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(LB) Coconut Milk

By: Liquid Barn (LB) - Buy Direct
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Used in 87 recipes at an average of 1.96%.


5 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


A little twist on a classic profile. Tigers blood. Enjoy let me know what you think.

LB COCONUT MILK - sweet creamy coconut milk flavor. Has a buteric note but steeps our after about ten days.

A stand-in for Pina Colada I made before I had any pineapple concentrate. Turned out this flavor is BOMB though.

A delicious cinnamon cereal for breakfast.

That You should try it out!

A nice smooth strawberry. Juicy Strawberry and Strawberry Ripe team well together. The coconut milk is not overpowering, its a faint hint in the background. The Vanilla Swirl is to enhance the milkiness. Dragonfruit to balance the strawberries. The mix sort of reminds me of a strawberry smoothie. Adjust the sweetness to your desire. This is a shake and vape. I am using it on a dead rabbit RDA and its very smooth. I am using max VG

I know there are a lot of versions of this kind of recipe, so whats one more right!
Your basic Strawberry Cheesecake Vanilla Creamy Kind of thing.
Maybe one or two of you will dig it.

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