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(LB) Orange Banana

By: Liquid Barn (LB) - Buy Direct
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Used in 29 recipes at an average of 5.387%.


Maintained by: Apexified

2 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Pretty good off the shake. May need to work on percentages.
Probably adding some Banana Nut Bread when I find it.
Plenty of orange flavor. Banana is kinda light.
Tested with a Hadley with fused clapton at 45-50 watts.
Nice creamy body. Not harsh at all so far.
I'll be updating in a few days.
So, wow. This is as good as I thought it should be,
It keeps getting brighter and the orange mellows out a little bit but doesn't really fade much.
I like it quite a bit or a simple mix. Maybe drop down the creamsicle a bit.


just a simple little gummy worm recipe with some oranges and bananas in it

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