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(JF) Vanilla

By: Jungle Flavors (JF) - Buy Direct

Used in 5 recipes at an average of 1.0%.


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Still craving for that sweet tobacco taste? Love bananas, tobacco and butterscotch? Look no further.
Try this mild banana vape with a rich vanilla tobacco flavor and sweet butterscotch.

Building blocks:

RF SC Butterscotch is a lovely addition to this recipe, it bridges the banana and vanilla perfectly.
'Solo tested at 2.5%, the recommended.maximum, steep 3 days.
It's got a rich, dark butterscotch taste. and is quite creamy and with a mild throat hit.
Perfect mixer for coffee, tobacco, chocolate and some fruits that needs a rich butterscotch layer.'
If you do not have the RF SC, it can be subbed with FLV Butterscotch.

Ry4 Double used for its caramel, vanilla notes and mellow tobacco flavor. I added TFA Red Oak to give a sweet smoked touch to this recipe. i would have use FA oak but i felt this it would be a little dry on the mix.

JF Vanille got that deep dark vanilla taste and soly added to support the RY4 vanilla flavors

TFA Toasted Marshmallow to round and bind this mix.

s/v 48 hours to settle but give it 7 days or more for the RY4 to fully grow and makes this mix a rich balanced banana cream with smoked flavors.

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