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(JF) Strawberry Sweet

By: Jungle Flavors (JF) - Buy Direct

Used in 1617 recipes at an average of 2.089%.


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This is a raspberry orgy, its named by my wife who loves frambozen, dutch for raspberries of course.
Complimenting here with (FA)Forest Fruit & (JF) Strawberry Sweet.
You might have guessed, she's the Super Sweet one in the family.
By the way, this is the creambase she craves all the time. A light sweet cream that just barely touches that yogurt side.

Up the %'s the darker the fruits are:
TPA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 1.5% - 2.5%
CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream 1% - 1.5%
CAP Creamy Yogurt 3.5% - 4.5%
CAP or PUR Super Sweet 0.25% - 1%

Please enjoy,


Ok guys so this is a sideways twist on my world famous Spank my monkey bubblegum thought I would twist this one up alil bit and out some strawberry and watermelon in this one seeing that spring is close

Be transfixed by the inviting eyes of the Pander Bear.

Indulge your base desires.

"And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."

Strawberry - INW Shisha, JF Sweet, and FA Juicy strawberries - jammy, syrupy strawberries.
Cream cheese - INW Yes WE Cheesecake, OOO Vanilla Custard Cheesecake, and HS Italian Cream - sweet, tangy cream cheese.
Pastry - WF Glazed Donut SC and FLV Cinnamon Crunch - sopapilla-esque pastry

Le petit-déjeuner, french for the breakfast, is what I made for my darling wife when she asked me for something different, although it had to be another strawberry vape.
The profile is a piece of toast, slightly brown and crisp with a tiny bit of butter and a delightful layer of sweet strawberry jam.
As Breakfast from Solub Arome can be a bit too burnt tasting on it's own, it is tempered here by the yogurt, that's the secret in this recipe.
My wifie is a sweetie, so I added a ton of sweetener, that's how she likes it.
Of course you can lower the Super Sweet or use CAP Super Sweet instead.
You can shake and vape this one, but a few days of rest practically always improves the overall flavor and the combination's potential can be attained.

Let me know if you like it, I know she does... ;)
Have yourselves a good morning, don't forget the coffee and enjoy,

P.S.: If you like Jam Monster Strawberry, you might like this one too...


LUSH, definition: very rich and providing great sensory pleasure. That's what I am attempting here. This recipe is best defined as a strawberry tart with a pistachio, graham crust. I was wanting to create something bright and refreshing to break out of the heavy eliquids that we often vape during the winter months.
The Body:
A creamy light custard with a graham cracker crust incrusted with pistachio undertones. CAP Vanilla Custard, TPA Cheesecake (Graham Crust), FA Pistacchio (Pistachio).
The Top Note:
Sweet, fresh strawberries with sugar added. I found it hard to use just one strawberry to get that fresh, ripe strawberry that I was going for, so I built my own using FA Juicy Strawberry, TPA Strawberry (ripe), and JF Strawberry Sweet.
The pistachio is part of the body of this recipe but also lends itself to the accent note on the end of the vape.
A 5 day steep is a minimum and I recommend 1 week.
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Please comment, mix, and or rate,....it makes us all better mixers. Enjoy :)


ExclusiveGirl's Raspberry Crepes
A light buttery crepe with a raspberry compote filling.

Flavor/Development Notes:
I love crepes, I have been making them a lot since Christmas since my roommate got me a crepe pan. They are simple and the key thing that differentiates them from pancakes (besides being thin) is butter. Crepes use a decent amount of melted butter right in the batter.
This is a sweet and light mix. The crepe itself is light and subtle and raspberry filling is more like a compote that you added some fresh strawberries and raspberries to. It is decent as a shake n vape but for best results, give it a week to come together more.

Crepe (SC) (WF) 2% / Butter Tart (SC) (WF) 0.5%:
Crepe WF is an excellent flavor, its light, slighting doughy, with a hint of spices. Its lacking a bit however so the Butter Tart is there to back it up. Butter Tart smells funky out of the bottle, its not a great smell to be honest but it is a solid flavor in low dose for its use here. Since crepes are buttery, and Crepe WF isn't, the Butter Tart is used to add the butter and backup the spices a bit more. Thank you RageIsALotOfWork for turning me on to this flavor!

Raspberry Shisha (INW) 1.5% / Sweet Strawberry (JF) 1% / Milk & Honey (FLV) 0.5%:
I struggle to taste raspberries the same way many cant taste strawberries. Please feel free to try this with other raspberries if you have one you favor more. The combo of raspberry and strawberry here is mainly there to help my taste buds pick up the raspberry more and make it pop a bit. The Milk and Honey is being used to slightly cream up and sweeten the fruits so it is more of a compote instead of just fresh fruit. Its also being used to sweeten the crepe a bit.

Mix it up and let me know what you think!


Was in the mood for a lemonade with a sweet floral twist to it almost like running after you partner naked through the woods and never getting it just all the cuts and poison ivy on your junk

A crispy cookie with a strawberry jam centre, like nana used to make.

The cookie: FA Cookie and TPA GCC - Adds the cookie base you quickly inhale to get to the gooey strawberry centre. I wanted a crispy cookie rather than a fluffy sugar cookie.

The filling: FA Red Touch, INW Shisha Strawberry & JF Strawberry Sweet. Used the holy trinity of strawberries from ID10-T's Strawberry Slurp here which makes for a delicious strawberry jam filling.

The powdered sugar: OOO powdered sugar - speaks for itself. But this flavour is pretty great.

So this is a work in progress but as it is now it is pretty dam good. The Caramel base with Milk is by no means my doing it is from the Remix of "Milk Plus" by the great mixer https://alltheflavors.com/users/ENYAWREKLAW .... I was vaping on it one day and thought man this would be awesome if it was on a sugar cookie but i could not decide if i wanted the cookie with strawberry or apple.. Im sure Apple will be great in conjunction with the caramel so im gonna sub that in on a V2. Im still fairly new to mixing but I am getting this down pretty quick I am struggling with the cream in this so feel free to comment and input your thoughts.


This recipe arose from testing Ckemist's Southern Smoke in the same dripper I had used for Wayne's Rose Milk (I ordered both one-shots while I was making a purchase from Chef's). My first iteration wasn't what I wanted it to be. It was kicking around my head today on our last day of school before Christmas break (trying to stay focused while monitoring about 400 kids watching The Polar Express in the gym . . . about 200 stayed home since it was a short day), and I started thinking about using Caramel Butter and Soho for the RY4.

The strawberry: A mix of JF Strawberry Sweet, INW Shisha Strawberry, and (the relatively new kid on the block) FA Juicy Strawberry. I wanted a sweet, jammy strawberry to play nice with the caramel and creamy aspects of the RY4 I was attempting. Off a shake, this seems to be sitting at just the right level.

The custard/cream: The automatic custard, INW Custard, with LA Cheesecake and WF Vanilla Ruyan Custard. I wanted the slight tang of cheesecake with the custard to mix with the strawberries. WF Vanilla Ruyan Custard seemed like the obvious choice to bridge the custard to the dessert tobacco of the RY4 . . . kind of acts as a double dip for custard and RY4 purposes.

The RY4: FA Soho, FLV Cured, WF Vanilla Ruyan Custard, and WF Caramel Butter . . . these concentrates make up the caramel-vanilla-tobacco RY4. I didn't want to go too tobacco heavy and draw away from the strawberry and custard aspect (and RY4 is not really a full-on tobacco anyway).

I'm going to vape through this 10mL tester within a day which will make it tough to see if/how it changes . . . but as a SNV it is pretty darn tasty! Need to make a bottle to let it steep and possibly try it out with FLV Native. I went with Cured because it's great off the shake, even though it suffers from dying out more than the other FLV tobaccos . . . knowing this was just a trial, and it wouldn't have to stand the test of a long steep. I initially tried DIYFS Holy Grail RY4 and Red Burley in place of Caramel Butter, Soho, and Cured but wasn't pleased with it. I'm sure somebody can make it work . . . but it, in my opinion, was too bold for the strawberries (or I was too ham-handed).

I mixed it 60vg/40pg. I marked it as a one day steep out of necessity but will mix at least a 30mL tomorrow and let it sit for awhile to see how it changes. As is . . . I'm digging it.

Flavor Notes