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This is what would happen if you spliced together a watermelon and blue raspberry Jolly Rancher. The strawberry gummy candy is in there to help fuse the two together and juice it up a bit. If you do not have the PUR-Watermelon the LA-Watermelon Clear would be the next best thing to sub for it. One word of caution though, when I tried this with menthol it severely muted the flavors.

A simple blue raz lemonade for MTL devices. To carve out the blue raspberry I combined LB blue raspberry, FLV boysenberry, and INW raspberry. These combine easily to create the blue flavor I'm looking for in the mix. Mixed two lemonades to create the main note of the recipe. LA lemonade is everyones go to but I enjoy FW lemonade as well. Combine them you create a sour and tart lemonade from the LA lemonade and with some real lemon mouth feel from the FW lemonade.
In MTL i like really icy vapes so i combined WS-23 and Polar blast.
Tested in Zennith Tank with the Plexus Mesh Coil.

My 3rd attempt at creating that sweet blue cotton candy you get at the fairs and exhibitions in Canada. Best after a 14 day steep but is shake & vape.

This recipe was created on/for Interactive Mixing on the Diydownunder network. This Blue Raspberry mix was created for menthol episode. Please adjust cooling % to taste

This recipe is for The Year of Mixing week -42 inspiration.

This is a blend of berry notes with a touch of citrus intertwined, softened by a gentle cream and sweet coconut flavors. The Candy Wizard is used to sweeten and add a jammy richness, while balanced with the sour notes of Sour Wizard, and everything is softly smoothed with a bit of TFA Smooth.

This works well as a shake and vape recipe, but if you find it a touch harsh shake and vape, add up to 1% TFA Smooth to calm down the harsh notes as long as you don't plan to steep it. If you are going to steep for the 2 weeks it needs to be fully steeped leave the smooth levels as is in the recipe. I do also suggest adding (if you enjoy it) 0.75% FA Arctic Winter (Menthol) and 0.2% WS-23 to this mix. It adds a lovely element to it that I quite enjoy. If you do not like menthol or Cooling you can leave one or both out if you dislike them.

Playing around with some Liquid Barn concentrates. Wanted a candy flavor for my aspire breeze

Attempt at a clone/inspiration from Keep it 100's Blue Raspberry Slushie Tropical. 1 drop of WS-23 per 30 for the ice.

v2-Boosting the tropic up a bit to 2%. Adding Raspberry Sweet to help avoid the flatness LB Blue Raspberry can get on its own if it sits too long. Reduced sweetener a bit.

Thanks to DustinLee for his Keep it 100 Blue Raspberry Slushie clone attempt that I used as a launchpad.

Alright ppl since its almost time for Halloween I figured that I would go with a gummy that everybody loves this time of yr and what better way of getting gummy worms injected with a variety of fruits in the middle gushing out at ya and blue raz and tangerine will gush when you bite into the gummy worms so Happy Halloween everyone mix this up and enjoy


This is the first mix attempt of Keep It 100's Blue Slushie and first attempt at a clone/remix. Also, my first shared recipe!

Blue Slushie is by far the most popular liquid at all 5 shops that I manage. It's easy on the coils, tasty, and tends to keep its flavor throughout the whole 100ml bottle. It's not an overly complicated recipe by any means. Bright and straightforward blue raspberry with a hint of strawberry.

Right off the shake, it was fairly close. Not quite as sweet, which I don't mind.
After sitting over night, it brightens up a bit, a little more authentic to the original.
After a full day, the strawberry starts to pull through, raspberry tones don't. It loses some of the "blue" that I'm looking for.

Liquid Barn - Blue Raspberry
This flavor by itself is fairly close to the smell and taste of Blue Slushie. Mixed at Liquid Barn's recommendation of 8%.

Capella - Sweet Strawberry
Added to give a light strawberry taste on the exhale. Not meant to be a main note as most customers at the shop I manage don't even notice there is strawberry.

Capella - Super Sweet
I added 1 drop per 10ml. I have only made one batch so far. Going to tweak this as I go.

UPDATE: Have changed the recipe to brighten/extend the "blue" flavor after a few days.
TPA Raspberry Sweet @ 2.5%
Dropped LB Blue Raspberry to 6%

Blue Raspberry mixed with wild berries and a cotton candy twist in some ice cream-- if you like it cool add in 0.5% of WS-23. I prefer it cold so I go 0.75% WS-23.

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