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(JF) Pink Burst

By: Jungle Flavors (JF) - Buy Direct

Used in 38 recipes at an average of 2.708%.


6 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


Emulated after a pink starburst.

Made on Live Mixing:

pretty simple mix. let it steep 10 days. lightly creamy and pink flavor

add 0.5% super sweet for some sugar lips

I made this Vampire Holiday as a part of Jennifer Jarvis's Fantasy Mix series pt2.
Pretty simple shake and vape that tastes like Cranberry sprite.

I chose Tart Cherry by Cap and Pinkburst by JF to build a more rounded note around Capella's Cranberry as it's flavor presence is somewhat weak in my opinion and I didnt want those notes over powered by Lemon/lime citrus notes.
If you like beverage flavors, this recipe might be worth checkin out.

A strawberry chewy candy born of an otherworldly realm.

This recipe uses JF Pink Burst as its base. Its the first time I've used the flavor in a mix. Nothing too out of the ordinary in regards to flavors other than that.


JF Pink Burst @ 3.0%: PB is only decent on its own in regards to its strawberry notes. It is definitely useful for the chewy candy texture it brings to the table, though. Adding a small amount of JF Juicy Lemon adds a tiny bit of sweetness/wetness to the candy profile so we don't have to use sweetener. CAP Jelly Candy is a flavor I add to any candy type profile I'm going for, regardless of whether I'm specifically looking for "jelly candy" or not.

JF Sweet Strawberry @ 2.0%: This is a candy recipe, so I didn't want to choose a fresh strawberry flavor. Sweet Strawberry is perfect for this, as its candy-like on its own, and brings its own sweetness into the fold.

TPA Marshmallow @ 1.0%: Using this for more added sweetness and for a bit of body.

Strawberry Milk and Honey
Someone please give this a mix and just let me know what you think bad or good..I happen to be maken Pinky by @Deweysuds and Vurvacious Milk & Honey by @killacode You got to give credit where credit is due.. and I Accidentally dripped them together...and it didnt taste to bad..Well I just decided to try a mix with both profiles came up with this. Please let me know what you all think..

We all know the pink ones are our favorite! There has been many liquids out there with this profile, but this has became my all day vape.

Credit to Kopel on the Jelly candy/vanilla swirl combo to give that starburst type base which works great on this. The JF sweet strawberry is the main candy pink strawberry note in this. The JF pink burst is not my favorite flavoring, but combined with the FLV strawberry it give that pink tart candy pop that is missing. Best after a couple days, but very good shake and vape. Enjoy

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