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Remix of Peach Pear by Juice Head. 🏖️🐻

This is a read but reading is good for the brain and you need it so you’re welcome.

I've mixed up probably 200+ recipes on here and ELR, but this profile stands as one of my personal favorites. It was my last ADV before getting into DIY and one of the reasons I got into it to begin with. The original juice is a bit green/musky/floral? to me and before I had any idea of the madness that goes into this I felt I could tweak this to my taste.. At the very least if I got somewhat close I would save buckets of money for any sacrifice. There's a few great and very close clone/remixes on here that led me to my first cart and helped me every time I worked on this one: notably @sublimeice (check out their other recipes) and @natemaia. Juice Head describes it as ripe and juicy peaches blended with crisp, sweet pears for a refreshing fruit juice. It holds a 5 star rank on most sites and besides it being cali style cloyingly sweet, it's in my opinion the best you're getting from a store bought fruity ejuice.

Double Apple lends us its versatility here and I was wanting something more apple forward than pear because in short I've found it to be a better base for most juices and who can really say they like pears more than apples without lying?
JF Fuji because I can't enjoy FA's and I feel like this apple is underrated and under used. It's a damn good flavor IMO you can't go wrong with JF. I've found I prefer a lot of their competing flavors especially JF Cookie and Biscuit. You could probably half the JF with a 1:1 of FA and bring some of its positives over into this mix but I find JF works fine and doesn't bring me any of the negatives.
JF Honey Peach because it's a mild hitting sweet peach with a nice body and it plays well here. I usually tread lightly with this one but 1.5% works.
FA White Peach because it's my all time favorite peach and I like the way it cuts through a mix. FA Pear to get the vibe back around to the OG by bending the apples just enough and bringing this one some much needed juiciness. TFA helps bring the authenticity in some of the other mixes and I'd be more than willing to bet that it's in the OG but TFA Pear has never sat right with me. I've read someone say it makes them nauseous and I could see it.
Super Sweet because why not and some Hibiscus to make it sticky.
OOO Marshmallow because I like my mixes to be a little thicker. It's my favorite marshmallow and I find excuses to use it anytime I can. You could go without this one if you want.. it's harder to get now that it's not at BCF and it might be a tad brighter without it, but it leaves a nice finish on the exhale. I wouldn't sub this one for anything unless you're big on body and mouthfeel as well.. if so try TFA maybe. Otherwise I'd just omit. OOO marshmallow has a unique vibe to it and it's worth the hassle if you need a good versatile marshmallow.
This one benefits from .15% WS-23. It's just enough to make it that much more refreshing without being a cold vape. I don't see why you couldn't throw in around .20% of some INW Cactus to make even more wet but I didn't feel like it needed it.
Shout out to Wayne, all of DIYorDIE and Developed, and to ATF and ELR and all you who mix. Also to all the kick ass flavor companies and vendors. I have some better recipes up my sleeve coming soon, but this one I either felt was ready or I'm tired of playing with it for now. Plus it was only right that it’s my first posted recipe. Thanks to Juice Head for a delightfully simple juice. God bless!

Vaping at 77%VG on 3mm 6-8 Wrap AVS SS Triple Fused Claptons .5ohm in a Kylin Mini II at 45-55W.

  • Taste like apples with a little effervescence.

    I made the apple by combining flv red apple for the body, inw anton apple for the top note, and jf fuji to fill it out a little more. Flv sour apple adds a little tartness. And flv citrus soda adds the effervescence note.
    It may only have 7% flavoring with 0.5% cap super sweet. But don't let that steer you away, it packs plenty of flavor!

Carrot, Orange & Apple juice.
I've always liked this juice IRL, and I'm very happy with this mix.
it's fresh, sweet, fruity and earthy.
some might want to drop the carrot a bit if they find it too strong but I absolutely love it as is.

tested it in a dual-core fused-clapton in a HV Rebirth RTA


A long time ago (2016, which is like decades in vaping/mixing years), I tried to make a pear recipe that captured my favorite type of pear, the Nashi pear or Asian apple-pear. I did the best I could with the ingredients I had at time. Here it is again, a little better. I've not eaten one of these pears in some time, but this is closer to what I remember. Here's what I used and why.

WF Ripe Pear is the foundation this whole thing is built on. I used TFA Pear before but it's really too sharp and strong to easily bend into one of these sweet and mild juicy delights. WF Ripe Pear is softer and sweeter but still has the body. FA Pear makes it juicy. A touch of TFA Honeysuckle gives it just the right kind of sweet florality, it's that lovely speckled skin of the apple-pear and part of the sugary juice at the same time. I used JF Fuji instead of the FA Fuji to get the appleyness right this time - the old recipe used FA Fuji but that kinda spicy skin too much and it was way too sharp. I smoothed it out with TFA Marshmallow before, but that pulled it off target a bit. Tasting the old recipe again, I get a hint of vanilla and creamiess from the marshmallow that just doesn't belong. Adding a bit of Marshmallow to sweeten, smooth over, and fill out things is so 2016, anyway. Just use better ingredients to begin with and you won't need to do that. JF being softer and not having that hard apple skin eliminated the need for all that mess.

CAP Kiwi is a terrible kiwi flavor. Don't buy it to mix this, it's not worth it. It's not offensive, it doesn't even really even taste like a kiwi. But it's very sweet and just a touch of it makes this taste more like the the Nashi pear than the Ethyl Maltol I used to try to blend with Honeysuckle to get the flavor right four years ago. I'm pleased to have finally found a use for the stuff, and if you have it already, maybe you will be too.

This is not a boldly flavored recipe. It's not meant to be. It's aping a fruit that has a pleasant mild flavor and is meant to be an ADV that doesn't stress the palate with intensity. I'll make a blow-your-face off recipe next, maybe.


Yeah, yeah it's not a trio. So bite me. Its good as fuck and 4 years in the making... so there !

I really really like VT Mangosteen it’s definitely easier to work with than FA Mangosteen which ends up tasting like some sort of body spray my fiancé would use ... Vt Mangosteen is a floral fresh mangosteen (never had IRL) kinda like the mangosteen in that Snapple Drink , I took my base from Prickly Dragon and made some subs such as the JF Fugi and The VT Red Fuji Apple simply because I cant taste FA Fuji right now (Vapors Tongue Sucks) give this one 3-4 days and it really starts popping and getting refreshing but you can SNV Hope You Enjoy , Comments and Feedback is always appreciated.... Fuck any type of Vape Ban

Very delicious Pear recipe. If you like fruits, if you like pears, do yourself a favor and make this recipe. Sweetener and Coolant are at your own discretion. NOTE: I would not sweeten any more than .5% as it will start to mute the fantastic nuances to this ADV.. ... SHAKE & VAPE qualified, Any comments or suggestions appreciated.


Started with Fuji apple and ended up with this concoction. Actually it did not have the wild melon in it last night. But as I was enjoying vaping it I found that the melon was just not showing up how I wanted it or envisioned it when I put JF honeydew in. Someone I know vapes tried it and said yummy grape! So somehow 2 apples, 1 pear, 2 honeydews, 1 cantaloupe, and 1 blueberry somehow makes grape. NOTES...I love VT bilberry ripe and this was what I wanted to build a recipe with that day. I really couldnt come up with a better partner to showcase this flavors than a couple of really nice melons. They work well together and they did me well again here. I also noticed how well melons work as a background flavor. Probably the best mixing tip I have learned thus far is that 97% of flavors out there by itself is not goos. Making a good recipe involves building something from the ground up and complimenting one flavors weaknesses with another's strength. Getting to know your flavors is a huge aspect of becoming a good mixer and you get that by mixing more. Anyways I was getting closer but for whatever reason I wanted these fruits to taste like they had just been sprayed by those sprinklers in the grocery store and you picked 5 of them up (and somehow blueberry jam was a thing mixed in those fruit) and shoved them in your mouth. I used pear to attain this effect. Just needed balancing from there. Sub whatever you have to except FA pear, Flv wild melon, Jf honeydew, and VT bilberry ripe are all integral and the recipe would not convey what I wanted without them. EDIT: This isnmy favorite thing I have come up with in the month that I began mixing and I also made it better, at least I think. I added 1% fw blueberry and it just sets this recipe from really good to banger status. Really would like to hear what you guys think. <3

Just a simple Pear recipe here folks. JF Fuji is included here to boost the Pear flavor sky high. Pears Pears Pears.

Frosty StrapOn
Brief Description:
Since I don't do lemons or high citrus mixes, I decided to do my own take on a strapon instead of the watermelon strawberry frozen lemonade I saw in this weeks pic. This can be vaped right away but is best after 3 days. Those 3 days allows the low % of LA Watermelon to add its mouth watering candy affect without turning this into a candy mix. People weren't kidding when they said that FLV Alpine Strawberry was strong. I used only 1 drop in 60ml bottle and can definitely taste it. At that low dose, it doesn't over power the other sweeter strawberry but instead helps balance it out. The watermelon to strawberry ratio is pretty balanced with the apple as more of a note. Enjoy!

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