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(JF) Strawberry Sweet

By: Jungle Flavors (JF) - Buy Direct

Used in 1614 recipes at an average of 2.09%.


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Raspberry Orange Bar
OMG I finally found a raspberry I can taste!!!! This mix is a raspberry and blood orange jammie type short bread pastry with a layer of plain frosting.

ExclusiveGirl's Raspberry Crepes
A light buttery crepe with a raspberry compote filling.

Flavor/Development Notes:
I love crepes, I have been making them a lot since Christmas since my roommate got me a crepe pan. They are simple and the key thing that differentiates them from pancakes (besides being thin) is butter. Crepes use a decent amount of melted butter right in the batter.
This is a sweet and light mix. The crepe itself is light and subtle and raspberry filling is more like a compote that you added some fresh strawberries and raspberries to. It is decent as a shake n vape but for best results, give it a week to come together more.

Crepe (SC) (WF) 2% / Butter Tart (SC) (WF) 0.5%:
Crepe WF is an excellent flavor, its light, slighting doughy, with a hint of spices. Its lacking a bit however so the Butter Tart is there to back it up. Butter Tart smells funky out of the bottle, its not a great smell to be honest but it is a solid flavor in low dose for its use here. Since crepes are buttery, and Crepe WF isn't, the Butter Tart is used to add the butter and backup the spices a bit more. Thank you RageIsALotOfWork for turning me on to this flavor!

Raspberry Shisha (INW) 1.5% / Sweet Strawberry (JF) 1% / Milk & Honey (FLV) 0.5%:
I struggle to taste raspberries the same way many cant taste strawberries. Please feel free to try this with other raspberries if you have one you favor more. The combo of raspberry and strawberry here is mainly there to help my taste buds pick up the raspberry more and make it pop a bit. The Milk and Honey is being used to slightly cream up and sweeten the fruits so it is more of a compote instead of just fresh fruit. Its also being used to sweeten the crepe a bit.

Mix it up and let me know what you think!


Here is my take on this weeks profile pic. A strawberry and watermelon lemonade, its good, mix it up.


Here is my take on this weeks profile pic. A strawberry and watermelon lemonade, its good, mix it up.

Frosty StrapOn
Brief Description:
Since I don't do lemons or high citrus mixes, I decided to do my own take on a strapon instead of the watermelon strawberry frozen lemonade I saw in this weeks pic. This can be vaped right away but is best after 3 days. Those 3 days allows the low % of LA Watermelon to add its mouth watering candy affect without turning this into a candy mix. People weren't kidding when they said that FLV Alpine Strawberry was strong. I used only 1 drop in 60ml bottle and can definitely taste it. At that low dose, it doesn't over power the other sweeter strawberry but instead helps balance it out. The watermelon to strawberry ratio is pretty balanced with the apple as more of a note. Enjoy!


Talking about 'stones' and 'bases' on Diy Down under, Mixung with me Mates, I was inspired to throw a stone at a base

This stone is a popular stone in the DIY community developed bY iD10-T
It is nicknamed, Daveberry Trinity.

The base I am mixing the strawberry Stone too is a Custard base, used by @Freshepies. This Custard base is super easy and one that you could throw almost any fruIt


I challenged myself to make an "on the spot" recipe on a live you tube show recently and Addy Tuney suggested this profile. The fact that he is a great guy who is highly respected around the area of DIY as one of the founders was truly and honor to take up his suggestion. To suggest this to me with some sort of confidence that I could pull off a profile like this on the spot was daring to say the least lol. It;s Addy Tuney though, so I had to have a go. I'm actually really happy with this and how it came together. Look up my previous recipe "MMM Maple Syrup" as you will see this is what is included here in this recipe. I really like the way WF Crepe at 1% supports the TFA Pancake here and as a base to work off, works well. I chose deeper/darker versions of the Strawberry and Blueberry here to really give a warm cooked feeling. To accent and add depth to the fruit was the VT Boysenberry that works so well. The Caps Cinnamon Sugar really helps to add a little something to the pancake and compliments the overall recipe well with out taking over the recipe as some cinnamon flavors do, rather it sits at the back nicely. What an honor it was to create this, thank you Addy for laying down this challenge. I hope that not only you enjoy this but many people enjoy this recipe and maybe add a little cream,custard or ice-cream of your choice. Enjoy! :)
see it being created here: https://youtu.be/u-mdjAkuTP8?t=50m41s

Profile: Melon & Strawberry Gum

We begin with the main flavor that is the melon. CAP Honeydew Melon contains the right acidity and juiciness of a real melon chewing gum. At 3% does the job. It's a strong flavor and above 3% can give a subtle throat hit.

INW Shisha Strawberry fits well with the Honeydew Melon from CAP. 0.5% is enough to sweetening and to give the candy note to the Strawberry itself.

TFA Strawberry Ripe / JF Strawberry Sweet complements the rest of the Strawberry, giving authenticity. JF Strawberry Sweet can be replaced for CAP Sweet Strawberry by the same percentage.

TFA Dragonfruit - to enhance the strawberry notes slightly. 0.5% is enough for this function in this recipe.

Sweetener - I already find the recipe sweet enough but if you choose to use it, use CAP Super Sweet up to 0.25%, TFA Sweetener up to 0.5% or other sweetener type you prefer.

The recipe is Shake & Vape but 1 day of steeping is what I would advise for this recipe.


I guess I just thought it was about time for me to publish my own scream. This is a strawberry and vanilla malted milkshake type mix. The strawberry combo (Daveberry Trinity) is the best I have found for a good sweet syrupy type artificial strawberry. I used the fw hazelnut both for the maltiness and it just makes strawberries just a bit riper. The vanilla cupcake is there for sweetness and to thicken up the mix.

Raspberry Orange Bar
OMG I finally found a raspberry I can taste!!!! This mix is a raspberry and blood orange jammie type short bread pastry with a layer of plain frosting.

Flavor Notes