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(LB) Banana

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Used in 39 recipes at an average of 3.776%.


6 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

this is my first recipe its a banana chocolate i though it was good


This was like my first recipe i ever did and it’s bangin . you can bump up the banana up to 8% if you want or keep it the same and bump up the kings custard to 11 % if you want but it’s good as is .


Honeydew and banana, fucking addictive.
I'm still playing with this one. A touch of almond is pretty damn good with it as well. Coconut used low enough is good too.
Your favorite banana will work just keep it relatively low so it doesn't distract the honeydew

Really good Banana cookie with some cream in the middle.

This is a banana cream pie recipe with the crust being vanilla waffers. I was basically just using what I had lying around and it turned out very good!!! Let steep 2 or 3 days to bring out the creams but also works as a SAV. I'm very new to mixing and like I said just wanted to come up with something with what I had. If anyone has any suggestions to make this better I'm all ears but damn it's tasty the way it is.

Made this by accident. Was trying to make banana ice cream. Thought it tasted great then a friend pointed it out to me and she was right. This taste just like a Banana Laffy Taffy!!!! It's scary!!!!

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