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(JF) Lychee

By: Jungle Flavors (JF) - Buy Direct

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“Heavenly” is really the only adjective I could find to describe this lightly-sweetened homemade coconut milk ice cream infused with fresh lychees, spicy rum notes and lime.
Building blocks:

RF SC Lychee is the 'queen' of this recipe, it's only supported by a little JF Lychee for a more candied feeling.
RF SC Coconut spicy at low volume adds a nice coconut spicy touch to this recipe.
The FLV sweet coconut is there to round of and sweeten de ice cream.
VBIC needed for the 'bean' taste while LV VIC gives the real ice cream touch.
FA lemon Sicily lift the whole mix upwards and sit nice in between the main profile.
* FA Maple per 1 or 2 drops per 15ml will do wonders and add depth to the coconut, if you don't have it, it can left out tho.*

Not inside the tin but....
1 drop of FLV Ginger would add an Asian touch to the recipe but not many people have this in house i decided NOT to include this in this recipe but if you have this aroma i would recommend to try it!
Not sweet enough? add 1 drop of CAP Super Sweet.

s/v 24 hours to settle the lychee and 4 days to perfect this vape.
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