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(JF) RY4 Double

By: Jungle Flavors (JF) - Buy Direct

Used in 419 recipes at an average of 3.119%.


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Quick recipe drop before school this morning . . . caramel-pistachio pudding RY4.

FW Salted Caramel and TFA Pistachio bring the nutty, caramel top notes that intertwine with the Jungle Flavors RY4 Double. It's pretty amazing how much the Salted Caramel stands out against the rest of the flavors.

VT Pudding Base brings more of a spongey cake type of pudding note (typical of what the Brits refer to as a pudding). This is made more creamy and luscious by the pairing with FLV Vanilla Pudding, which is what is more commonly considered pudding in the States. The addition of DIYFS Holy Vanilla boosts the FLV Vanilla Pudding's smooth, creamy pudding.

I was not a fan of this as a SNV, but, after letting it sit for 5 days, I came back to it and found it to be quite tasty. As per usual, mixed it 60vg/40pg.


As close to a SNV RY4 custard as I can get. Ham-handed with percentages but it is meant for RTA use (billow 2.5 personally).

FLV Tatanka is REALLY good SNV, sort of a sweet chewy leathery quality to it along with some honey-ish sweetness. I love this stuff. FLV Connecticut Shade is added to just darken it up a bit, bringing a nice coffee/cocoa note. JF RY4 Double is a solid base to work around for the caramel/molasses notes but it's not as monotone as TFA and IMO works well at accenting other dessert baccos.

INW Custard because it doesn't require much steeping and a bit of TFA Bavarian Cream to smooth out some edges.

EDIT: halved RY4D, dropped Tatanka by 0.5%, switched FLV Red Burley for Connecticut Shade and upped to 1.5%. Original mix developed a very strong raisin note after a month steep, presumably from both the tatanka and ry4d (both have a bit of a fruity note to me), which were pretty high strength. In retrospect, I wanted to keep the flavor of Tatanka but just wanted that ry4 there to emulsify everything, so modifications have been made to achieve that.

I've gone through about 40mL of this over the last week or so. Again, I'm just riffing on Fear's Cardinal . . . instead, here I'm trying to build it from similar components (some of which I used because I accidentally ordered 60mL of Digestive Biscuit from Chef's a while back and have been itching to use it something). I tried to create a ramped up RY4 similar to Holy Grail . . .then added some more tobacco. I used JF RY4 Double instead of TFA RY4 Double . . . VT Coffee Milk Froth instead of DIYFS Cafe Napoleon . . . butterscotch instead of caramel . . . threw some extra vanilla, graham crackers, and biscuits at her to round her out.

What I got was a smooth ADV worthy RY4 . . . from that first cup of joe to some late night sips . . . this recipe can carry you through. She's not the Cardinal . . . but she is classy on the outside and downright filthy on the inside. Enjoy!

A creamy caramel cigar fit for a filthy gunslinger. It changes a lot in the first week or so, give it some time.

JF RY4D - better than tfa. A bit more tobacco, cleaner vanilla and caramel.

FA caramel + butterscotch - takes a short steep but once they mature it turns into a goopy sticky caramel drizzle.

TFA FVC - It's malty, rich mouth coating vanilla but not as thick and eggy as custard. Definitely underrated, I put that shit on everything.

INW TA Cuban Cigar - straight no frills cigar wrapper leaf flavor. Light, leathery, no bull shit.

INW 555 + FLV Red Burley - primary filler tobaccos for the cigar, 555 adds that nuttiness and Red Burley melds similar notes with a dark, rich and earthy filler. Perfect intersection of profiles.

INW DNB - you're gonna have a cigar and not smoke it? Light that thang up, Blondie.


Simple 3, 2, 1 mix of an RY4. You might ask, "Why would you make this if you've already got Holy Holy Grail RY4?" My answer is simple. Because Cardinal . . . that's why. Also, I've been neglecting JF RY4 Double and FLV Milk and Honey and wanted to try my hand at simplicity. At only 6% this is a surprisingly bold RY4 . . . extremely thick and rich. Mixed it up last night (60vg/40pg) . . . filled up the Savour with it this morning. It goes great with coffee.


almond caramel cream.

wf vanilla ruyan custard- this flavor is a workhorse. i honestly prefer it solo around 6-7%, but it pairs great with ry4s and other creams. it's primarily a vanilla, secondarily a texture/mouthfeel booster- it reminds me of what inw's creme brulee would be if it didn't get weird over 0.5%- it's got such a full body to it. oddly- it's nothing like cap's VC1, largely because it's vapable immediately and doesn't seem to change much with a steep. this is the base flavor in this recipe because it's a solid body foundation but it doesn't bully the top notes.

inw custard- what can i say about this flavor that hasn't already been said. it's great, again doesn't require much steeping, and provides lovely body. helps fill out the ruyan custard here and helps the vanilla not be so dominant.

jf's ry4- probably the best ry4 out there. less steeping, more depth of flavor. mostly a warm caramel note.

(top notes) inw's marzipan & fa's almond- this combo is sweet almond bliss. that twangy cherry note from the marzipan fades after 12-24 hours, hence the teensy steep time. they mesh effortlessly with the custards and caramel ry4- it's a delightful combo.

side note/how's it vape, mahfucka?: this juice is super similar to those standard ry4/custard/nut combo recipes we all love: dillinger's dairy, pistachio ry4, gentleman's custard- if that profile is appealing to you, you'll love this one. the difference here is that this recipe is ready to vape almost immediately. i'm not yanking yer chain. honestly most of the wonder flavors i've tried have that in common, their inclusion in a recipe, or even just solo; they are damn near shake & vapable. i'm not unaware of the discourse re: their potential sugar content, or whatever- i just don't care. shrug

Full-bodied, ashy tobacco with a slight hint of caramel and vanilla. Very dry.

A Salted Caramel Apple RY4 recipe that has a nice soft and subtle apple flavor followed by a salted caramel and graham cracker finish
Made for FlavorBook entry "FW Salted Caramel"
-> https://diyordievaping.com/2017/12/04/fw-salted-caramel/


This is a tobacco graham cracker recipe
Made for article "Mixing For Closed System Vapor Devices"
-> https://diyordievaping.com/2017/10/17/mixing-for-closed-system-devices/


Just a delicious Fall recipe fo yo ass... Autumn/Winter is my all time favorite time of year. It's the time to start putting away all the fruity, light flavors and once again start breaking out the heavy custards, creams and bakeries (my specialty). So, to start it off I decided to share this little number. A tasty almond custard RY4. Very simple recipe and a pretty basic profile. Nonetheless, it's freakin' scrumptious and perfect for that Fall vaping. Throw a hoodie on and walk the leaf invested streets. Give this baby some time, the custard needs it as does the tobacco. 10 days and you're golden Pony Boy..

FLV Milk & Honey and CAP Graham Cracker really bump up the almond custard flavor here. The graham even brings a bit of cinnamon without even having cinnamon, I love it. But anyways, give it a shot, I promise you won't be disappointed.

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