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This recipe was submitted by Slushy for You Vote, We Mix. He wanted a Hazelnut, Caramel, Vanilla Cream, Brown Sugar, Tobacco, and that's exactly what he got. It is mostly a dessert tobacco, mild but very saturated with brown sugars, hazelnut, and vanilla cream. If you want a more bold tobacco, we suggest adding a bit of FLV Sweet and Smoky, or FLV Red Burley. See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/FOaUQGHf3Xg .
I Felt like this recipe needed more cowbell 😁👍- I chose (JF) RY4 because it's just has a darker brown sugar note paired with (FLV) caramel sets it even deeper. (CAP) vanilla custard 2 works better with RY4's rather than Vanilla Cream. The roasted hazelnut from Wonder flavors was a keeper layered with hazelnuts and cream and (WF) walnut although was really used to backup the nutty aspect of the recipe if you don't have it you can still mix this recipe without it but recommend.


Looks weird, but it works. Really well.

I was aiming at perfecting the JF RY4D - which is my favorite RY4 on the market (tied with Hangsen). While it already has a mild woodsy tobacco note, it is too flat and in the background for me.

The black for pipe and the red burley take care of that.

The popcorn and AP add complexity, and that roasted/toasty note, which blends in perfectly with the creamy caramel and vanilla in the RY4. I know the FLV popcorn isn’t a common concentrate, but I couldn’t really get as good results with any other flavor. It has an amazing roasted-caramel-butter accent you just can’t find anywhere else.

The cream fresh is there to add some mouthfeel, and for smoothening out the edges of the black for pipe; it is optional, but I think it really pulls the whole recipe neatly together.

This was designed to be flavorful and saturated in mtl, but it’s just as tasty in dl.

It’s pretty decent off the shake, but give it at least two weeks. A month is where it peaks.

Hope y’all enjoy this as much as I have :)

According to legend, December 26th by @nowar is what Santa vapes after a long night of delivering Christmas presents. Well, this is what he vapes to get going. A play on the same profile, but starkly different than the original mix. Darker and sweeter, with more of the traditional RY4 notes than the original recipe.

Mixer's Club April 2021 Prompt: Get Adventurous.

From the minute I laid eyes on Isuamadog's recipe December 26th, I knew it was a profile I'd love. I mixed it up, waited out the steep with great anticipation, loaded up the atty, and BAM, LEAF EVERYWHERE. Doggo used FE RY4 at 4%, which is insanely leafy in its own right, AND added CT Shade at 1.25% on top of it. He likes that kinda stuff, but it's just not right for me. Try as I might, I couldn't make it through, and I gave up on it. Just recently, I was going back through my old batches on ATF and saw the recipe again. For no real reason, I figured I'd give it a shot at a remix. It really had nothing to do with this prompt at all, but it fits under the "correct an injustice" part of the prompt, and so here we are. This profile is great, and I'd consider it an injustice that it's not more accessible to bacco lovers everywhere.

I don't really have my usual detailed notes on this one, but really only because I subbed out his main tobacco with two far more approachable ones, and dropped the CT Shade closer to the average use rate. I also upped the WCP and CD just a touch to sweeten and meld it together. OSD RJ4 has fast become one of my favorite RY4 flavors, and I'd recommend it to just about everyone who likes the profile. Usually it needs a week steep minimum or it tastes like burnt caramel before it comes around, but something about this mix made it totally fine in 3 days. JF RY4x2 is also a favorite, and definitely cleaner than TPA RY4x2, so that was used here as well. I sent my first go around to the creator himself @nowar, and he loved it, so I called it a day at my first go around here. This is the first and last version, and I'm happy with it the way it is. I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do.

Edit: After letting it steep, this is really way better after about 10 days. The baccos really round into shape and the caramel comes out to play from the RY4. I've increased the steep time, but this is worth it.

TPAs VC2 at 4% is a nice custard with dark vanilla notes and just thick enough to leave some headroom for the tobacco base to come through
JF RY4D adds the well known smoky caramel note to the mix backed up with FLV Sweet&Smokey to give you a more true tobacco note.

I enjoy this after a 24hr steep but i would recommend a 7day steep for the whole thing to blend together

Tested on a citadel SFC 0.5Ω @ 35 Watts

A flavorful cinnamon desert but oaky tobacco mix.

Steep to taste, as I rarely do. Steep increases the oakiness more.


Working off the first BETA release, the common consensus was that that introduction of the deeper, darker, more "matured" flavor, hindered the great aspects of the original Obsidian. The French Pipe seemed to be the biggest issue, especially after steeping. I needed to find a way to bridge the sweeter cookie notes to the darker tobacco, while keeping that luxurious RY4 finish. After a lot of tweaking, I found that replacing the Butterscotch with Smoked Butterscotch, and French Pipe for Tatanka - provides that case.

I'm curious as to your notes on this and would love any feedback. I still want "darker" undertones, I want smokier flavor, and I may even add some ash. But I think this is a much better improvement over the first BETA.

Check out the original Obsidian here:

Check out the first version of Obsidian Gold Label here:

A deliciously bright,rich French vanilla custard with undertones of brown sugar,caramel and tobacco. Definitely an ADV and if you enjoy your vape on the sweeter side feel free to add 0.25% - 0.5% cap super sweet. I’m usually a sucker for a sweet vape but truth be told I've been vaping this as is and have been enjoying it immensely. If your Into your tobacco/RY4/custards you might wanna mix this one up as it’s extremely delicious and 100% a wintery vape. 😍 if you mix this up please leave feedback for other mixers to check out. Stay safe guys and gals. 💙

A nice, sweet and smooth peanut buttery / nutty Ry4 tobacco vape.


This is my first try at an RY4 recipe.

JF RY4 Double wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be on the Vanilla side so the TFA Vanilla Swirl and WF Vanilla Cream Extra bolstered that up a bit.

I love SoHo Time and what FA Meringue brought with it so I paired the Meringue with the Swirl for added depth and Flavor.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl will turn this into something comparable to a French toast at around a week and a half. My original notes had FLV Rich Cinnamon as the cinnamon layer, but CDS definitely fits better here.

This can also be made with TFA’s RY4 Double at a 1:1 ratio.


Been trying ever since I ran out of that holy grail V1 to find some sort of suitable replacement to the deliciousness that is Cardinal. I've tried all sorts of things and quite literally all of them found themselves to be washing the pipes down my kitchen sink.

Got a new shipment in a few days ago and as I was single testing JF RY4 double found it great and just thought fuck it, why not throw a drop or two of red Burley in there and see what happens.

What happened is it was fucking delicious. I've yet to make it past day two of a steep, but even on day 2 it's just a superb desert tobacco vape .

To say it's better than Cardinal would be some straight sacrilege, but to me at least it's comparable. A different vape, but satisfying and ticks all my boxes. And, as these concentrated aren't going anywhere soon, hopefully... Something we can all enjoy for many years to come.

Cheers !

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