(LB) Sour Gummy

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This is a "happy accident" flavor that was meant to simply be a raspberry yogurt with some added sourness, but it instead ended up with a taste reminiscent of Sweet Tarts or Pixie Sticks, with a fruity tartness and a slightly chalky mouth feel. It's quickly becoming one of my new favorites even despite not having the originally intended taste.

This recipe is best as a Shake and Vape flavor. Letting it steep will increase the yogurt taste, but will also greatly reduce the chalky mouth feel. For this reason, this is one of the few recipes that I would NOT recommend steeping. Instead I recommend making it in small batches, and using all that you have before making more. It's still enjoyable after a steep, just a different (and slightly inferior in my opinion) experience.

If nicotine is desired, then VG based nicotine is recommended, as the flavorings will already add a lot of PG and limit how high the VG percentage can get.

The Blue Raspberry flavor is VG dominant while the other two are PG dominant. So despite what this site's calculator says, mixing this flavor with no additional PG added should give you a solid 80% VG

Here’s a perfect SOUR GUMMY BASE for all your sour gummy candy desires . please comment and rate you can do plenty with this base . Check out my orange/ blue razz sour gummy worm on my page go mix it up and enjoy it . You could use watermelon and strawberry with this base or even apple and lemon/lime or either or . Or even try Cherry and blue razz . Or Blue razz and lemon/lime , lemon lime and blue razz , strawberry/blue razz , orange/lemon lime ... The list can go on and on .

This is a orange / Blue razz gummy worm e liquid you can use the LB sour gummy and WF sour gummy candy as a sour gummy Base it’s perfect and has the perfect chew texture . So experiment with the base and share to the world . Have fun .

Playing around with some Liquid Barn concentrates. Wanted a candy flavor for my aspire breeze

Alright ppl since its almost time for Halloween I figured that I would go with a gummy that everybody loves this time of yr and what better way of getting gummy worms injected with a variety of fruits in the middle gushing out at ya and blue raz and tangerine will gush when you bite into the gummy worms so Happy Halloween everyone mix this up and enjoy


just a simple little gummy worm recipe with some oranges and bananas in it


taking a stab at airhead type candy since I don't have a taffy flavor I'm trying it this way let me know what you guys think

This is my rendition of a cherry/ lemon-lime type gummy worm with some sweet and sour sensations.

LB Sour Gummy was used for a candied cherry, some gummy-ness, and a little bit of sour

FW Rainbow Candy or Skits Candy was used to get a good lemon-lime taste and to get some sugar texture

Cap SL Rainbow Candy is used to bring a fruity body to the mix and to help other flavors transition

FA Fuji Apple is used to enhance the top note and maybe add a little sour

LB Sour is used to enhance the overall sourness

This is a great shake and vape but really blends well after 3 days

This is already sweet enough for me, but I’f you would like an even sweeter mix then I’d recommend 0.25% -0.5% Cap Super Sweet

Enjoy and please comment and/or review

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