(JF) Apple

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Used in 58 recipes at an average of 2.419%.


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Apple Pie Filling, or at the very least a nice cinnamon apple vape.

FLV RICH CINNAMON : Use 1-2 drops per 30ml or more if cinnamon is your jam.

This is something i threw together really quick but it turned out really tasty and i am happy with the result.

LA Lemonade: What else could you use for a straight lemonade base?It's nothing more or less and gets the job done really well.At 4% you can taste everything you need but still leave room for other flavors to come through
INW Anton Apple/JF Apple: Anton Apple is a really tart and green apple which helps out JF's Apple at the top end,while JF's Apple does great being the base
FA Lemon Sicily: What would a Lemonade be without a hint of Lemon?Boring,right.It makes it pop even more.
WS-23/Koolada:It helps the authenticity being a cold fresh Lemonade coming out right of the fridge

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