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I originally was not going to submit an entry as I was super busy. Then I remembered that on the night they made this, I followed along and made this while watching, and I really surprised myself. Also, I love this Shy()*te..........

I created this to challenge myself that Developed's Samoa Sammies could in fact be remixed. And I must say pretty well in fact. Samoan Dream are chocolate, shortbread cookie, with caramel and coconut, almost everything Developed used to create the cookie part of Samoa Sammies. I included the butter base just because well it's Butter Base.
The use of VTA Toffee Ice cream and LB vanilla ice cream made for an amazing ice cream that complimented the cookie part of the original recipe really well.

Original recipe below:


So here's the recipe as promised! Your wish is my command I said and I meant it. I have no idea what the developed recipe tastes like but if it's close to this it's gotta be good. A very fine balance of cream, ice cream, and mint make up all the key points of a shamrock shake and I think I might have nailed it. I followed a real life recipe for a shamrock shake clone and added a few things to make it realistic as a vape. Everything in this recipe has it's place the LB Vanilla ice cream is obvious for it's delicious vanilla ice cream creaminess and the FA cream fresh and Vienna cream are for the representation of milk and dairy mouth feel, WF Tahitian vanilla cream to enhance and back up the vanilla note of the ice cream, creme de menthe and peppermint are obvious and the dulce de leche ties the mint and cream together and finally FA Marshmallow is another binder with mouth feel. So now for the description on the first day except mostly mint and a little cream inhale and exhale but on the 3rd day is when the magic happens I don't know how I accomplished this but the inhale is a nice soft mint/peppermint with a touch of vanilla ice cream and the exhale is like Houdini the mint almost disappears and a velvet vanilla shake rides out on your tongue and completely coats your mouth in cream heaven (I know this sounds dirty lol) I will be making a 120ml because this one of my best recipes. Great off a shake heaven like after 3days and tested with a wasp nano RDA other atomizers may vary your results.

Mixed for the Developed Assignment which is to remix one of their recipes, but only better...
Now I hadn't tried their Oreo Milkshake, and take it that not all the flavors are still available.. So I can't say if it's better.
The MF Dark Chocolate (and creams) is best after a couple weeks (or more) steep but on a short timeframe to get recipes posted I’m pretty confident in this mix, off the shake this is my perfect oreo milkshake 😋
“You ain’t making an Oreo without MF Dark Choco”👌

A milkshake is a “a beverage that is made of milk, ice cream, and often flavoring and is blended or whipped until foamy.” UNLESS you live in New England, where a milkshake would never include ice cream. Adding ice cream makes it a “frappe” or "cabinet" drink.
Being Born and Raised in New England, my remix is more a creamy “milkshake" not a "cabinet" although I Did add a little VIC to cream it up a little more… And it’s thick and rich!

I went short on the “cookie” part in this mix which is how I like it, not being a huge cookie fan myself but I think it’s just the perfect ratio for a shake.
I know your wondering why I added the Cookie FLV? but that’s a long story involving SmokyBlue in which she told me they took the Choco notes out of the cookie… NOT
Oh yeah, last minute decision was to add a touch of INA biscuit 😉 even though JF biscuit is my favorite, but wouldn't work in this profile
Mixed 7/29/2021
Tested on FreeMaxMeshPro Kanthal Double Mesh coil 65watts
Original Developed recipe:
8/3/2021 - Update at day 5 steep;
This is really really good, I love the Bavarian / Sweet cream / DC combo (a Choco Milk hack I learned from Pro_Vapes)

I also mixed up a two other versions, one with Bav Cream DX at 2.5% which I prefer over the non DX, but I know Folkart doesn’t have the DX version…
The third version may be my final (but I’ll wait til after the assignment is over) has more of a “cabinet” Ice Creamy taste using Vanilla Swirl in place of Sweet Cream;

2.00% Bavarian Cream DX (TPA)

0.30% Biscuit (INAWERA)

0.80% Cookie (Biscotto) (FA)

0.20% Cookie (Flavorah)

0.80% Dark Chocolate (MF)

1.50% Vanilla Ice Cream (LB)

1.00% Vanilla Swirl (TPA)

When I made my first order from liquid barn year back I went with the basic starter kit which these flavors were part of. When I first started mixing, like many, I always over though my recipes and rarely had anything with less than 8 concentrates. I devined some inspiration from fizz mustard's Mustard Milk which itself was a real simple strawberry cream/ice cream recipe. Only problem for me is I'm one that experiences the pepper note from tpa vanilla bean ice cream and as delicious as tpa strawberry ripe is at any percentage, it fades quickly and isn't really suited on its own for a single strawberry in a recipe if you expect the strawberry to remain present throughout any lengthy steep time.
LB Strawberry cheesecake is nearly a one shot honestly but being a cream and bakery fan I wanted more creaminess than what it has on its own. LB vanilla ice cream doesn't give me the pepper note that I get from tpa vbic but is a solid if not somewhat generic fast food chain vanilla soft serve ice cream, which isn't a bad thing.
Super simple mix that isn't ground breaking but very enjoyable. Kinda like a strawberry cheesecake milkshake as the ingredients would suggest.

I remixed this just for Folkart so he can have his cookies and cream milkshake.

well, this is what happens when one gets burnt out and just want to make something that I likes. #badattitudemixing if you don't like it that's cool and I made this for me and my tastes for today.

Just a creamy somewhat crunchy strawberry cheese cake / ice-cream / what ever. I like it off the shake but would benefit with a few days unmolested... HAHAHAHA, my 12 year old sense of humor just kicked in... but yeah a steep would help it all come together.

Enjoy it if you mix it up

Ok so this did not take long at all and for a weird mix such as this it is not bad at all. This is the second and most likely the last version I am making. The bourbon came off a little too strong in the first go around so u had to lower it a bit. The vanilla ice cream was not as full filling so I took it up a notch so it would be more aware of the present haha. The cola is a great flavoring and it is accurate as hell so because of the potency of its aroma I brought it down a hair. Overall, the results are a bit better and as far as revising, I don't think it is necessary, however feel free to use it as a base or let me know if you find something that could make it shine more.

Ran out of some ingredients and needed to make something In a pinch. Took the Strawberries from Quik and my go to Ice Cream stone trilogy and combined them.

What emerged was a pretty decent mix.
Sorry if it's already been submitted. Did a search for receipes with these ingredients and found none (to my surprise). So I give you
Strawberry Milfshake.

I wanted to create something of substance with just 4 flavours and this was my attempted. This recipe came straight from the Anal's of Stephen Hawkings brilliant butt-holio. This recipe is brilliant in the mouth like the jaw dropping awe inspiring universe that is the DIY community and vaping as a hole. I wish you all well and i wish you all to try my recipe cheers guys. I have used two of Alfred Puddings Cheesecake Trinity and mixed them with LB Vanilla ice cream for the thick mouth feel i get from it as compared with tpa/tfa VBIC. I used Cap Vanilla Custard V2 only because it is all i had other than FW Vanilla Custard. Please adjust where you want if i had INW Custard i would have used that and better yet if i had Custard Premium which i have never tried before i would have really wanted to use that. I do find that when i mix my FW Van Cust with my Cap V2 Cust it becomes fuller and richer but needed to keep this down to 4 ingredients as i wanted to keep my messed up recipe name.

Flavor Notes

By: Fear Score: 100 / 100 Solo: 7.0% Mix: 4.0% Steep: 14 days Difficulty: 20 / 100

Creamy, rich, complex, complete vanilla ice cream that mimics several types of ice cream and even frozen custard at different percentages.

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