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Ive been trying too make a stb/watermelon smoothie for the longest time and I think this might be it guys I'm gonna try it at 70/30 maybe help me out guys


weekendassignment Watermelon

This is a watermelon mixed with a sweet peach and kissed by a blackberry!

The melon base -
JF watermelon is more on the authentic spectrum, similar to FA but not as dry. It's actually one of my favorites unless I want jolly rancher. If you don't have it, try using FA at 3.5 or FLV at 3%. Now the interesting thing about FLV wild melon is that it helps boost whatever melon it's playing with. If you use honeydew, it'll make it taste more authentic like honeydew. If you mix it with cantaloupe, it makes it pop. This flavor is a true chameleon for melons and just takes this to the next level.

The strawberry ripe is really only there to help give this a more natural juice type sweetness which it does well here without a strawberry flavoring.

The cactus as everyone knows will lend wetness, but it's not why I used it. This is a nice "green" flavor than helps hold this melon down from being pulled too far into candy land by emulating a bit of the rind.

Now the peach, this is such a wonderful peach to mix with other fruits. Honey Peach has a fleshy flavor and that's why I used it here. White peach by FA would be a decent sub at the same %, but JF has a unique sweetness that works great with light fruits so I highly recommend you get it.

The blackberry is here to add a bit of depth which is where I find contrasting a dark Berry with a lighter fruit to work beautifully to it's strength.

This is a nice juicy mix, but it's full enough to satisfy even the custard lovers (like myself). Certified S&V, but settles in real nice after 24-48 hours... Enjoy!

Been fiddling with mixing for a little while, low key. Got inspired by hearing about Vurves Watermelon crack. Gotta be honest, i never mixed it up, but started messing about trying things, and landed on this. Typical noob. Decided on cap sweet watermelon and JF watermelon together to give me the sweet candied watermelon i was after, reminiscent of sour patch kids watermelon gummies. Added the cap supersweet to that to round it up and give it the sugar lips. I used the cap vanilla swirl to add a bit of body and add a lil creamy mouth feel, and the FLV sweet coconut to aid to the sweetness and cream, and add a bit of the coconut candy flavor. I guess the best description i can give of this is a watermelon candy smoothie made with coconut water. I added the koolada to make it seem cold, and cause i had heard so much good stuff about the WMCrack. I dig it, you can play with the koolada/sweetner to taste, i wanted a candy-ish profile myself. I know the koolada is at a high level, but i wanted it icy af. ATF gave me the random title of Plastic Furniture, which reminded me of a modest mouse song called classy plastic lumber. these things are unrelated. Open to all criticism, thanx, rab1dg0d.

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