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(LB) Pink Lemonade

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Used in 135 recipes at an average of 4.562%.


11 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A nice almost candy-ish lemonade flavor.

Some Flavor Explanations

Cucumber & Cactus Concentrate - I usually only use one or the other in a mix, and was trying out a combo of both to see if it would make the juicy/wetness taste even more wet feeling. These two combo-ed together has been my go to ever sense if I feel a juice needs a wetness/juicyness factor added in.

Super Sweet CAP - The usual sweetener to give a juice that commercial e liquid kick.

Shisha INW & Ripe Strawberry TFA/TPA - Shisha has that nice sweet strawberry-ness while Ripe Strawberry has that almost natrual yet candyness that I enjoy. BUT Ripe strawberry tends to fade rather quickly so I used some shisha to help the strawberry flavor stick around a bit longer.

Pink Lemonade LB - This is my go to for a lemonade base. Usage I've found is between 1% and 2% for a base. anything higher than that and the juice will become far to harsh.

Blood Orange FW - What can I say, I like this orange flavoring. Probably one of the most common that new mixers buy when they build their first carts. Really has that nice orangey kick people want.

Fresh said video games theme ! I'm a World of Warcraft player and I play "For the Horde":

LB Pink Lemonade : Whatever's in it, it's juicy and lemony and pink.

FLV Pink Guava/Lemon Sicily : and you've got your zingyness.

CAP Grapefruit/FW Blood Orange : that's the blood.

FA Pomegranate: the touch of sweetness that reminds you of the Pandarens and the Taurens, because I love them.

For the Horde !!!

Be queer & vape on !

[Photo Credits : Pinterest, so it was stolen from someone and I couldnt find the original artist. Don't make T-Shirts with this okay?]

not my recipe, reposting for visibility. original credit goes to Seraquil. http://tjek.nu/r/hdjH original recipe


SA Vapecon has a DIY comp every year - this year I entered for the first time, the rules of the competition was that it was a total blind test - and also people that attend the trade-show test, no recipe information was given out - or mixer names etc (totally blind). We were also limited to a set amount of concentrates. The final product was also tested in sub ohm tanks, which added another point to consider. This was my entry, I didn't win the compo - but fuck it I love it so here you go.

INW Cactus To add some wetness, and also boots the citrus notes of Juicy Lemon
LB Pink Lemonade - Just a nice pink base to work from, wont work as a main note
CAP Jelly Candy - Making everything a bit more artificial and soda'like
RF Strawberry - What a lovely strawberry, works well in a lemonade.
WS23 - I used a 20% dilution in this mix, also helps with the fizzyness.

This is a sugary soda, and the recipe has a commercial feel to it - you can sweeten, and cool to your liking. But consider its purpose when doing so! Hope you enjoy!

Loose Goose ... Another Take on a Bar or Casual drink .. it consist of Grey Goose Vodka and Cranberry juice topped with Sprite ( i do not have a sprite like flavor so tried my best to emulate one):

So what we have are the basics Cranberry and Russian vodka, then i added some pomegranate to enhance the cranberry and add some berry sweetness to the mix, next i tried to work on a sprite like soda hence where the Pink Lemonade and Morning Mimosa come into play.. i then added some sweetness to the end to tame the mix .
Then cooled it down with WS-23
Hope yall Enjoy.....

Pink Lemonade (LB) is: Pink Lemonade (The Rebranded Range) From ChefsFlavours.


this is basically a simple summertime drink and a remix of vurve's best damn pink lemonade


Poppin Purple Lemonade is a delicious prickly pear lemonade drink from Red Robin.


It's often said that possession is nine-tenths of the law, but when it comes to... certain things, I still subscribe to the playground rule of ownership: "I licked it, it's mine." This abstract recipe, made of only ingredients found in All The Flavors' June 2017 Awesome Box, was inspired by that philosophy.

Cherry Blossom is an ingredient you generally want to use as an accent at lower than 4%, as it can even be the focal point of a recipe as low as 2%, but here the higher % is needed to make it the star and to make its cherry flavor stand out in the mix. The rich ice cream pulls its floral top notes way down but doesn't extinguish them entirely, which is good, they keep things interesting.. The pink part of LB's Pink Lemonade, which is a delightful powdered-mix pink lemonade flavor on its own, further enhances the red fruity flavor of Cherry Blossom. With a little help from FLV Cream, the lemonade combines with that cherry flavor for something oddly somewhat reminiscent of a Sonic Drive-In "Cherry Limeade CreamSlush," which is just their cherry limeade blended with ice and soft-serve ice cream.

Pink Lemonade and strawberry, always a good combo.

Flavor Notes