

Used Strawberry Fog as a starting point http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/226322/strawberry%20fog

Sweet and smooth sweet on the in inhale, a complicated cake and cream on the exhale.

Needs about a week for the creams to come out and the profile to blend together

This is my attempt to create a cream cheese filled French toast with maple syrup.
I've had this delicious breakfast dish a few times at IHOP and other pancake houses and I wanted to see if I could recreate this profile in a vape.

The Cream Cheese.
If anyone has ever tried a profile including a cream cheese note, you know how difficult it can be. There are not a lot of just straight up cream cheese flavors to chose from. I SFTed RF Cream Cheese and I'm not sure if the vendor/rebottler sent me the right flavoring. It did not, at all, taste like cream cheese, so I went with a flavoring that while it's not a straight-up cream cheese, it still has that cream cheese icing note to it. No, I did not use LA Cream Cheese Icing. I instead went with LA Cheese Cake. To me it's similar to LA CCI but lighter on the icing note. Also, adding CAP Vanilla Custard helps to bend the LA Cheese Cake into a more believable cream cheese.

The French toast.
The French toast should have been easy enough, 4-5% RF French toast and done! But I was getting a medicine note from it and so I decided to build my own French toast. CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl at 1% and WF Deep Fried Pastry Dough SC at 2% seems to be well balanced to mimic the fried bread and cinnamon while the CAP Vanilla Custard at 1.5% adds the eggy part of the French toast.

The Syrup.
What can I say, FA Maple Syrup at 1% just works here. I also added .5% CAP Super Sweet to bolster the FA Maple Syrup.

I do not suggest vaping this right away. It needs at least a 5 day steep to let the LA Cheese Cake and CAP Vanilla Custard settle in. The CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl also needs that time to calm down a bit.

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Please comment, mix, and or rate,....it makes us all better mixers. Enjoy :)

A yummy layered flavour profile.
Very much what it says on the box:
light Oranges, cheesecake, biscuits and cream.

Originally adapted from a custard stone found on ELR, with the profile tweaked, and subtle oranges flavour on the inhale.

Give it 4-7 days steep for the cream/custard to gain some complexity.

Flavor Notes