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April Showers

To be thoughtful and conscious of what went into this recipe was hard. From starting with only a few floral flavors and then bending them around something complete wasn’t so difficult, but making sure that floral components were apart of it was. I wanted spring time. I wanted early morning. I wanted dessert in the park because it’s too nice to be inside.

Which all landed me here. A lychee tart.

FLV Lychee because it’s beautiful and bright and floral like a lychee should be.
FLV Honey Bee to add extra pollen to this.
WF Egg Yolk to support the tart filling.
CNV Vanilla Pudding for the main filling.
WF Crispy Wafer/ JF Cookie for the crust. Both together are buttery, rich, and have a great texture.
FA White Peach to boost the lychee to the front like when you take a bite and a big piece is on top.


Our first try at a caramel stuffed, chocolate chip cookie was an utter failure. We tried using a few of the new flavorings from WF and it just wasn't working out. So, we went back to the drawing board and created this wonderfully delicious recipe. See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/uk-5MODOCp8 .

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A beautifully delightful,bright key lime pie finished with a dollop of whipped cream. No pledgy,sharp off notes. Just pure key lime bliss and one you defo wanna mix up if your a fan of this profile. Please be so kind to leave your feedback on my work for other mixers to see. Stay safe guys 😷💙

The cow cream is back with this new and improved butterscotch cookie.
Let this sit a couple days, its ok off the shake but around day 5 its great.

The apple pie was bothering me so I reworked the cookie base of the original
fa cookie and apple pie became JF cookie and WF cookie butter, the combo fixes the cookie base
Buttrip was also turned down to 2%
OOO Marshmallow (Vanilla) and buttrip are two flavors I enjoy so I decided to combine them.
It was ok but needed help, so FLV Caramel came in to smooth out the buttrip
WF Vanilla Cream Extra SC just gives it a little more creaminess.

I made the original private to not fill the search with junk,this isn't elr, if you wanna see it https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/share/3e8f68b3-2f90-4b8e-89fe-79c9ceaa2318


Experience the extra creamy goodness this Is actually one of my Personal ADV minty and chocolate,vanilla 😋 sharing this recipe with pride...If you love SADBOY Shamrock cookie give this a try...


I know, I know! Yes,another Peanut Butter recipe!!! The thing is,when your this obsessed about a certain flavour profile you can never truly stop improving upon your very first recipe! It’s like trying to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!!! All I can say is this...is it better than my previous efforts? Probably, is it delicious?? Definitely! Do I recommend you should mix this up if you’ve enjoyed my previous PB recipes? MOST CERTAINLY!!💯 so there you have it, a straight up PB Custard that should be Vaped on a nice hot build and you really wanna give this Atleast a week before it really pops. Look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback,please don’t forget to rate my recipe. Stay safe guys 💙


This recipe has done very well over on ELR with some amazing reviews and feedback so I’m finally bringing it over here for you all to enjoy. If your a fan of banana nut bread Vapes then this is as good as it gets! It’s sooooooooo good I promise you. Please be so kind to leave a rating and short review on my work, stay safe guys. 💙 S&V APPROVED hits its full potential @ day 3.


The recipe is pretty straight forward.
THE Oatmeal Cream Pie

An easy and simple recipe to make. Full of crunchy and creamy goodness! I am loving this VT Warm Custard. You actually get a warm sensation to it. It's so creamy and thick. Mixed with TPA Vanilla Custard II, IMO it's the best custard combination. CAP Sugar Cookie and JF Cookie also pair well together. The JF Cookie gives it that grit and substance that I was looking for.

Give it a try. Enjoy!!


Allright boys, this is my legacy recipe. The previous version of this has been improved a lot so I appreciate people giving this one a shot. Since I started mixing I came in wishing there was more clones of popular juices. There were 4 specifically I wanted to see: pink punch lemonade by twist, shamrock cookie by sadboy, beard #32 by beard vape co, and the one strawberry by beard vape co. None of these existed before I started mixing almost a year ago. I took it as my personal mission to get good enough where I could clone these juices and I set out on a journey. This is the profile that I worked the hardest to achieve, so much time and effort. It was by far the hardest clone I worked on and took about 4 months of trial and error to get to this version. It is good after 7 days, great after 2 weeks and continues to get better afterwards. This is gonna be the last recipe I publish for a while, possibly ever unless I try to go after the one strawberry. If anyone has tried the original, I would love to hear your thoughts on how I did.

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