(JF) Bavarian Cream

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This more than a remix from Developed Bourbon Custard is a bourbon custard my way hope you enjoy!

Sweet vanilla custard with a thick and dense mouthfill, egg notes and topped with Salted caramel is finished with a nice bourbon aftertaste.

I love this type of challenges! Developed team keep ‘em coming!

a nice creamy chocolate vape

personally i think the secret to a good chocolate vape, is a hefty serving of vanilla along with it.

Normally Alpine Strawberry and Cream doesn't work together, it seems to mesh here well.
Two great flavors, including Forest Fruit and Alpine Strawberry. Comments welcome...

was attempting a BB vapes XO blind mix and came up with this. its not really anything like what i had hoped, but it still turned out well.

tl;dr - strawberry cream bakery profile.

Adding #Developed Summer to this to get some public attention . . . check up on your friends and family who are in education (all the way from the administrators to the maintenance workers). We're struggling to keep the bar raised educating the youth and trying to make sure everybody gets home healthy.

Need something to wash the bitter taste of wearing a mask for 8 hours teaching these little ones and the disgust at how their lives are being monetized out of my mouth. I thought about going for a Lysol wipe flavor profile (because chemical lemon is definitely easy with DIY . . . and I'm wistfully looking at the bottom of my last canister of wipes after cleaning between classes for a week, knowing that the school system isn't supplying them, and the local stores are all sold out). So, here's a strawberry cream bakery profile to distract me from the despair and gloom of modern teaching. I'd like to see these "in-person school during a pandemic" decision makers come into my 4th grade class and teach a room full of kids (trying to be socially distant) with 12 others simultaneously on virtual (grappling with the technology learning curve), all while trying to monitor cleanliness and sanitation. Heck, I'd like to see one of them come into a normal classroom setting and try to teach at all.

Me gusta bastente esta receta creo que se puede mejorar.Me gustaria hacer una receta 100% al recuerdo de Rice Pudding que hacia mi abuela esto se aproxima creo me falta algo todavia. Base +Rice Crunchies +Sweet Rice esto hace la base de arroz.Sweet Cream + Love DIY esto suaviza y lo aterciopela y endulza. Bavarian Cream esto lo une todo.Rich Cinnamon le da ese puntito de canela dulce.Custard Premium +Vanilla Swirl esto hace la crema.

A Custard Dough recipe. Notes of cake dough inside a yellow eggy custard cream.

This is a thick, creamy homemade style rice pudding with a touch of cinnamon.

The VT Rice Base adds to the depth of the flavour of the FE Sweet Rice as well as helping it not to fade nearly as badly (thanks to NordicFlavours for his appearance on Noted and that tip).

Could probably sub the MB coconut for FLV Sweet Coconut- maybe at 0.5-0.75%? Although I haven’t tried that myself yet. I was originally going to use FLV but I’d just got the MB and wanted to play around with it as it’s such a great coconut. It’s not massively coconutty in this recipe, more like rice pudding that’s been made with a little coconut milk. I was originally trying to make a tropical rice pudding so it’s a hangover from that. I found it adds another layer to the cream and brings richness, so I left it in.

I used JF Bavarian Cream as it has a really nice vanilla note. But it’s not the thick, rich cream I wanted on it’s own so I paired it with FLV Cream and TFA Vanilla Swirl.

Rich Cinnamon is by far my favourite cinnamon- I get a metallic taste from a lot of others. I’ve made a 10% dilution of FLV Rich Cinnamon in a 10ml tester bottle so it’s easier to add tiny % of it to a mix.

I use 0.5% of CAP Super Sweet in most things, but do whatever you usually do with sweetener. I don’t think it would be bad without it.

This is a SNV recipe, but let it sit for an hour or two before vaping. It’s even better with an overnight steep.


  • Creamy Apples & Sweet Peaches

I've spent quite a while with this recipe, and it has taken quite a few turns along the way.
It all started with me wanting to utilize VT Peach Yogurt in a recipe - I first tried leaning into the yogurt more, as there wasn't much yogurt in the flavor itself but the peach flavor was really good. This didn't work out as intended ..

One day I decided to try and bolster the peach with a bit of FA Fuji .. and that slight bit of apple alongside the peach really intrigued me.
So I started experimenting more along this path - Added PUR Country Apple for that cooked apple flavor, which turned out to compliment the Fuji and Peach nicely - but I wanted something creamier.

I already tried quite a few yogurts and creams in the original recipe - so I decided to go with something different, than what I would usually use.
JF Bavarian Cream was a new acquisition in my stash, and it turns out it was exactly what I was looking for in this recipe - it is quite different from the standard TFA Bavarian Cream, but if that's the only one you have it will work, just won't be the same.
The FA Apricot came along and added a touch of brightness to the peach, and also some sweetness - and then the INW Shisha Vanilla as a finishing touch.

Needs 12 days steep.

/ Please feel free to leave feedback


A luscious & velvety Panna Cotta mizzled with fresh mango.

I set out to create a true Italian Panna Cotta (Italian for "cooked cream") = an Italian dessert of sweetened cream thickened with gelatin.
The (not so) obvious choice here is JF Bavarian Cream which outperforms TFA in this application (by far). Soft, rich, uber creamy with just the right amount of vanilla is the perfect bed to receive the sweet & abundant mango blessing. TPA Sweet cream lifts the Bavarian cream by boosting the creaminess with finesse. CAP Sweet Cream can simply not compete in this race and unceremoniously dethroned

Holy Vanilla, used relatively high, adds the ultimate vanilla flavor here and provides a delicate sweetness & creaminess to the Panna Cotta.

FE Mango has been my favorite mango this year and shows its full colors here. Full, juicy & ripe mango goodness... I have encountered NO evidence of the 'myth' of the fading FE Mango and not sure who started this nonsense. I have a reference SF test batch dating back to January and it has shown negligible fading. The flavor is (still) on point and, even after 5 months, still (far) better than any of its rivals.

A touch of Papaya adds a bit of intrigue and keeps the mango profile from being linear and, vitally, assists with balancing the sweetness.

As creams go, this baby needs a good 7 days to fully develop.

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