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Iced Blue Raspberry/Boysenberry

Not my usual profile but a nice change up. LB Blue Raspberry is pretty killer by itself but adding a bit of FW Razzleberry really pushes that candied raspberry flavor. Adding some FLV Boysenberry juices up the mix while providing an additional dark berry accent. I mixed this without WS23 at first and while it had good flavor it leaned a bit syrupy after a few pulls. Adding coolant allowed me to keep that intense flavor but cut some of the heaviness out of it. Feel free to add/reduce the sweeetness but this is a candy profile so 0.15% super sweet fit nicely. Let this steep 24 hrs then enjoy!

This recipe was created on our LIVE Interactive Mixing Podcast. We picked the profile and the viewers picked the flavorings, and they didn't let us down!

With this session of Interactive Mixing, the viewers helped us build a pretty damn good Blue Raspberry Bubble Gum. There's many ways to add to this profile to make it your own, but the combination of MB American Bubble Gum and WF Marshmallow (Gooey) as the base, and the LB Blue Raspberry/FLV Blue Raz as the top note, make for a fantastic Blue Raz Bubble Gum. See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/EZBG-Z3t8M0 .

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A handful of sour quarter machine candies. Very sweet mix of flavors. My first recipe.

A blue raspberry green that's super reminiscent of a blow pop . For a sweeter version , cotton candy and sweetener can be removed for super sweet 0. 5. * Note LB's Blue Raspberry is mixed in 50/50 pg vg so you need to alter the pg vg ratio slightly to accommodate accordingly .

This is a tasty mixture of the iconic shark gummy candies. Taste great off the shake and will see how it holds up on a short steep ( if it lasts me that long haha)

I really love how the new WF CCJB blends in with this! If you like fruity gummies then this is for you! Enjoy! :)


This is the first mix attempt of Keep It 100's Blue Slushie and first attempt at a clone/remix. Also, my first shared recipe!

Blue Slushie is by far the most popular liquid at all 5 shops that I manage. It's easy on the coils, tasty, and tends to keep its flavor throughout the whole 100ml bottle. It's not an overly complicated recipe by any means. Bright and straightforward blue raspberry with a hint of strawberry.

Right off the shake, it was fairly close. Not quite as sweet, which I don't mind.
After sitting over night, it brightens up a bit, a little more authentic to the original.
After a full day, the strawberry starts to pull through, raspberry tones don't. It loses some of the "blue" that I'm looking for.

Liquid Barn - Blue Raspberry
This flavor by itself is fairly close to the smell and taste of Blue Slushie. Mixed at Liquid Barn's recommendation of 8%.

Capella - Sweet Strawberry
Added to give a light strawberry taste on the exhale. Not meant to be a main note as most customers at the shop I manage don't even notice there is strawberry.

Capella - Super Sweet
I added 1 drop per 10ml. I have only made one batch so far. Going to tweak this as I go.

UPDATE: Have changed the recipe to brighten/extend the "blue" flavor after a few days.
TPA Raspberry Sweet @ 2.5%
Dropped LB Blue Raspberry to 6%

Edit: added ws23

A black and blue recipe ive been enjoying.
The main body comes from LB blue razz, at this % theres all we need from this and buddied up with some hibiscus just helps lift it up and brightens the flavour i feel.
Multiple darker berries help to turn the blue into black as such whilst keeping a little of that artificial fruitiness with blackcurrent and boysenberry.
Cactus and citrus soda are just enough to keep it juicy and keep it bright and beverage like.
Could benefit from ws23 if thats your thing.

Purilum cotton candy hands down the best... blue raspberry and Strawberry...

During the winter I really enjoy menthol and mint flavors. I wanted a fruity icy flavor, my go to fruit vape is definitely blue raspberry. I haven't really developed a public recipe in awhile. The ice in this vape is quite subtle so if you aren't a huge fan of mint and menthol you may still be able to enjoy this. I hope you enjoy please leave a comment if you have any thoughts on how this could be improved!

Due to the specific gravity of LB blue raspberry being wrong on here the actual weight for 7% in a 30ml bottle is 2.43 and not 2.1.

You can mix this at a 30/70 blend but I do 32/68 as it is very cold in new york at the moment and I run a rebuildable tank.
my actual version contains .25% stevia sweetleaf drops from nicotine river and .25% super sweet.

Hey guys for those of you who love the rocket popsicle this is the closet you will ever get too it give it a mix and enjoy being blasted off too another universe

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