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(JF) Fuji

By: Jungle Flavors (JF) - Buy Direct

Used in 421 recipes at an average of 1.671%.


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Sweet Cinnamon Apple Raspberry Bakery.

Sweet apple raspberry front notes with flakey cinnamon bakery back notes.

JF Fuji gives the recipe a natural juicy apple taste.
TFA Sweet Raspberry gives the raspberry flavor needed to hit the profile.
TFA Strawberry Ripe gives more overall sweetness and settles in with the sweet raspberry toning down some of the candyness.
CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl gives the main cinnamon profile and the base layer of the bakery.
CAP Graham Cracker helps boost the cinnamon notes and also adds a nice flakey taste to the profile.

Overall i think it turned out delicious and I shocked myself with how much mixing knowledge I have learned while trying to come up with this recipe.

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A childhood classic! A fall favorite! Infamously sticky and famously delicious! This is my take on the nostalgic caramel apple lollipop that I'm sure we all remember from our days of tearing it up on the playground, with just the lightest touch of cinnamon mixed in.

JF Fuji - Yummy green apple, used at a high percentage for a strong forward flavor
FA Caramel - Sticky caramel candy flavor
FLV Butterscotch - Sweetens and thickens the caramel, making it a bit creamier
CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl - Adds a nice pinch of cinnamon and the pastry notes push the caramel further to the chewy side
TFA Strawberry Ripe - Adds a lot of fruity sweetness without distracting from the flavor profile
FA Lemon Sicily - Brightens the apple, calms the cinnamon way down, binds the caramel and apple together. This is totally the ingredient that makes the whole thing work.

Really needs a 3 day steep to come together.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

I have here a tasty rendition of spiced strawberries and apples cooked in sugar with a bit of apple cider. I think this version has to be my favorite. Its sweet and tangy. I tried so many versions attempting to recreate a sugary, jammy but tart compote. There were a few ingredients i wanted to try but couldnt, given the flavor limitations but honestly it came out great. Using this combo of strawberries created a nice jammy taste. i was catching some harshness from Fuji so i added in a bit of TFA Marshmallow just to round things off and add some sweetness since this treat is cooked in sugar. FA Liquid Amber was a great help with getting that cooked apple flavor as well as making it seem like there was apple cider working in there. CDS is simply giving us our cinnamon spice, although that flavor creates a bit of a throaty feeling but luckily the marshmallow is assisting with that. All in all, i like the way this came out. I hope others like it as well. Enjoy

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

A nice thick creamy apple cinnamon cake.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl. Used it at a lower percent to give it a nice smooth cinnamon flavor like apple jacks cereal

JF Fuji. Fuji goes very well with cinnamon danish swirl to give it that apple jacks feel to it. I like it at 1.25% but could be bumped up to 1.50% if you want more apple.

TPA Strawberry Ripe. Works really well in this very smooth and adds a little sweetness to the mix.

TPA Vanilla Cupcake. Cupcake thickens up the cake a little more and adds to the yellow cake.

FA Vienna Cream. Used it to add some creaminess to the cake.

JF Yellow Cake. Has a very nice cake feel and taste to it.

Steep Time - 3 To 5 Days

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

This is for the Beginner Blending competition. I love tobacco vapes, but it's seriously hard to find good recipes that don't require strange flavors that I'll never use for anything else, ever again. I have some substitutions for this, but I think that all of these flavors are pretty commonly found, so hopefully most mixers will be able to make it. My main inspiration for this was Wayne's Pistachio RY4U recipe, but that was primarily for the TPA Ry4 Double + FW Butterscotch Ripple. This is one of my go-to bases for sweeter tobaccos, which are my preference.
The Breakdown:
I started off with a ton of ideas for this competition. Apple fritter, apple torte, focus on the strawberry more than the apple, turn it into a sweet pretzel bite with apple chunks... Nah. I went with tobaccos, because they offer a world of complex, nuanced flavors. This is not to say that bakeries and the like are not complex, but I find that I can consistently vape on tobacco mixes for longer than I can on bakeries.

--Tobaccos: TPA Ry4 Double isn't much of a tobacco. It's really more sweet and dessert-y, but I feel that when you pair it with a stronger tobacco, they tend to balance and smooth each other out. In this case, I chose FLV Cured Tobacco. This is one of the few tobacco flavors that I have that aren't Hangsen or Inawera. I really should look more into FA tobaccos... anyways, it's a pretty strong tobacco, a little dry, and fairly smokey. I like it. Pairing it with the Ry4D softens up and mellows out the harsher, drier tones of the Cured Tobacco, and I think they complement each other rather well.
--Fruits: JF/FA Fuji obviously had to be in here, and I picked JF over FA Fuji because I think the softer apple flavor works a little bit better than the sharper FA one. Also, I kinda felt obligated to do it because I have access to it, so I didn't want to skip out on that. I'm still not 100% behind the percentage on this one, but I feel like it's pretty solid, and I've messed around with this fruit combination so fucking much I want to burn an apple tree. The TPA Strawberry Ripe also had to be in here, but it's a pretty weaksauce flavor. I used it here to 'bend' the apple and give it a bit more sweetness. It also helps to blend the sweetness of the FW Butterscotch and the JF Fuji together.
--Butterscotch: FW Butterscotch Ripple is just fucking delicious. It's begun to creep into probably half of my recipes now. It's like FA Meringue or some shit (not nearly as versatile, so don't hate me, it just fits my taste profile well). I need to play with other butterscotches and caramels, but I just can't bother with it. Moving on.
--Cinammon: CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl is pretty good. I don't use it that often, but it's not bad or anything. I was playing with this and trying to figure out where the hell it should go in this recipe, and I realized that if you put it at a low percentage (1.5%), it just lends a nice cinnamon note. I upped it to 2% because I feel like the dryness comes out a little more gives a little more body to the tobaccos.

This recipe is a little weird, and there are some flavorings that would work better. However, I think that it incorporates the basket ingredients into a fairly unique submission in their best respective roles for this competition, and it helped me learn about my flavors a little more, especially the new JF ones. Thanks, guys.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

Steep time: 1 week.
So after 12 recipes I think this is the one I'll submit. The idea with this recipe is to really focus on the apple and the spice. JF Fuji and 1.5% gives a solid apple flavors that doesn't overpower the recipe and TPA Strawberry ripe adds some sweetness to the apple to really balance out the tart and spice notes.
FW Hazelnut adds a bit of a malty/nutty/buttery flavor that blends well with the bakery aspects of the recipe. CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl serves two purposes in this recipe, first it provides the cinnamon for the spice layer, and second it provides a kind of dry bakery note to serve as a base. The CAP Sugar Cookie really just works on this bakery base to help it be a little more buttery and fluffy while sweetening up the recipe as well. Lastly the FA Cardamom is the secret ingredient in the recipe. It really helps nail the fall spice flavor and perfectly works with the cinnamon and apple while also balancing out the pastry elements.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

CANDY ROLL- I got this flavor by accident trying to find a good smartie flavor, not the candy roll i was thinking but when i tried it at 4% it reminded me of these strawberry fruit strips my wife would buy. I accused her of turning our kid into a hipster. This lays down a good base to make a more homemade version of that.

PEAR- With this pear flavor i was trying to get some of that grittiness you get from dried fruits and pear was the only thing i could think of that could convey that.

FUJI- This JF fuji is a great apple that really stands out and i wanted to get a little bit of sourness that you get at the beginning of a bite of these fruit strips, but keep it low enough to get more of the sweet apple flavor.

CINNAMON- The cinnamon at such a low percent leaves out the bakery aspect and just add a very light spice which is most noticeable on the exhale and aftertaste.

STRAWBERRIES- I wanted the sweet and ripe to come together to really solidify the strawberry on the back end and support the earthier strawberry from the sweet roll.

With a week steep you get a little bit of that upfront sourness of the apple and pear, followed by the strawberry sweetness on the exhale with a touch of spice from the cinnamon, while the sweet roll carries through from beginning to end.

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The Apple cinnamion waffle with sweet strawberry sryup drizzled on top !! Multiple fresh Apple's cinnamion waffle with some good sweet strawberry sryup to top it off ! Ripe strawberry and sweet strawberry work great together here at these percentages imo ! And the Fuji works great off the green apple by flavor west here ! With a little Ethyl maltol to sweeten up the waffle ! This all works well for me ! Mix a 70vg 30 pg .. Best after one week.. My apple cinnamon waffle with some strawberry sryup !!!..

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

Flavor Description: A velvety smooth cheesecake topped with fresh apples, caramel cinnamon syrup, and a dollop of fresh whipped cream on top. Similar to the cheesecake one would get from Carnegie Deli with my own personal twist on it.
Inhale: Fresh apples that are almost candied in nature as the caramel cinnamon syrup starts to come through.
Mid-note: The candied apple drenched in caramel cinnamon syrup sits on top of a smooth cheesecake that’s extremely light on the crust.
Exhale: Fresh apple dipped in whipped cream to finish off on a perfect note.

JF Fuji and CAP NY Cheesecake- This makes up the main profile of my recipe. I used JF Fuji to give a very fresh and realistic ripe apple taste, but in conjunction with the other flavors it begins to transform into an almost candied apple by the end of the vape experience. I found 4% is the perfect amount to keep this flavor going strong throughout the entire vape, any lower and it just doesn’t hold up as well with what I had in mind. I prefer CAP NY Cheesecake to TFA Cheesecake with graham crust because of its realistic cheesecake taste when compared to TFA’s version which, to me tastes like a cheap no bake cheesecake. I used this flavor at 6% to really bring out that cream cheese taste from cheesecake without going overboard into the realm of sweaty socks and sour cheese taste, any lower and it loses its vibrant taste in the recipe.
TFA Strawberry Ripe- To very simply put it, I used this flavor for its ethyl maltol and maltol content. I wanted the sweetness from this flavor to really shine, rather than using it for the strawberry flavor.
CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl and TFA Caramel Original- These two flavors make up the syrup topping on the cheesecake. TFA Caramel original, to me, gives a very realistic caramel syrup flavor and at 2% I found that it really pairs well with the cheesecake to give a drizzled effect. The CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl is a strong cinnamon type taste when used above 3%, but at 2.5% it combines with the caramel syrup in such a way that it becomes a caramel cinnamon syrup. This combined syrup brings out the full flavor of the apple while also transforming it during the vape from a fresh apple into an almost candied apple flavor.
TFA Sweet Cream- This flavor is mainly found in the exhale of the vape. I don’t really care too much for whipped cream flavors because of the waxy taste they leave behind, so in order to replicate a whipped cream type flavor, I found this works perfectly for a dollop of fresh whipped cream. At 1.5% this flavor gives a fresh homemade whipped cream taste that’s not overly sweet, but pairs well with the other flavors to give just the right amount of sweetness.

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So there I was, sitting in a strawberry cinnamon Danish induced daze, surrounded by all of these strapple danishes and strapple cinnamon cookies. My will was almost completely broken and I had almost given up mixing altogether. When, in my highly receptive and broke state, I had a fleeting "what if" thought.

What if I embrace the strawberry ripe, instead of trying to hide it? Wear my hatred on my sleeve per say. What if I paired it with something that would accent it instead of mask it all but the sweetness of the EM? Fucking cheesecake.

A strawberry cheesecake topped with cinnamon baked apples.

I chose to use ripe at 4% because the flavoring (as you know) is weak and I needed it to last long enough for the steeping of the rest of the flavorings. I used JF Fuji at 0.5% because I needed to find the percentage where the Fuji was just light enough to be perceived as a "topping" but still be there and not be overwhelmed by the cheesecake. Any higher and the Fuji is present throughout and any lower it is lost in obscurity. CAP CDS, my arch nemesis, is at 0.5% as well. I needed to find a percentage where the cinnamon would come through lightly and play with the apple and cheesecake but not so much to where the cheesecake tasted like it was a yeasty strawberry cinnamon mess. Any lower than 0.5% and it disappeared in the mix.

Some would say CAP NY Cheese Cake is a better, more authentic cheesecake than the TFA variant I chose, but I've always found TFA CGC to go especially well with strawberry and have a fuller mouthfeel. It just needs a little help fleshing itself out. So I used my other 2 free ingredients supporting the cheesecake.

TFA CGC @4% because I needed that full bodied cheesecake flavor. Below 4% you get a creamy mouthfeel but it doesn't quite taste like a cheesecake anymore. More than 4% and you are playing with fire, the flavoring becomes a balancing act over a sweaty socks pit. FW Graham Cracker, I chose this over its more popular cousin (TFA GCC) because I get less of a cinnamon note from this than the GCC. CDS is dishing out all the cinnamon my body can handle in this recipe so I wanted to avoid more if at all possible. At 1% FW GC provides a little more crust to the CGC while also giving the cinnamon something besides Fuji to latch onto, evening out the CDS so it's not as concentrated and overpowering in one area. And finally the standard quirky ingredient, TFA Coconut. This flavoring is added in to provide a sweet creaminess to the cheesecake. While being low enough that it doesn't consume the profile and make it a coconut vape, it's high enough to add a unique sweetness to the cheesecake and enhance the creamy texture. I highly suggest playing with coconuts in creams at low percentages if you haven't already.

Altogether what you get is a cheesecake base flavoring throughout the vape with the sweet creamy coconut. Strawberry prominent on the inhale giving way to a cinnamon apple graham cracker exhale.kind of reminiscent of the order you would taste a recipe like this if you were eating it with a fork. Steep it 5 days to allow for the cheesecake to settle in, strawberry to calm down a little, and Fuji/CDS to properly place itself in the recipe.

After thought: I believe that if I were able to use different flavorings and omit some require (I'm looking at you CDS) I would have been able to better obtain the desired profile. I've also dabbled in adding .25% EM, but I think there is already enough EM with the strawberry ripe and adding it for sweetness is pretty unnecessary with the coconut. Even though I didn't hit the profile as close as I could, the vape is enjoyable (to me) and I will probably work on the recipe sans restrictions at a later date. Enjoy!

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

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