(JF) Yellow Cake

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I thought I'd edit this recipe a few times before actually posting it, but its been 3 days and its delicious, so screw it, enjoy!

CAP golden pineapple was a no brainer here for me, and I think it carries the main fruit note we want pretty well. INW cherries and FA marzipan serve as a very tasty cherry syrup-y drizzle over the mix, people who aren't nuts about cherry may want to reduce the INW by a tad to taste. FE lemon is a personal crutch lately for bakery flavors in general and I thought a small amount would brighten up the rest of the fruit in the mix, which for me personally is working out fantastically!

For the cake base I went with the tried and true cake trinity flavors, sans OOO cornbread. I'm sure it'd be tasty with it but I was feeling a lighter cake base with the already bright fruit mixture we're slapping cakes and creams onto.

FA fresh cream and FLV vanilla pudding were my attempt at giving the cake some sort of whipped cream/icing topping, and I may mess with that and/or the madagascar mixture at some point, as is everything's blending really nicely and I can't wait for others to give it a shot. :)

TLDR: Yay pineapple upside-down cake :D

Pucker Up for a mouthful of fluffy cake with a burst of zesty lemon. For the cake note I've combined JF Yellow Cake for the crumb with WF Angel Cake for the fluff.

I really like what OOO Marshmallow Vanilla does to cake profiles. It's a sticky sweet vanilla that's perfect for bakery profiles. It has just the right amount of sweetness that I don't think you need to use any sweetener.

For the lemon note I just kept it simple. FE Lemon at 2% for that zesty, tart natural lemon burst on the finish.

Sweeten to taste.

I added 3% FW Blueberry for a convincing Blueberry Cake Remix.

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I can't believe that I have DX Peanut Butter on the S2 Flavor stash BUT I HAVEN'T made a recipe with it yet!!!!

So peanut butters, well, they're not great. Don't get me wrong I love peanut butter, both in real life and in vapor form. The issue is that the PB we have aren't amazing. From fading to dryness, if there's a problem a flavor could have, PB probably has it.

A lot of mixers will combine 2 or more peanut butter flavors to attempt to overcome the flaws but we don't have another PB flavor in here. What we do have is FW Butter Pecan and I gotta say I think I like what it does to DX PB more than what other peanut butters may or may not do. You get that caramely buttery rich nuttiness to go with your dry dusty PB.

I also like to use bakeries like JF Yellow Cake to carry the PB as more of a bakery than a creamy peanut butter. Last I've got a little CAP Vanilla custard in here to fill out those bakery gaps and give the cake egg and volume.

Sweeten to taste.

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Yellow Cake with Cinnamon Danish Swirl.

VT Cinnamon Donut|WF Cinnamon Pastry - Cinnamon part of Cinnamon Roll.

WF Glazed Donut|VT Croissant|WF Shortbread Cookies|FA Cookie| JF Yellow Cake- Our Roll's bakery part.

WF Mascarpone Cream Cheese|CAP Ney York Cheesecake - Icing.

Supporting Flavours - CAP Vanilla Custard|TPA Marshmallow|Saline

Pre-Steep this in PG for some days may help the bakery notes be more balanced.

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This is a mashup between two different mixes of the same profile idea. @lediybr and @madmixer came together to create this delicious, decadent beauty!

FA Apple Pie, WF Deep Fried Pastry Dough
Thick, fried, and dense dough.

JF Yellow Cake, CAP Vanilla Custard v1
The inside part of the dough, the yellow cake brings the fluffiness into play while the VC v1 contributes with the wetness making it feel creamy inside.

FLV Butterscotch, FW Butterscotch Ripple
This is the filling, we chose both of these butterscotch flavors because they complement each other. FLV on the top not while FW on the base, bringing in that stickiness that we love so much!

CAP Cinnamon Sugar, FW Sweetener
The typical mixture of cinnamon powder and sugar where we roll that fried goodie right after coming out of the oil. FW Sweetener brings that sugary, lingering after taste just like when you bite into a churro or our own Brazilian version of a donut, called "Sonho" which translates to "dream".

Mix this up and let us know what you think by commenting! You can follow us on Instagram - lediybr & madmixer.diy

OOO Chocolate Milk is a REEEALLY good base for this chocolate milk shake profile. It has a nice milky dairy note and a subtle hershey's chocolate syrup note.

LB Vanilla Ice Cream is going to be our ice cream note. It's a little eggy, which is perfect for an ice cream. You won't get any notes of pepper from this flavor.

Our cake note is JF Yellow Cake. Yellow Cake i a nice sweet bakery note, it's a bit dry but it blends up nicely with the dairy and chocolate notes.

Sweeten to taste.

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I did not use "(TJ) Ice Queen"!
I used https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/206727#swedish_queen_jam_stone_by_wallebiela

This is a very yummy Swiss Roll with blueberry / raspberry jam.
In Sweden we call it Queen Jam.

No real development.
Ace Frehley once said. -"You never really make something new.
You pinch something here, you nick something else there and jumble and shake it a bit until you make it your own."

Yellow Cake as the cake note/lady fingers. I wanted to use FW Creamy Sponge cake (Twinkie) or whatever but I couldn't find it. I have heard Mas. Cream from WF needs a long steep so this was made about 3 weeks ago, tested about 2 1/2 weeks in. Not sure if it does anything since I used it low. I used the Mol. coffee for the espresso note as it is a strong coffee and I personally have not liked any of the actual espresso flavors I had tried thus far. Cocoa WF is a nice chocolate so I added a touch of that but the main note is the Irish cream/ cream in general. I used FA because it is my favorite Irish cream, layered with FLV cream and whipped cream. FLV Cream adds a nice bodied cream note without adding any other inherent flavor. FLV whipped cream adds a more vanilla heavy cream note.

I wanted to see if I could build a carrot cake without a “Carrot Cake” flavor, using FLV Carrot as a component. I messed with a few different cake/cheesecake/frosting combos and settled on this one.
There’s not much point to describing every ingredient from irl carrot cake, it’s all fairly obvious. A few flavors deserve special mention, however. FLV Carrot does favorable texture things here, making the cake stand out, and was part of my personal puzzle anyway. Then I used some Liquid Amber to tweak the carrot and fruits into being softer, closer to cooked. Butter Pecan is huge, contributing to the texture of the cake and providing the pecan along with a rich, dark sweetness. The fruits, Fuji and G.Pineapple, brighten it up and give some moisture and subtle tang without becoming the main focus, just like irl.
Overall I’m very pleased with how this came out and I feel I’ve solved my puzzle.
A 2 week steep is in order for this one. The cake needs a while to really come together with everything.

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