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(JF) Strawberry Sweet

By: Jungle Flavors (JF) - Buy Direct

Used in 2083 recipes at an average of 2.065%.


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Oops! I put the whole description in the name.
The vanilla ice cream tastes like vanilla ice cream.
The cheesecake tastes like cheesecake.
Both strawberry flavors taste like strawberry.
The milkshake base is like a milkshake (unless you use too much and create a nightmare abomination).
The sweetener makes it sweet!

There’s a bazillion strawberry whatever’s and probably nobody needs another one. Too bad;)
I got a new squonk setup and realized I didn’t really have an adv to put in it.
Milkshake base was a new flavor but I’d already learned how much is too much (>.75) in previous experiments.
I wanted to use it and I got lucky with this, first try. I keep mixing more.
I’ve only steeped what I haven’t vaped yet so shake and vape.

Straight foward pineapple & strawberry mix.

Vt sugarloaf & mb queen delicate work together beautifully.
At these percentages it gives off a strong realistic pineapple.

Osd succulent strawberry & jf strawberry sweet give us a nice slightly candied strawberry.

Works really well with a small amount of Ws23.

I did add any sweetener as I find it sweet enough without it but feel free to add your preferred amount.

Taste fine as a shake n vape but give it a few days and the strawberry will become a bit more noticeable.

Revised Strawberry Cuzzy - The Other is good but wanted more of a lip smacking custard punch to the face with a sweet heavy lingering mouthfeel.

The strawberry combo is almost syrup like but maintains some good strawberry body as the creams blend and round it out and the OG custurd rubs your face in it.

Pretty much a straight fwd 🍓🥛 after it steeps out... It might need a lil more tweaking but it's pretty damn good now... Used MB Strawberry Milk for the ground work and everything else is to support and build up the rest of the recipe...

I think some WF Cookie Butter could turn this into a nice cereal milk (maybe with an add of a lil custard) just cause I put this over some of Silky's Cookie Crumble Custard https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/188966 and it showed alot if promise to going into a cereal milk... Idk 🤪 experiment at your own expense... It's DIY mofos! Either way hope y'all enjoy... And atleast keep on mixing and keep the community alive! 👊

Just a simple gooey sweet strawberry marshmallow with great mouthfeel
🍓 🍓 🍓 🍓

Strawberries and cream with cake

Riffing on a juice I had when I first started vaping, Cobra by Om Vapors. To me it was a decent juice but I wanted to take a crack at re interpreting it all these years later. Described by the manufacturer as a strawberry ice cream with cake crumbs, my version is more strawberries and cream on cake.

INW Shisha Strawberry/FA Red Touch/JF Strawberry Sweet: The main note in here is strawberry, and there is no better place to use ID10-T's trinity. As an accent you could go use any of these 3 solo but to have it stand up in a mix the trinity is the way to go. As an added bonus, people that are strawberry blind (I am to some extent) seem to get some flavor out of this berry combo.

TFA Vanilla Swirl/Whipped Cream: In my version I wanted to utilize a lighter cream component. Originally I was using FA Meringue and a custard for the dairy/vanilla notes but it was too heavy. Whipped cream gets you a nice fluffy cream and swirl brings some body while not weighing down the mix. In addition you get the binding quality of swirl to bring everything together.

JF Yellow Cake: From what I remember, Cobra had a bit more of a white cake vibe for which I was going to use WF Fluffy White Cake but switched to yellow cake as I enjoy the flavor a bit more. I also needed to have something with a bit more weight to counter the airy cream.

Final product will yield a really nice smooth vape, sitting somewhere between a classic strawberry cream and cake. Nothing ground breaking here but all in all this turned out pretty damn good. Can be SnV but after a short steep is even better. If mixed please review/comment, all feedback welcome.

Fluffy cup cakes filled with sweet strawberry and topped with vanilla butter cream


This is my take on a Australian dessert that I never had in my mouth. I have no idea if this taste closely to the real “thingy “ on the picture, but as a vape it sure I DELICIOUS!

My notes are short, but they are here.

  • Sugar cookie: is the bottom of the slice.

  • Custards premium + Bavarian cream is the middle layer

  • Strawberry ripe + shisha strawberry: strawberry ripe is the ripe strawberry and shisha strawberry and sweet Strawberry is the jelly.

That’s it. That is how to make a delicious recipe without the recipe and without going crazy with all sorts of things. Just keeping it simple and use the ingredients that you see on the picture. That’s it.

If you enjoy pls comment or something.

  • Joe Roots

It's that old Honey Pearry by the Vapor Chef profile - honeydew and pear with a hint of strawberry, with some new twists.

TFA Honeydew is already outrageously juicy, and I've enjoyed recipes that use INW Cactus to make it even juicier. But if you do that, you have to deal with the taste of INW Cactus. Enter the new INW Prickly Pear. It's almost as juicy as Cactus. I don't think it actually tastes like prickly pear fruit, though it might if mixed with something like CAP Sweet Guava. But, I digress. It really tastes like some kind of juicy, sweet apple/melon blend. Which makes it a perfect complement for honeydew/pear. Next, cooling. The Honeydew-Pear pairing was already a fantastic summer juice because it's so juicy and refreshing, but I never thought to add cooling to it back in the day because Koolada/Polar Blast never seemed like it would be a good fit. Add some WS-23, though... wow.


So this is it. After over 2 years of trying every strawberry/cream/custard/cookie type combo I could come up with I have arrived at my destination!
Meet "Custard's Last Stand", my final achievement.
As with all great achievements, I rode the coattails of those before me, biting at the heels of their combined knowledge. Most important here is the "Daveberry Trinity" by ID10-T.
Sweet, sticky strawberry from the "Trinity" tops a wonderful vanilla custard made easy with TFA Vanilla Custard 2 & INW Custard, all in a light crispy pastry shell from JF Biscuit and WF Sugar Cone.
Tastes great right after the shake, however after a week is when it starts to really shine. Best liquid I have ever tried, hands down.

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