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This recipe is for all my fellow chocolate lovers out there. You can bump all these up to 5% if you need but I figured most people would like the recipe better with everything at 4%. You can definitely shake and vape this recipe but the longer you let it steep the better it will be.
You do not need to use stevia in this recipe regular super sweet or whatever you use to sweeten your recipes will work just fine, I just prefer a 50/50 blend of both.

Lava cake LB- this is the main note here this extract is relatively strong but it's pretty perfect at it's recommended percentage. Given that it's a liquid barn extract it's pretty forgiving when you try to layer things on it.

Yellow Cake JF- I really enjoy this extract it's pretty new to me so I can't really go into detail about it's uses. I tried to use flavor west yellow cake but personally Im not the biggest fan of it considering it destroys your coils. I'm using this here to help boost the cake flavor of lava cake.

Vanilla custard CAP and Cake Batter CAP- This is my go to pastry blend whether I'm making a doughnut, cake or any baked good. I always mix them at equal percentages and I have a separate one shot type bottle that I use which is 50% of each. Personally I'd use them at 5% each but again figured most will like it slightly lower.


Here is a Christmas Treat for you.
Mjuk Pepparkaka Translates directly from Swedish into "Soft Pepper Cookie".
I never really got that as there is no pepper in the cookies.
It is basically gingerbread cookies, but in Sweden we beside ginger have the trio of cinnamon, clove and cardamom in there.
The vanilla pudding is for the mouthfeel.
Vanilla Buttercream Frosting is for more vanilla and a layer of frosting on top.
The Lava Cake does not really introduce any chocolate here.
It plays the roll of Dark Syrup and does that beautifully.

Again steep overnight and it is good to go.
The ginger is a bit to prominent for the real Swedish feel but mellows out a bit with time.

Tastes like a moonpie ice cream sandwich but you replaced the marshmallow with vanilla ice cream.

I threw this together for my husband's pod and it actually came out pretty well. The chocolate isnt quite as pronounced and the graham just kind of makes the ice cream seem like they used a heavier cream but it's tasty either way.

For him I used some of the precious lb lava cake v1 but I can see v2 working in it's place because its just to bend the graham a bit into a chocolate graham direction.

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Unknown to Kitu5, I was assigned to make something from our common flavors.

"Flavor: TPA Mocha (i have a metric f**ton of this...i'd like to use it)
Bonus brownie points if you can also use OoO Vanilla Frosting, cos also have a sh
tton of this.

Eh, either some decadent frilly coffee bullsh*t, Something nifty and dessert-like...or mebbe sneak in a hint of tobacco? Just something that'll finally give me an excuse to start killing the hell outta this that's yummy."

Unfortunately, I don't own TPA Mocha yet so my only option was the latter while keeping in mind that one could add Mocha later on to end up with something similar to a tiramisu. Or vape it on it's own.

Update: After Kitus' review I decided to add the agreed upon 1% tpa mocha. Enjoy!

i sorta used alfredpuddings cake layer but i took out the anglecake and used white fluffy cake instead . And then i’m using chocolate fudge brownie V2 and lava cake as the fudgy brownie type flavor and then i’m using vanilla custard 2 , Cupcake batter , And Vanilla pudding to give it that gooey center for the lava cake .

Originally had milk boy in here but I had to take it out because after steep it was drowning out the chocolates so instead I’m using fresh cream and meringue and added some LB lava cake

Sweeten to taste.

Pretty solid shake and vape, but man oh man will the 7 day steep help this one come around!

made for fresh03 MLK stream...Always Have Something to Aspire to...some reason to keep going forward!! more on the recipe after the steep

Life got you down? Dive into Cherry Garcia!

You can use either Lava Cake V1 or 2.


This is a vanilla ice cream with a chocolate cookie crumble core/swirl i mixed this up after i was eating some ben and jerry’s (the cookies and milk one ) anyway , I took the LB vanilla ice cream and hangsens french vanilla ice cream percentages from eyemakepizza’s trinity vanilla ice cream (i’ll post the link below) . it’s a wonderful ice cream and so i used those two as my ice cream base and added MB cookie bite and bam an amazing ice cream juice all over again . when you try it leave a review . Fuck a flavor ban ! https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/143364#the_trinity_vanilla_ice_cream_by_eyemakepizza

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