(JF) Lemon Juicy

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All the Lemon Flavors, Just a test Most likely not so good

My ideal for the end result of this would be a remix of Yu-Long from Majestic Vapor. This is solely for made for the intent to enjoy as a e-liquid maker and not for purposes of resale.

Poor ol’ mister meringue. Got caught making whippey with the neighbour again so his wife gave him the boot. He blew all his money on powdered sugar so now he pimps himself out on the street corner for spare lemons.

This is a Mr. Meringue by Charlie’s Chalkdust clone. Took me years to get it just right. Recently bought a bottle of the commercial and was amazed at how close it was. Smelling either bottle I can’t tell the difference.

It’s a commercial clone, needs sweetener.

Original artwork done by my crazy teenager.


My take on everyone's favorite summer time treat. Please leave feedback and enjoy!

I was looking for a nice mix with Elderflower as a base, as I didn't find one that suited my needs I created this one with the help of a few experienced Mixers. Hopefully other people will like it as much as I do.

Overdone profile but I like lemon like a Mofo...get your own flavor notes because I'm lazy like a Mofo...

A blueberry mint that will leave you feeling minty fresh!

An improvement over https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/123169

The lemon lime really gives it the kick it needs.

its not a lemon meringue pie. Its not a lemon cheesecake. Its not a lemon pudding. Its not a lemon custard....it is lemborghini.

My experiments with African Horned Cucumber continue. This recipe is based on a recipe for an African Horned Cucumber sauce recipe:
It is an interesting mix of fruits with spice. I really enjoyed it.

This recipe must be steeped 2 weeks.

I forgot to write the description when I was testing it, and all I remember is that it was pretty good.

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 90 / 100 Solo: 4.0% Mix: 3.0% Steep: 1 days Difficulty: 25 / 100

This is a nice, natural, sweet lemon flavor. It's not necessarily tart, or bitter, or acidic; just a straight up sweet lemon flavor. It's almost reminiscent of those lemon drop candies, but less artificial tasting. I can see this working very well in bakeries, candies, and beverage flavors. The first place my palate wants to take this is like a lemon meringue pie. I've tried this at 1%, 3%, and 5%. 3% seems to be the cap, 1% was a little too weak, and 5% I didn't get anything extra out of it than I did at 3%. This flavoring oughtn't need to steep as it's a fruit, seems to be low in acids, and has an inherent sweetness about it.

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