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(JF) Yellow Cake

By: Jungle Flavors (JF) - Buy Direct

Used in 1291 recipes at an average of 2.107%.


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How can you have a Cin Apple Berry roll without some apple. Apple is
The perfect filling for a nice fluffy roll. Fuji is acting as our top note. 2% puts it right where I want it.

Again no CinAppleBerry roll would be complete without everyone's favorite strawberry.
The Strawberry is supporting but not outdone by the Fuji. Strawberry ripe is propping up our top note while adding that ever elusive complexity we are all chasing.

Cin. Danish Swirl is acting as our base and really forming the roll of this delicious desert.
The is no other Danish I would rather wrap my AppleBerry in.

Unlike some other super sweet desert rolls we are filling this one with Bavarian cream.
Not only does this add a nice bridge between the fruit and the Danish but also provides a silky smooth vape.

I want my roll to have a cinnamon coated outer layer but a nice cakey
layer between the cinnamon and the filling. Yellow cake provides this layer nicely.

Marshmallow is fluffing up all the ingredients while adding a touch of sweetness to the creamy filling
of this desert vape. Nothing brings a recipe like this together quite the way marshmallow does.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

Yes, I know. Another lemon vape, sue me. Anyway, Glas pound cake was one of my adv's and I sought to not necessarily clone it, but attempt the profile and spin it a bit to my taste. As I've vaped quite a few bottles of this stuff so far I think it's safe to say I did a good job in pleasing myself (insert your favorite joke here). wouldnt really try this one as a shake n' vape as the yellow cake really doesn't come out to play until day three.

JF Juicy Lemon: I use this lemon for just about everything; one of my favorite flavors. It's very bright with just the right amount of tartness to really stand out in a mix.
FA Meringue: Useful here in the aspect that it offers a very light baked note without making the mix too "dark." It adds to the sweetness and helps out with the glaze.
Cap Golden Butter: Don't know about you, but I make my poundcake with as much butter as I can so this flavor only makes sense. Yellow cake by itself is not exactly poundcake consistency so the butter helps in changing that.
FW Butter Cream: Used in a small percentage here for the lemon icing. It's sweet and one of the better icings available in my opinion for that sweetness.
JF Yellow Cake: Beautiful yellow cake flavor. Every bit as good as FW, but minus the sucrose. Fits very well here and frees the other ingredients to add the sweetness.
Tfa Cheesecake (graham crust): Added here in a small percentage to help along with turning the yellow cake into something more dense and moist. I first was using Cap NY, but I think this one was the way to go as it's a bit more subdued in flavor and only used for texture.

If you're as basic as me, this is up your ally.
Straight up pumpkin pie just as God intended, no crazy whipped cream or ice cream or any other toppings to get in the way of the worlds most perfect dessert.

Real Flavors pumpkin pie is the Raw extract, not the VG concentrate.

Full flavor notes

The random feature generated this for me. Tweaked some % to what sounded good and it produced a cinnamon-y banana cream that's actually pretty good shake-n-vape. A day or two and the cinnamon from the Graham Cracker will probably mellow out and let the banana come forward. There are hints of cake there that might come out after some time as well.

This is my submission for the MIXXED Competition.

What I created here is a Cinnamon Apple Cream Cake. What I wanted was a nice yellow cake with a thin but sweet cream layer topped with Cinnamon Apples. Hope you guys enjoy!

I have not had much experience with CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl so this whole process was a lot of fun to work with something I had never touched before. I had a lot of ideas but this is the recipe that stood out most to me and I enjoyed vaping on the most. With that said, here we go.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl: Going into this comp I had never used this flavoring or any cinnamon flavoring before. So of course I began doing my testing and I settled upon 1.5% because I wanted to get that Cinnamon Apple. I felt like too much CDS would lead to the danish coming out which I didn't want. At this percentage it compliments the apple nicely giving me that Apple cooked with some Cinnamon that I was looking for. This is a really useful flavoring that I look forward to working with more in the future and it's thanks to this competition.

FA Fuji: This is my favorite Apple flavoring. It can be quite strong so I settled for 1.5% to match the CAP CDS. 2% would have probably worked as well but I didn't want this flavoring to overpower the cake, the cinnamon and the cream.

TFA Strawberry Ripe: This is not a flavoring that works very well with cinnamon. What it does do is supply EM to the recipe to round everything off. 2% may actually be a little high here but I do enjoy it here to curb the cake, the apple, the cinnamon and the cream together into a flavor I enjoyed.

JF Yellow Cake: The hype is real. I never used FW Yellow Cake once the drama around the use of fructose and corn syrup exploded and I refrained from using it. Then comes along Jungle Flavors Yellow Cake and BAM, this is such a wonderful cake flavoring. I knew once I tried it that I wanted to make at least one recipe for this contest that included this. At 3% you get a very nice light fluffy yellow cake that isn't intimidated by the creams, the cinnamon or the apple.

FA Meringue: This is probably my favorite of the FlavorArt creams. It's extremely versatile and can be used in so many situations. Here I wanted to add a nice layer of cream that wasn't super heavy like a custard or heavy cream but something that was still sweet. Meringue does exactly that in this recipe and at 1% it gives me the nice thin sweet layer of cream that I want.

FA Cream Fresh: Now that I have my thin sweet layer of cream, why would I add FA Cream Fresh? Well, I like how it accentuates Meringue and makes it just stand out a bit more. It compliments FA Meringue at an equal 1% and makes the Meringue just a bit more noticeable in the face of cake, apple and cinnamon.

Like all of my recipes I like to mix this at an 80vg/20 pg blend and as a shake & vape it is decent but a few days steep really brings those two creams out and makes the recipe more complete.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

One of my favorite cereals growing up. Spot on flavor.


JF Yellow Cake, the hype is real. Dare I say it even surpasses the original. Zero scratchy throat sensation from it. It's yellow cake and it's perfect. Not too moist, not too dry. A fresh baked cake.

TFA VBIC. Buttery, creamy, vanilla. It's a great ice cream flavor, the best some would say.

FLV Milk & Honey is the secret Ingredient that bridges the two main components. It's very creamy with a dark sweetness similar to molasses. Not much honey though. I was vaping this as a single flavor when I came up with how to do this recipe. Easily one of Flavorah's best flavors.

CAP Vanilla Cupcake v.2 helps bolster the cake ever so slightly, but he are mainly using it for it's strong buttercream flavor. It was a perfect fit for this recipe.

FA Vienna Cream help to round out the ice cream flavor. Makes the texture much creamier and milky, like the ice cream is melting as you eat your cake.

FA Meringue. As if the milk and honey wasn't enough sweetness, we really load it up here to make it an authentic tasting birthday cake. Gives us a nice powdered sugar cream to round it all off.

HS ice cream at 0.25% is optional because I understand it's not a very common flavoring, and it's not necessary to achieve the complete profile of this recipe. It does add a nice touch of buttery creaminess, similar to slightly over-churned cream, which works really well in this recipe where you want both cream and butter.

Steep time - 5 days, but as usual, this doesn't stop me from digging right in

Made some minor tweaks that turned out real well.


I derived part of this from EF vapes on Youtube but still had to change everything due to the fructose in FW Yellow cake and the sucralose that he added also. I subbed the sucralose for Tfa french vanilla creme and TFA marshmallow. JF yellow cake to replace the FW yellow cake but still need EM to blend and sweeten all the creams. This is an awesome recipe that from the moment you mix it you CAN VAPE IT! And you wont stop until the bottle is finished, Enjoy this awesome recipe and know that it will NOT kill your coils or wicks. Keep in mind I vape max VG around 90 watts so if you need to turn down everything by 20% that's totally fine. ID10-T this ones for you my friend, Thank you for the Miami Vice I will vape that on my deathbed some day.

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