(LB) Pineapple

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Sugarloaf Pineapple is a nice body Pineapple where LB is a bit top heavy. The whipped cream is because you can't go wrong using whipped cream with pineapples, and 1.5% Polarblast to cool the whole thing down.

Just accidently stumbled upon this Blue Raspberry & Pineapple pairing when flavor-testing my new Liquid Barn order.
Since Liquid Barn's flavors taste a bit flat in the middle, Blue Raspberry (LB) is assisted by Raspberry (INAWERA) and Pineapple (LB) by Pineapple (Hangsen).
Adding Strawberry (TPA) & Sweet Strawberry (CAP) to a fruity vape is practically always a safe bet.
Super Sweet (CAP) is my favorite sweetener, I use it between .25 and 1%. It reduces the chance of inadvertently muting your flavors like EM can do, which is in Sweetener (TPA).

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