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(LB) Creme Brulee

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The goal here is to emulate a thick bready peach cobbler using only LB flavors. I feel I'm on the right track but I feel like something is missing. That being said, this mix is in my daily rotation and enjoyed by friends and family. I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave any suggestions if you have any.


Banana Creme Brulee

For the base of this recipe I went with (LB) creme brulee. This flavor is accurate to the description, even down to the slight the nutty note. To add another layer I went with (INW) Creme Brulee and (CAP) vanilla custard.

I used (TPA) Banana cream because it added to the creaminess of the desert without taking over the mix.

And finally, I used (TPA) toasted marshmallow to add a little sweetness and to add that toasted/caramelized taste.

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