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(JF) Boysenberry

By: Jungle Flavors (JF) - Buy Direct

Used in 28 recipes at an average of 1.09%.


6 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


My simple take on a boysenberry cream pie. This is made for the Developed Pie Challenge

I start by using possibly one of the best boysenberries out there,
FLV Boysenberry, next I use JF Boysenberry to add a slight bit of stickyness to the pie filling.

FA Apple Pie is used on the lower end here as it provides a good pie crust base while CAP SC softens up the crust to give it a delicate mouthfeel.

Now onto the creams! CAP Sweet Cream is just fantastic all around and helps provide the sweet almost whipped like cream base to a pie. I added a little FA Fresh Cream here to help boost the cream profile and also thicken the cream base.

CAP SS is optional but I think it really helps provide a more authentic pie. I use it at 0.25% here as I don't want to mute out the flavors and oversweeten it, just enough to provide the every so sticky sweet taste a gooey pie has

SUBS: If you want a slightly more baked crust, replace CAP Sugar Cookie with FW Pie Crust at 0.75%

This is a watermelon, grape, boysenberry, candy corn recipe. Let me know what you think

Trying to make a fruity custard with an ice cream note

Trying something with a few new flavors I got, JF boysenberry, DF grape and Cap super sweet. This will be the first try with these percentages

A mouth watering blueberry butter cookie.

Since first getting FW Blueberry I knew that I wanted to find a way to use it to its full potential. In my single flavour test I found it to be a very bright and fresh flavour that was very Morrish.

I knew from previous trials that JF Boysenberry was a very juicy flavour and I'm not disappointed in how it's rounded off the Blueberry and given it a wetness.

Although the CAP Sugar Cookie would of been fine by itself I wanted to up the ante a bit and try for a butter cookie profile.

I was aiming to get as close as possible to my wife's old family recipe and once again I'm not disappointed with the result.

I find that the CAP Golden Butter adds a certain fullness to the mix and brings the other flavours together.

This vape goes well with a nice cup of tea or coffee.

My only regret with this mix is not making a bigger batch as I'm going through it like nothing else.

Edit: After retesting a steeping batch increased steep time to 14 days.

After two weeks the Blueberry has developed nicely but to me the cookie has dropped back so i've increased it to 3%

A creamy custard pie with a boysenberry twist. This vape goes down oh so smooth and will have you coming back for more.

After a short steep period the boysenberry falls slightly behind the custard and brings the apple out.

It's good after just a couple of days steep but probably needs a good two weeks for the bakery and custard to pop.

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