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The goal here was to do something a bit different with Liquid Barn's wonderful Belgian Waffle. Which is a great waffle flavor, but not a Pretentious Pancake AKA Belgian Waffle.

Summer is coming and here in the Hillcountry of Texas there will be Tarts and Pies galore.

LB BW and CAP Sugar Cookie form the base for the thicker tart shell, the ones that are halfway between pie crust and cookie or dense cake.

FW Butterscotch Ripple/TPA Whipped Cream and FA Meringue makes the thin layer of cream/custard/pudding under the fruits.

Apricot Fuji and Forest fruit makes the nice blend of fruits on top. Balanced for the main notes to be berries with Apricot peaking through, a hint of apple but mainly there for depth, sweet and flesh.

I used Butterscotch Ripple in this to mask some of the notes in LB Waffle but they still poke through here and there, in a nice way ;)

IMO Fantastic as a Shake n Vape but really starts to shine around 7 days. Enjoy!

Awesome box suggestion recipe. Lets see how it tastes sounds good.


Alright let's start off with the Belgian waffle, at 8% standalone comes out a little harsh, but at 4% very well-balanced and delicious. The perfect base for this recipe.

Butterscotch Ripple- can I say enough good things about this flavoring. No it's fantastic almost to for for words. This recipe in pairs perfectly with the waffle making everything better sugary and delicious along with boosting the creams.

Butter & Vienna cream- true staple flavorings in this recipe thay help smooth everything combining to give you a fantastic cake pop base.

Hazelnut- wall complementing The Nutty flavors in the waffle also helps boost the creams and smooth things out.

Wanted to limit myself to five flavorings for this competition. After the dod competition it seems obvious, we can create banging flavors without using so many different concentrates.

This was created by ingredients in the February awesome box. The LB waffle combined with the JF Biscut are the base of this waffle. Then I smeared on the a dollop of butter which combines with the biscuit to add buttery goodness. Then I stacked on some fresh mixed berries with Forest mix and JF sweet strawberry. Then topped it off with a layer of whipped cream combined with meringue.


Straight forward waffles with maple syrup. I must say that I'm loving this one. Goes great with coffee and I've been enjoying this one throughout the day. Simple, rich, delicious. Works as a S&V, but obviously gets better with time.

LB Belgian Waffle: Clearly the star of the show here. This one is absolutely legit. I knew I had to work with this one as soon as I smelled it. Great waffle flavor, certainly the best one that I've tried to date.
FLV Milk & Honey/FA Maple syrup: Work together to create the syrup note. The FA maple syrup gives the authentic maple note. Milk & Honey has a certain dark sweetness that I can only describe as molasses. It lends some body and a dark base that fits perfectly.
JF Bavarian Cream: One of my favorite creams to add a slightly dark sweetness, round out harsh edges and really pull flavors together. This one has become my Swiss Army knife.
Tfa Butter: I mean, c'mon. Who doesn't want butter on their waffle? Are you a communist?

Nice smooth straberry flavor whit creamy taste
after 2 week steeping the creamy flavor comes out much better.

A nice strawberry coated waffle with ice cream
Ive tried so many different waffles flavors an they have varied from plastic to play-doh so was super happy to find this one from liquid barn! An absolute banger this an has a load of potential in desserts !
Never seen it in a mix but its well worth getting in my opinion
Few notes on the recipe
BELGIUM WAFFLE LB- super good rich, dark almost a chocolatey note in the back ground with a hint of maple an butter! Miles better than the TPA or CAPs versions its nice an sweet an rich without being sickly or over powering !
STRAWBERRY SWEET/RIPE CAP/TPA - Straight forward enough not looking for a candy/sweety kinda strawberry so stuck with the old combo

VANILLA BEAN ICE CREAM TPA AN LB - Ive been splitting up my 4% ice cream with 50/50 TPA an LB as i find LBs is super creamy an adds something more to the recipe than standalone TPA ! But add to much an it can get a bit too rich so a few % of each really plays nice i think

VIENNA CREAM FA - Just adds that rich notes an brings the waffles an ice cream together for a nice silky smooth taste

Sucralose is optional as i dont think it needs a huge amount as its fairly sweet anyway
Found its good after a few days an just gets better an better

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