(LA) Bavarian Cream (vanilla)

By: Lorann (LA)
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This is a recipe I can enjoy at anytime of the year. It’s just really delicious. My go to base starts off this recipe making the creamy delectable dessert with Combining The Bavarian cream and Vanilla Swirl. When I make a cheesecake I automatically think I want crust, cheesecake graham crust provides that. I add Cap Ny Cheesecake as it adds a bit more lemon and a grain type note to balance out the cheesecake. I love to add a bit of cream cheese icing as it makes it a bit more tart but with a great creamy sweetness. My go to lime for that sweet note candy like lime Inw every time. It’s very sweet and a little goes along way. More than 1% and it will overpower everything. I add Italian Lemon Sicily to add more lemon to calm the lime a bit and give that authentic cheesecake taste. Needs no sweetener as that lime adds plenty. This to me is an all-star recipe, one you can enjoy all year round.

A very nice peaches and cream recipe with a different take to make a nice sweetness. Combine these Two peaches my staple go to for a cream base Vanilla Swirl and Loranns Bavarian Cream. ( can Sub TFA Bavarian Cream)The Maple syrup really makes this a sweet Georgia peach with its really sweet profile. I add the cream fresh to not dry out recipe. The Italian lemon Sicily just adds a bit of sour to make it more of an authentic peach. Add sweetener to your liking I feel it needs none. Mixed at 75/25

Mix of cream and mints, smooth and minty! WIP hoping it works out

This is very Good on its own as a vape is you want that delicious vanilla sweet cream flavor. Works well as a base to add fruit or other flavors like Caramel of coffee ect. Needs 5 days to really Shine.

This recipe is a very sweet, buttery, and creamy recipe.
Loranns Bavarian cream :when I smell this flavor I just want to eat it. (Can Sub TFA Bavarian cream)
Vanilla swirl it pairs so well with Bavarian cream as a great base for that Desert cream
FW Butterscotch what can I say it’s Butterscotch for sure and is just great.
Butterscotch Ripple it’s a very deep and rich version of butterscotch that take this recipe to a new level into the abyss.
Cereal 27 - adds a nice Grain texture without overpowering the mix.
This is Beyond the Wonderland a world of Sweet and happy thoughts where we go to fulfill our innermost desires .This recipe takes me there and Beyond . If you want to add sweetener you can I feel it needs none.

Rich and creamy custard that is SoHo delicious. Some folks may be able to handle Soho better than my lungs can so you could bump it up a half percent or so. While i love it i cant go past 4% or ill cough like crazy. Cure this 14 days.

Has become one of my ADV's.

A little harsh on a shake and vape. Hoping after a 7 day steep it will smooth out. Any suggestions, let me know!

My boyfriend's favorite. He loves pastries/sweets and I make him this all the time.

Okay yes it's complicated but so too is a truffle - a good one anyway. So I am making the custards (cap v1) and the white chocolate the larger numbers to hold all this. Well and of course the tobacco which if it's going to stand up to all this needs to be a pretty high number. Then adding amounts coffee, chocolate, cocoa, caramel, nuts, vanilla, cardamom.... also putting in creme brulee and bavarian cream. Maybe a ridiculous thing to do or maybe it will work like cooking would idk we'll see. LOL

Layered creams with kentucky bourbon green and double apple with some sweetener - should be good hmm? Okay so he said its too apple-y so I'm changing up this recipe. IDK if the edits show up as new recipes or what. But this is the revision - scrapping the green apple and adding country apple at a smaller amount.

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