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Simple blue razz pixie.
% could be raised on LB blue razz if you wanted. .5% of FLV sweetness helps the dryness.

well since rf blu raz taffy isn't on here yet I had too use rf blu raz and trying too use a couple different blueberries to bring out that candy in this recipe and I'm totally addicted to this juice right now

Just accidently stumbled upon this Blue Raspberry & Pineapple pairing when flavor-testing my new Liquid Barn order.
Since Liquid Barn's flavors taste a bit flat in the middle, Blue Raspberry (LB) is assisted by Raspberry (INAWERA) and Pineapple (LB) by Pineapple (Hangsen).
Adding Strawberry (TPA) & Sweet Strawberry (CAP) to a fruity vape is practically always a safe bet.
Super Sweet (CAP) is my favorite sweetener, I use it between .25 and 1%. It reduces the chance of inadvertently muting your flavors like EM can do, which is in Sweetener (TPA).

Hope you enjoy,

V1-2.5 Testing out this blue raspberry apparently its the best. Im on a candy binge right now. Starburst type is actually this -http://www.bullcityflavors.com/star-candy-fw/
not sure if they are they same or not.

V2.5 - bumped up the blue ras
Lowered the strawberry belts and switched to watermelon sour belts.
Also lowered the star candy and lemon because it gave it some harsh notes.

V3 - Lowered Liquid Barn blueraspberry.
Added Real Flavors Blue Raz

V4 - removed some extracts and replaced it with just lime by cap
added sour blue raspberry candy by wonder flavours

V5- Now that strawberry sour-belts is more accessible to people I wanted to release the version I like the most. You can also sub OOO Blue Raspberry Candy for the LB Blue Raspberry they are both VG based so use the same percentage. All the Flavors has them set up for a PG base though. Change the Extract to a VG based Extract in the list and use LB blueraspberry at that measurement and not the one provided.

V6- in this version I wanted to go back the original-ish profile with the cap lime. I use Yellow Burst by Real Flavors to create a lemon-lime sour profile after a steep the starburst flavor softens everything up for a chewy gummy factor. The sourness in this recipe comes from the citrus notes, if you wanted you could use a sour enhancer here but I found that it really didn't do anything for me. If you do not have yellow, pink, and orange also work. You can get yellow here ---> https://www.realflavors.com/collections/real-flavors/products/yellow-candy-burst-type?variant=13730023833712


CAP LIME- FA Cold Pressed lime @ .5%

LB Blue Raspberry- OOO Blue Raspberry candy @ 8%

RF Yellow Candy - burst type- RF Orange Candy- burst type @5%
RF Orange Candy- burst type SC @ 2.5%
RF Pink Candy- burst type @5%
RF Pink Candy- burst type SC @ 2.5%


7% (LB) Blue Raspberry

0.5% (RF) Blue Raz – Super Concentrate

2% (CAP) Lime

1% (WF) Sour Blue Raspberry Candy

1% (CAP) Super Sweet

So what is rainbow sherbet? Traditionally I believe Sherbet, is made with orange, pineapple, lemon, lime, and raspberry Several reasons I didn't go with pineapple or lime. Pineapple and lime, are both highly acidic, and with the already acidic Orange in this recipe, it would have been a real pain in the ass to balance out.

I also believe the sweetness of mango fits the profile much better. I'm fully aware that mango has been Beat to Death, lately but summer is coming to an end, and soon enough we'll be basking in the glory of custards, creams, and bakeries once again, but a fruity ice cream this can be Vaped year round.

FLV mango + LB blue raspberry

FLV mango- is not something I have played around with too much, it has had a lot of great reviews, and has made an appearance in some of the best recipes of the year to date. It seems the downside is it's a little watery, and can take away from the texture of many recipes. I personally did not notice any watering down of this cream base.

Lb blue raspberry - I picked this flavoring for several reasons, for one it does in part a blue flavor, or what my brain perceives as blue because I've eaten way too many Otter Pops in my youth.. On top of on top of that it's a great raspberry flavoring, and the others in my Arsenal just did fit.

TFA sweet raspberry is my go-to but I believe it contains ethyl maltol, which was muting other flavors, and balancing it was becoming problematic.

INW raspberry fit better but is a temperamental concentrate, and tends to overpower everything. I think it could be a suitable replacement if you do not have liquid barns blue raspberry. But 2% is definitely too high I liked it best at .5%.

And that's the list of raspberries I currently own. Would love to hear love any substitutions that work.

For the rest of the flavor notes check out the original recipe. I do have to admit to cheating a little on the Steep time, I had a fully steeped batch of my orange vanilla sherbet, and tossed these flavors on top of that. Hopefully they don't fade too much wall aging. Thank you for reading and please if you mix this up feedback and criticism are very appreciated.


Liquid Barn's Blue Raspberry is a solid flavor so it doesn't need much, if anything.
I like it with a little sour & sweet for an even more candy type of thing.

There was a local shop in town that had a juice called "melon baller" and I enjoyed the idea of it, but the juice was really nothing special. I had never heard of diy at the time, and I can't remember the brand. I'm going off of the slight memory that I have of this juice.

Blue Raspberry Ring Drop. Adjust Sweetener to taste. Really close to Ring-Dropz


This is my first recipe I tried to make. Now all my friends want this and can't get enough of it. If u like blue cotton candy then try it!!!! Enjoy

One of my favorite soda's. If you don't have LB blue rasberry you can sub 4% TPA. Age time 1 to 3 days. Mixed at 80/20.

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