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(JF) Yellow Cake

By: Jungle Flavors (JF) - Buy Direct

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Mixed this up for Flavor pro's year of mixing weekly challenge. May make some tweaks to this after a steep.

Jamie Lannister is a great anti villian. He is loyal, strong, and layered. I decided to make a golden (the lannister color) incest pudding cake. I wanted it to be a heavy cake due to his strong personality. Golden due to the Lannister color. Creamy in the middle due to his odd love for his sister and family. He is bold and arrogant, stong and loyal, and mushy when it comes to his love for his family.


Was aiming for a snowball cake here but shake and vape, this tastes (to me) like a Hostess Cupcake. I don't taste the coconut at all... However, others taste the coconut. So I'm not quite sure about this... It's somewhere between a Snowball and Hostess Cupcake. Either way, it's really good.


A delicious Chocolate Pandoro Cake with frosting

Having watched Noted: Ep. 24 - Cakes (see link below) I wanted to try my hand at some new cake recipes. In particular, using FA Pandoro to make a Chocolate Pandoro Cake, a Christmas dessert an Italian student had been telling me about. However, due to its inescapablely lemon cake flavour, FA Pandoro was dropped from the recipe and different flavours were used to achieve a Chocolate Pandoro Cake profile.

Cake layer
FLV Pound Cake/JF Yellow Cake - this makes up the cake portion of the recipe.

FA Joy/ Flv Cookie dough/ CAP Butter Cream: FA Joy lends the yeast notes you find in a Pandoro Cake and 0.5% is just enough not to get too overpowering. Strangely enough, It also happens to go beautifully with chocolate. FA Joy also helps separate the frosting from the cake so preventing it from being a just a creamy chocolate cake. FLV Cookie Dough is the chocolatey cake batter which softens and mellows the cake Cap Butter Cream provides the rich buttery notes you get in a Pandoro cake and enhances the frosting layer.

FLV Frosting/Cap Vanilla Whipped Cream: FLV Frosting was used despite the painful 2 week steep it requires. Cap Vanilla Whipped cream softens the frosting and smooths out the cake.

Chocolate layer
HS Australian Chocolate is a semii-darkish chocolate with cocoa notes and is enhanced by the sweeter FLV Milk chocolate. FLV Coconut was added to further complement the chocolate and accent the cake. Didn't want the Chocolate too rich or to be a top-note flavour, just wanted it to blend in and provide a more background note. FLV Milk chocolate can be quite potent so it was orginally added low at 0.15 % then upped to 0.45%.

A Chocolate Cake flavour could have been used to simplify things (LB Lava Cake is in the post) but mixing in chocolate flavours with a cake base is a good way to learn about both.

Overall, the recipe turned out well. It's not too rich but quite smooth and satisfying as chocolate vapes go.

Noted: Ep. 24 - Cakes (DIY E-liquid Flavor Notes)


this would be a yummy treat on Christmas eve and Christmas morning and it taste just like the profile says guys and its very tasty


There's nothing particularly new going on here since this recipe is kind of a remix of Vurve's Birthday ice cream Cake (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/16823) which I completly adore. I'm still learning the ropes but thought this was worth sharing.

Cake Base: The usual suspects, JF Yellow Cake and CAP Vanilla Cupcake.

Ice cream layer : ID10-T's magic formula, HS French Vanilla ice cream (0.5%) and LB vanilla ice cream (4.5%). This has been slightly thickened up and emulsified with Favorah Cream.

Accents: I'm not a huge fan of banana but I love a hint of it in juices. LA Banana cream provides a hint of candy/ taffy banana, as if the ice cream has ripples of banana syrup through it. However, FLV Milk and Honey does some magic here and combines with the banana to give the ice cream cake a lovely warm, slight boozy sweetness. TFA Toasted Marshmallow was added for mouthfeel but also to provide some brown sugar sweetness. It particularly works well with FLV Milk and Honey, as I learnt from Cheeba Steeba's amazing Milk & Honey recipe. (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/13546#milk_honey_by_cheebasteeba)

And that's it! I'm sure more experienced mixers could do much more with far less ingredients than I have used here but the recipe tastes quite good as it stands.

Rumblepup Steam Elixir's Cielo is a ridiculously good juice. It is a Cuban-inspired Tres Leches with pear and orange. This is really just a shadow of what the original brings to the table. It was a flavor that I could not put down. Rumblepup's entire line is unique, tropical deliciousness. This was the standout, in my opinion.

I tried to balance the fruit and creams to make a suitable remix that hit similar notes to the original . . . but, by all means, go grab a bottle of this from Rumblepup. I doubt you will regret it. He is an extremely mindful mixer and, as far as I know, does not use sweeteners in his juice.

still working on this but I think its close but by all means send me notes as this is my first recipe.

This is a simple yellow cake cupcake with thick sweet vanilla frosting
This recipe was made for Flavorbook Entry "(CAP) Vanilla Cupcake"
-> https://diyordievaping.com/2017/09/25/cap-vanilla-cupcake/

Tastes just like the picture

Inspired, obviously by NotCharlesManson, with slight changes. This one has been a big hit with the friends around me. Thought I'd share it because it's SUPER SUPER GOOD.

Took out the FW Yellow Cake, changed up the strawberries and a couple other things.


Mixer's Club September submission. "Something autumn". Name changed thanks to Dave ;)

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