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(LA) Caramel

By: Lorann (LA)
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This is pretty simple, but delightful.

FLV Starch Base + Cereal 27 make the bread portion of this sandwich. TPA Toasted Marshmallow adds a little smoke/toast along with the WF Gooey Marshmallow for the fluff base. Finally TPA DX PB is the only PB with a touch of Caramel.



My thoughts on this recipe in a review I sent the creator: This stuff is great. Tastes very much like the mints I remember, rich, creamy, a little minty, a little buttery, sweet as all hell. Just utterly vapable and delicious. The only minor quibble I have is that there's a touch too much caramel flavor. Arguably, this should knock some of the points because of accuracy/authenticity. Thing is, it actually ADDS to the taste. There's something to a little caramel added into this that kicks the flavor into overdrive. Can't put my finger on if it adds more to the buttery side or to the sweet side, but when that note shows up, it makes a nice zing moment before it slides back, and the mint goes out completely smooth.

This one's for mint addicts, candy junkies, or someone looking for a sweet, creamy minty rush to add something different, without going for the usual fruit/menthol thing. Absolutely ADV worthy, if you can handle the richness.

While it can be shake and vaped, it really shines after 7 days.

Posted with the creator's permission.

As it turns out the FLV Cookie Dough I received was mislabelled and is actually FLV Cookie! Appologies for the confusion, just received an email notifying me today!
I have no idea how it will taste with the cookie dough, just re ordered some. But I can confirm that Cookie is very good in the meantime. After 6 days steep the Icecream came through, sandwiched between the sweet, nutty cookie.
It's got to be TFA VBIC, CAP's offering, whilst being really creamy just doesn't have enough flavour to stand up to the cookie.

Inspired by Wayne's weekend mixing assignment.
Works good as a shake and vape, you mostly get a peanut butter caramel cookie, with a lovely texture. Tasty, moorish and not harsh in any way whatsoever. Not much Icecream at first but that'll come with the steep.
First time working with FLV and already impressed.
Any feedback appreciated!


This is a remix of my Momma Slap Cheesecake. I took advice from other mixers to pair down my ingredients and also added a few new flavors.
LA caramel - This is used to give a slight dark buttery taste to the crust
TPA VBIC - This is used to balance out the sometimes "dirty socks" aroma that cheesecake can sometimes have and it helps round out the ruff edges of the cheesecake
CAP Vanilla Custard - This is used to add that eggy mouth fill that cheesecakes tend to have
CAP NY Cheesecake - well....base
TPA Graham Cracker - pretty self explanatory
INW Biscuit - This helps to bolster the Graham Cracker by adding texture and cookie-like flavor
TPA Greek Yogurt - I add this in small amounts to give the cheesecake a slight sourness. It seems to balance well with the JF Strawberry Sweet
TPA Lemon/Lime - You may ask yourself why? Well this adds a uniqueness that makes my cheesecake stand out among the rest by adding a slight freshness and "mouth watering" feel to it.
JF Strawberry Sweet - I like this strawberry because it gives a strawberry like syrup instead of just fresh strawberries

Best steeped for a week
Please comment or review, That's what makes all mixers better :)

This is a simple but good Banana Taffy Candy. Similar to Banana Laffy Taffy. This was inspired by Wayne's Ice cream base.
Flavor notes:
VBIC & Vanilla Custard make for a great creamy ice cream like base.
I add LA Carmel to my ice cream base to give it a deeper richness.
The amount of banana I use is minimal because it is so strong. It has a candy-like taste unlike a banana cream. Paired with the ice cream base it gives it a Laffy-Taffy candy perception.
Steep time is around 1 week but can be vaped as a shake and vape
This is a maxvg recipe


This is a simple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream base. I used Wayne's ice cream base he posted and added caramel. By adding LA Caramel, it gives a heavier richness to the VBIC. I think you could pair just about any fruit with this base. I am very new to mixing and would appreciate any critiques of this base. Most of my recipes are mixed at maxVG.

Flavor Notes