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I used banana pudding as the "base" and added strawberries. If you do not have FA Custard Premium, you can use TFA Vanilla Custard II instead at the same percentage.

Delicious, sweet English trifle for this weeks episode of The Mixin Vixens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5_xjQ2g8Ag

I used SSA Whipped cream as it is a rich, heavy whipped cream that pairs beautifully with WF Vanilla Cream Extra and VT Sweet Cream as the base for this delicious dessert.

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A handful of sour quarter machine candies. Very sweet mix of flavors. My first recipe.


This is a combination of the strawberry trinity and White Gremlin’s cupcake base. Great as a shake and vape but really shines after a 2 day steep.

If this is the first time you’re looking at one of my recipes thank you so much for checking me out. These recipes are geared towards mixers who are just starting out making their own eliquid. All of the flavors in this recipe are from a limited list of 35 ingredients. Check out my YouTube channel for lots more recipes!

Dapper is a delicious Chocolate Covered Strawberry Milkshake. Bright Vanilla and Sweet Strawberry right up front with wonderful creamy body and a smooth chocolate finish. It's less calories than the real thing too.

LB Vanilla Ice Cream is a lovely buttery, creamy vanilla ice cream. I add TFA vanilla swirl here to really load up on the vanilla notes. For the strawberry the JF sweet and TFA ripe combo gives us a nice authentic tasting strawberry. I used the Ripe a little lower than I normally would because if I went higher it would trample the delicate chocolate cream from OOO chocolate Milk.

Sweeten to Taste.

Watch the video here:


Watermelon Fish
purdy good stuff. simple ingredients. Cheap to mix




What an American tragedy a true red wave is. Fortunately for you, it doesn’t have to be that way. This juice certainly does put the RED & WHITE in “red, white, & blue” though!

Murcia’….fuck yeah!

I’ve been making different variations of a tigers blood type recipe for quite some time. This variation was inspired by ID10-T’s holy trinity, just at smaller percentages as not to overtake the entire profile. To be honest this is where I thought of the name “Red Wave” because anything holy just aligns too damn closely with red blooded conservatism. Yuck.

PUR watermelon is a real hit and I’ve been meaning to mix it with red summer and my favorite (MF) watermelon for quite some time. This would be my first time trying watermelon cotton candy as well to just sweeten up the mix a bit and see if it works or not. I’m not really a fan of sweetener, but I’m not adverse to it either. FA Coconut is really the only coconut I ever use besides FLV sweet coconut for some things, but in this type of recipe it’s always best with some cream. I used FLV cream here to give that another shot at impressing me like it has others. This is certainly a work in progress, but I HAVE made successful versions of this recipe just with slightly different flavors and percentages. Still strawberry/coconut/watermelon, just without the god-fearing overtones. If you’re interested in that version look for the recipe titled “Castaway” for the older version. Enjoy!

SIDENOTE: Please keep in mind all of my mixes are made for MTL as I do not vape DTL for any reason other than testing for MTL. Most of the recipes I share ARE tested at lower nic and higher VG%, but not all of them. Thanks!


This is a strawberry shortcake the way I like it. If you baked a fresh vanilla pound cake. Cut yourself a slice and drizzled it with strawberry sauce and topped that with whipped cream. Then all you would have to do is pour yourself a nice big glass of milk and you would get the RL equivalent of this juice.

Additional Notes:

-The (FLV) Smooth Vanilla only requires a few drops per batch. In between 1-3 drops depending on what size you make.
*1 for 30 mil
*2 for 60 mil
*3 for 100 & 120 mil

Simple tasty strawberry gummy bear for this week's episode of the Mixin Vixens.

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