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(LA) Blueberry

By: Lorann (LA)
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3 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

The reference for this recipe is the Blue Diamond Brand Roasted Blueberry Almonds. When I first glanced at the package I assumed it would have a candy style of blueberry flavor but once I tasted Ithem I knew that wasn't the case. The first thing you taste when this morsel enters your mouth is sugar, CAP Super Sweet handles that job perfectly. Next the blueberry note hits your taste buds, which is a natural authentic blueberry flavor. This is translated beautifully in my opinion by using the combination of TFA Blueberry Wild, TFA Blueberry Extra, and LA Blueberry. Now for that almond crunch that is the core of the reference. CAP Taosted Almond alone is a great concentrate but it needed help to keep from being over run by the blueberries and that help came from just the right amount of DIYFS Holy Vanilla. Lastly the crunch part as these almonds are very crunchy from the roasting process. For that we used just a little bit of FA Cookie which doesn't necessarily give us a crunch but at best provides texture on the back.
This is a very different and fairly complex recipe where flavors are delivered at different layers of the vape. Mix, steep, and enjoy. This recipe was made possibly with the help of and brain child for the reference Graham Molzahn aka Digital Drops.

This was great on the first try, but better after upping the bavarian cream

This is a Ghostberry by Steamjunk Clone. It may not be exact, but I think it is pretty darn close!!! If you like the original, I hope you enjoy my variation.

Feel free to lower the sweetener, I only added so much because I was trying to clone the original.

Flavor Notes