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Delicious, syrupy, buttery, blueberry waffles

LB and MB Belgian waffles form the base of the waffle and pair quite well together. I find LB Belgian can get lost in a mix pretty quickly so the MB backs it up and pushes it through the other flavors. The INW YC is a discontinued flavor as I'm sure you all know, so it can be omitted (or you can use Sasami Waffle dough at the same percentage) and just crisps up the waffle and adds a bit of a toasted note.

FW Blueberry and FA Blueberry Juicy Ripe pair quite well together giving a sweet vibrant jammy blueberry that goes great with the waffle. I initially tried this with FA Bilberry and it didn't pack the same punch.

As for the syrup and butter, well I didnt want a maple note here so I opted for the VT Golden Syrup instead of FA Maple and it works nicely. It sweetens the mix, and you get a nice syrupy taste on the exhale. FA Butter, the king of butters, does its job quite nicely at half a percent and leaves a thick, lingering, buttery note across the waffle.

Vape your breakfast

Description: A waffle custard with tobacco. This needs a 2 weeks steep for everything to come fully together

Unfortunately INW discontinued Waffle, Which is really sad because out the the 6 waffles I own this is the best one & it is pretty potent. 0.5 is more than enough to give a crispy waffle flavor that stands up to the creams and tobacco.

For my custard base I used FRESH03's S&V Custard. It is really good custard of the shake but it gets even richer with a steep.

I know some people don't care for TPA RY4 Double, but used low it is really good in my opinion, and you can easily sub it for your favorite RY4.

HS NO5 reminds me of a nutty RY4 without the creaminess.

HS Red USA is Marlboro Red style tobacco, has some cocoa notes & some maple like sweetness. The tobacco itself is smooth & mellow.

One of many attempts at a good balanced creamy and crunchy cannoli


Definitely a Yummy Classic!! Here is my 3,2,1 creme brulee recipe with a little twist. I stuck with all inawera flavors still. This is for those people that have been saving there inawera waffle. I too have been pointlessly holding on to my last 20 ml of inawera waffle when i decided what is the point of having something so delicious and not using it because i am afraid of running out?? And then i decided it was stupid and i started making recipes using inawera waffle again here is one of those creations. If you got into mixing after inawera waffle was already off the market or just dont own it dont worry just boost the coconut cookies to 1.5% and call it good. Well dont just call it good it is good lol. What you end up with is a creamy coconut creme brulee with a buttery feel and a toasted feel from the waffle. All that changes without the waffle is those toasted bakery notes are not there and its more of a creamy buttery coconut creme brulee. Which ever way you make it its delicious in my opinion. This is one of the times that this version of my 3,2,1 creme brulee is actually better than the original 3,2,1 creme brulee. I am finding my 3,2,1 creme brulee recipe to be more of a creme brulee base because no matter what i throw at it for a top note it just seems to work. So be expecting more delicious creme brulee recipes to come using my 3,2,1 creme brulee as a base and i challenge you to use it to create one of your own. Its the strap on of creme brulee's just strap on a top note of your choosing and run with it. We can always use more great creme brulee recipes lol. Creamy buttery coconut goodness what more do you want?? Me i want to be able to purchase more inawera waffle but we cant so i guess i will enjoy the remaining 19ml i have and when its gone its truly gone forever but hey at least i get the chance to enjoy it. If i just sit on it and dont use it i run the risk of it going bad and or fading or changing this way i am at least using it while its still delicious.

Sweeten to taste with your preferred sweetener at your preferred percentage.


Really good use of that sadly discontinued waffle. 1-2 drops per 30 ml is plenty. For those that have a little left, try this simple mix! 27 works with so many things, and this is a perfect pairing.

Crisp Buttermilk waffle. I could give you a wish and a dream in my explanation but this is just a good crisp buttermilk waffle.

Cinnamon roll waffles. Came across this whole trying to give my previous cinnamon roll recipe texture and I made this yummy concoction. Waffle yc by inawera can easily take over a mix I wouldn't go above .5.

I've adjusted this a little bit because I think the Waffle flavor amount I used in this first batch is a little bit much. I dropped it by 0.10% in this recipe. Originally I used 0.25%. If you want to try it the original way, there is your percentage. It is possible, since it's only been steeping for 4 days that the waffle flavor will mellow out more after another 2 weeks of steeping.

I don't think this recipe is in any way finished. I'm going to let this original batch steep for another week or two and revisit it on the show to see how it turned out and what adjustments should be made.

I think if you like bakeries to be a little sweeter, you may want to add in 0.25% of a sucralose based sweetener, up to 1% if you're using TFAs.

Peanut Butter and Banana Waffle.
Heavy on peanuts and bakery side, but Bavarian and Whipped Cream rounds out texture.
Banana plays in the background.

I made this last night and I put it in my tank this morning I dripped a little last night but this morning it was amazing. Or at liest I think it's amazing. Give it a try and let me know what you think I am just taking a guess on the best tasting steep time but honestly after 10 hours it's amazing. You could probably lose the meringue but it's good with it but I doubt it would taste much different with out it.

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