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This recipe is delicious without the JF strawberry sweet but the JF strawberry sweet definitely boost the strawberry it makes this mix so much better . this is just a simple strawberry pink lemonade but it’s fucking good this is something you would find on the shelves and E liquid store. happy mixing. you can lower the super sweet if you’d like .

Strawberry cheesecake:
The cheesecake flavour is very apparent in this recipe while I left the strawberries a bit more subtle. I hope you enjoy and any suggestions and reviews to better this recipe is appreciated. thank you in advance if you mix this up let me know how you like it. I’m a beginning mixer.

Happy Halloween everyone well here is alil trick or treat for from the witches and this is what witches would give you and the point of this recipe is that apples are the base of this nice crisp apple and when you bite into it the red from the strawberries would be the blood aka poison oozing out of the apple causing extreme deliciousness and makes you wanting more. lol mix this up and see what happens guys. lol this is a treat from all the evil witches in the world


My squonk bottle was empty
Had a craving for Rosemilk
Rosemilk was empty
Had to make something Quick.
Bavarian cream. Oh yeah!
Cream cheese. Hell yeah!
Liquid barn strawberry. Og god yes!
Super sweet. Absolutly hell fucking yeah!
Do i want some sort of texture. A crust of some sort. Oh yeah i do.
Is it done?! YEAH
Is it GOOD?! YEAH!

Did it take over 5 minutes to develope and mix? NO!😊

I stumbled upon the idea of making this recipe because someone asked me to make them a Strawberry with White Chocolate or a Blueberry Cobbler. Fortunately for me I did not hear the "or blueberry" part, so I set off to create a Strawberry White Chocolate Cobbler. I have never been so glad that I am hard of hearing because this combination transfered to vape form so deliciously.
At first I thought well this is gonna be hard because I had yet to find a white chocolate concentrate that did what I wanted it to do without tasting like wax. I had recently picked up Real Flavors White Chocolate and although it needs to be used at a fairly high percentage. The notes that I wanted are there and it has zero waxy flavor and the addition of FW Malt helps to boost the white chocolate note. Once I had that figured out the rest was pretty straight forward. I used the INW Shisha Strawberry and LB Strawberry to get the exact notes one would expect to have in their strawberry desserts. I created my cobbler base/bakery notes by using the combination of JF Biscuit, LB Baker's Touch, and CAP Vanilla Custard. That slight percentage of CAP Vanilla Custard brings in that concentrated gooey feel that we know and love in our cobblers. Then adding just little bit of CAP Super Sweet brings the entire recipe to a level of sweetness that I personally find perfect. If you like your dessert recipes sweeter or less sweet feel free to adjust it, as it will not effect the overall recipe. Right off of a shake the FW Malt is fairly forward but as it steeps it falls right into place. This recipe is definitely banger status in my opinion but wtf do I know hahahaha. So mix that shit, vape that shit, and rate that shit. Thanks peeps, enjoy. KRUCIAL outty.


gurt" the act of oral sex

This recipe was inspired by the classic "Gogurt". Rich creamy yogurt with mixed berries and lemons. This mix will make you love something creamy and fruity in your mouth


[Flavor Notes]

(CAP) Bavarian Cream:
I used Bavarian Cream from Capella instead of TFA is I get a subtle brown sugar note that didnt match this profile. However Capella's Bavarian Cream is very creamy like it's counter part just no brown sugar note.

(JF) Forest Mix:
Ive been loving this flavor its a very vibrant mixed berry profile and works well other flavor profiles. You can use this in bakeries, creams and maybe even drinks such as lemonades. I would not go no higher than 3% in a mix imo.

(CAP) Greek Yogurt:
Oh man, what a nice yogurt with a wonderful texture. Capella has done a wonderful job on this one. It's an amazing creamy flavor that will help in a ice cream, custards and of course yogurts. This this is the main profile in this mix I used this at a higher percentage. However, if your your using this just to give a recipe more texture or complex I would keep this in the 1 - 2.5% range.

(CAP) Juicy Lemon:
Ok, this is a new flavor for me. I get what the name states a juicy lemon zest. (LMAO) This will help give a fruit mix more vibrancy or in this case give your lemon profile more depth to the other lemon.

(CAP) Lemon Meringue Pie v2:
I like the V1 and the V2 for diffrent reasons. In the version 2 I get more of the cream base of pie compared to V1. This is still a lovely concentate nonetheless. Capella's Lemon Meringue with the Juicy Lemon makes a lovely pair in a mix.

(LB) Strawberry:
A very nice strawberry, this does not taste
just like a candy strawberry nor a natural strawberry. This concentrate taste like RIPE STRAWBERRY AND SWEET STRAWBERRY HAD A BABY xD
(CAP) Super Sweet:
LMAO! Exhales SUGAR!
...Moving on!

(INW) Shisha Vanilla:
This Shisha line has been impressing me! This is a very rich vanilla, and is very strong I only used this at 1%

Pink Lemonade and strawberry, always a good combo.

I have been trying too clone smoothie man's strawberry smoothie for like and I think this is pretty damn close

My favorite cream and fruit candies from when I was a kid. This recipe was a complete accident. I was trying to create a strawberry cheesecake, but after mixing and letting it steep, it became this blast from the past!


I added a bit of strawberry and blueberry to kick up the fruit flavor a little. Feel free to sub any sweet strawberry flavor if you do not have this one. It is just there to add a little oomph. I used 2 different crunch berry cereals as one has more berry and the other has more crunch.

It needs a minimum of 2 week steep. 3 weeks would be better.

Flavor Notes