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Inspired by/adapted from Shyndo's Mango Sticky Rice: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/56405

I wanted to try and modify the recipe to use honeydew instead. I also messed around slightly with the grainy notes to hopefully counteract FE sticky rice's shortcomings after a steep.

Tasting notes:

Shake and vape - this one seems like it isn't the best for shake and vape. I was actually kind of disappointed when I first tried it after mixing. It was very evident that the flavors weren't meshing together nicely.

3 day steep - whew, it's crazy what a few days steep can do for a juice. It is tasting a hell of a lot better now. Basically how you would imagine shyndos mango sticky rice would taste but with honeydew. Might wanna change the coconut notes around and maybe add in some tfa coconut candy. Honeydew notes might be a bit on the stronger side, i personally enjoy it like this, but maybe JF honeydew melon could be lowered slightly. Will probably come out with a v2 of this recipe idea.

A bright vibrant tropical creamy mix with a touch of cooling - as I wanted to have a mix to take on vacation .

Sweet gauava is used as a top note and emulsifier for the very sweet melon notes

Cantaloupe and honeydew add the base sweet notes for this fruit blend . LB honeydew has a bit of creaminess that comes out at higher % and it works well with the LB rainbow sherbert. it is also plays nice with other fruits and does not overpower them. You can pick these up on the exhale

Suagr loaf pineapple is a sweet and tart almost candy pineapple which works well in the middle bringing the top notes of the guava and the base sweet notes of the melons together
rainbow sherbert is added for some more of the ice creamy texture along with more orange citrus notes

ADD IF YOU WANT: I really enjoy mint with some fruits and wanted to add a mint coolness here arctic chill borders on a sweet mint with a touch of menthol it is not needed . Desiccated coconut adds a nice sweetness at the finish but it not needed

Add sweetner to taste
NOTE this recipe was inspired by Waynes mix Heat https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/107762#live_mixing_the_heat_by_enyawreklaw

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***I adjusted the % on the Cantaloupe and Honeydew to balance the off notes, inherently present in TPA Honeydew at higher %'s.

A magnificent melon milk celebrating the awesomeness that is Cantaloupe and Honeydew.

The recipe is based on the winning base from Melon Milk by shakenvape007 and the melon combo from Canary Coulis by Charlie Noble.

The milk base is a deceptively simple masterpiece and lays the foundation upon which the fruits can shine.

The LB Honeydew is not the best honeydew around but it acts here as the neutralizer - it adds a green, unripened honeydew element, which helps to counteract the inherent sweetness from the FW Cantaloupe and TPA Honeydew - sort of my acidic balance.

This one does not need a very long rest and will be decent after an overnight sleep, but ideal after 5 days or so.

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