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This is my attempt to recreate the Ocean Water beverage from Sonic, using only Liquid Barn flavors.

Dew Mountain is used as the base here, and Coconut Milk gives it the beverage's distinct coconut taste.
Blue Raspberry adds some extra body and enhances the sweet soda taste. It also adds a bit of tartness that's not quite true to the beverage, but overall I'd say the addition of Blue Raspberry brings this recipe closer to the source than dew mountain and coconut milk alone.

Menthol is optional, and adds a cooling sensation while also adding a slight minty taste. I have not yet had a chance to experiment with WS-23, but it could theoretically be used in the menthol's place if the minty flavor of menthol is not desired.


Needs at least a week to really bloom. A few drops of mts vape wizard can help round and blend the flavors if you don't want to cut the sweetness with bitter wizard.

Menthol is very light. Mix at 0.4-0.5% or add 0.5% spearmint for more of a menthol cig flavor

Depending on how sweet your VG is the bitter wizard may need to be increased. Using Essential Depot Palm VG I had to up it to 2% to cut the sweetness enough.


I am not really a fan of mango juices, they usually come out to harsh. This juice however is not harsh at all. At 6% the mango is just right and the lemon lime is just there to enhance the profile. No sweetener is needed. The menthol and koolada are more on the exhale, if you want more coolness I would bump up the menthol, not the koolada. This is not a shake and vape, I would give it at least 2 days to start coming together.

One of the First recipes I ever made...The white chocolate peppermint from LB is the star of the show here. It was my very first order of flavors I got in my beginner kit from LB. Obviously it can be subbed and played with but It's a delicious christmas time vape...Nice and Cool just the way I like it!

edit: 11/08/19. Lowered percentages and tweaked some due to age of recipe and lots of people still mixing it..


This is meant to be used in a low watt device like the Aspire Breeze with Nic Salts. I prefer smooth


Been going after that true Melonade by ZAP for a while now. Here it is...
Honeydew II (TPA) 5% (yes, use v2)
Koolada 10% (TPA) Can be lowered to 0.25% or left out
Marshmallow (TPA) 0.5% for mouthfeel
Menthol (LB) Can be lowered to 0.25% or left out
Super Sweet (CAP) use between 0.25% and 1%
Watermelon Candy (TPA) 2%

Enjoy ;)

Since winter is coming, here's a cool watermelon summer vape. Duh.
You can use WS23 if you have it.

1% Cantaloupe (CAP)
2% Koolada 10% (TPA)
0.5% Menthol (LB)
2% Strawberry (TPA)
0.5% Super Sweet (CAP)
3% Sweet Strawberry (CAP)
4% Watermelon (LA)
0.5% White Peach (FA)

Enjoy & comment.

Here's my take on a Green Slushie, it is my ADV of the year, just can't get enough of it. Must have vaped more than a liter by now...
Enjoy and comment.

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