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This spicy and sweet cake is a wonderful coffee-time dessert, especially with the creamy custard sauce

Here it is!

Cinnamon Apple Waffle Cookie Thingy!

So this is based on my Waffle Butter Cookie Thingy recipe, y'all gave me some great advice and I listened.

I subbed Butter Cream with CAP Sweet Cream this go round, and I dropped the percentage down to 1%.

I also lowered the Brown Sugar signifcantly to .5%, it's much better this way. I formally apologize for anybody's throat that may hurt from using Brown Sugar so high the last go round.

Big thanks to MlNikon (Emily) for suggesting the PUR Country Apple (and being the best mixer on planet earth, seriously check out her recipes!). This flavor is amazing. I wish I would have found it sooner.

If you want to see the reasoning for using the rest of the flavors just check out my first Waffle Cookie Thingy recipe.
It's good if you add a drop or two of CAP Super Sweet, but doesn't really need it if you don't want it.

This recipe (unlike the other iteration) is made to be an ADV, not just to be able to vape with the morning cup of joe. It's much lighter, fruit forward, and actually maybe even more delicious.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated if you can: inbox me, leave a review.... anything. I appreciate feedback and pointers very very much and everybody's advice and criticisms help me out ALOT. Thanks guys, hope you enjoy as much as I do.

This is a delicious, full flavored, screwed ;) but balanced Strawberry Waffle with many aspects,
Blackberry Jam with Toast - SC is in fact Strawberry Jam On Toast - SC (not in ATF database).
Add the Super Sweet if you're into really sweet vapes, otherwise leave it out.
Enjoy & comment please.

Hey guys! This is my second recipe ever, so it would be really cool if you guys could help me with some feedback.

So what I was intending on this recipe was to build something around the deliciousness that is Liquid Barn Belgian Waffle. So when I single flavor tested the Belgian Waffle, I found that it really wasn't lacking in anything. I think it's a pretty good all around flavor. It has the the butter, the syrup and the eggo waffle, but that kinda gets boring after a day or so.

The CAP Butter Cream was to add to the rich buttery notes that are already in the Belgian Waffle and make it more butter forward because I feel butter is a crucial ingredient to the perfect waffle. I feel like 2% when combined with the buttery notes of Belgian Waffle was the perfect amount to make this happen.

Now the CAP Vanilla Custard came in because I really enjoy the richness and the vanilla notes that are in that flavor. I feel like it really plays well with other flavors especially the richer flavors like the ones in this recipe. I found at 2% it adds to the Belgian Waffle and kind of makes itself a part of the waffle rather than a separate flavor. I was kind of worried coming into it that it would make itself more a part of the strawberry topping, but luckily that didn't happen.

The CAP Sugar Cookie came in because I really wanted to give that super sweetness that you would think of when I describe the profile, but in a lighter way than Brown Sugar could. Like the juice that Ruthless manufactures called "Hotcakes". It's a really good budget juice, that pairs perfectly with the morning cup of coffee and in the end that's exactly what I was going for.

TPA Strawbery (Ripe): I really needed this because without some type of topping the profile really just isn't complete. I have tinkered with tossing a little bit of CAP Sweet Strawberry because I usually throw 1:1 CAP and TPA strawberry into my custard mixes and they really play well together. When I did that in this mix however, I found that it took from the authentic taste that I was going for. It added a little bit of "artificialness" that I didn't think really went with it. I really wanted the only "artificial" taste in there to be that of the eggo waffle. So 3% Strawberry (Ripe) I found worked perfectly.

The TPA Brown Sugar is in there to make everything a little more sugary in a darker way, and although I really wanted to use some woodsy type of flavors to get that, I didn't have any so I used Brown Sugar. I know 2% is a lot but, in this profile, I find that it works pretty well.

So there you have it guys, this is only the second recipe that I feel is good enough to actually share on here and I would really like to know what everyone thinks. If there's anything you guys think would work better (or anything you think I should have added or left out) please let me know. I'm a beginner mixer and I really need some feedback positive or negative. If you don't want to say what you think via a comment, at least shoot me a message with some pointers. Hope y'all enjoy it as much as I have!

P.S. to get the full effect of it make sure to try it first thing in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee!

Crisp Buttermilk waffle. I could give you a wish and a dream in my explanation but this is just a good crisp buttermilk waffle.

This is my first mix I have posted I've been mixing for adopt 6 months stalking on reddit and diyordie wed site just been in the back learning as I can
I went with FW blueberry graham waffle as my foundation and used the others to kinda back it up as I felt it needed lots of help

Droping this 4 the mixaton ya by... hope you like not realy finished yet


Warm Belgian waffle with pumpkin spice and a dallop of buttery cream.

Imagine, a rich rum flavoured vanilla ice cream with raisins scooped on a freshly baked Belgian waffle.
Building blocks:
It must be my 26ste version, never got it right but here it is, a real treat.

FLV Raisin Rum aroma, used as a base for this delight. the raisins are rich and sugary. and the spicy rum tones are just about right and gives the vanilla ice cream that caribbean sense of joy. I added RF SC Coconut Spiced Rum to support the FLV Raisin Rum it needed for this recipe..

FW Butter Rum adds that rich buttery feeling and taste to the mix

LB Belgian Waffle is by far the best i used till today, yet i felt it needed some support from FA Maple Syrup. It gives the waffle a smooth buttery taste and the maple goes nice along and give that extra 'spicy and sugary and nutty mouthfeel to the waffle.
FA Maple used 1 drop per 10 ml!

RF SC Vanilla ice Cream and TFA VBIC are paired, together they really shine as a rich and thick creamy ice cream.

RF Butter Toffee – SC added 1.25% a syrupy and sticky cover on top of the waffle.... it's the finishing touch and rounds of this superb summer ice cream mix.

for a sweet tooths like me.
CAP Supersweet (1 drop per 15 ml) because this recipes screams for calories :D

Good after 4 day's, better around 7 days mark.

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This was initially going to be my entry for the first Awesome Box contest, and then I forgot to finish working on it. Typical.

Breakfast of Champions is the product of a few weeks of fucking about with percentages, adding and subtracting flavours, and pulling my goddamn hair out trying to get the profile down the way I wanted it. Hence me not posting it until now. And the funny thing is, this recipe just needed a steep to really get where it needed to be. So the profile here is supposed to be an ADV friendly waffle that is drizzled in some strawberry syrup with fresh sliced strawberries on top. The intention of "ADV friendly" is just that it's balanced and not something that's going to assault your tastebuds and pummel them into olfactory oblivion. I think the steep time makes this a reality. Upon a shake and vape, everything is much more separated, the waffle flavour is more maple-y and in your face, the strawberries are a little harsh and overpowering, but it IS still tasty straight away.

But after a week, it starts to blend together nicely. After two weeks, the strawberries mellow out and hit you on the back end, while the waffle flavours and cream notes stay up front. So two weeks is when Breakfast of Champions hits the stride, and I'd recommend mixing this one up and throwing it in the steep drawer til then.

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